A/N: I decided to write my own A/U series and I hope you like it.
"Speech"; /-Parseltongue-/

Harry Potter sat inside his dank cupboard. His uncle had thrown him in there three days ago because of the snake incident where he had set free a Boa from the zoo and then asked his uncle if he could keep her. On his cousins birthday he might add. But that did not matter now. All that mattered was that he was about to start burning something. He tried to remember happy memories to calm himself down.



Harry Potter was five. He had just started school and everybody hated him. He was the freak. The criminal. The most hated boy in school and all because of his cousin. You see his family hated him. Why he did not know. But at the moment he didn't care. What he did care about was the fact that his cousin Dudley's gang was chasing him around to beat him up. All that he wanted was to get away. He jumped over the fallen trash can and blinked, praying for him to get away. In the small amount of time that it took for him to blink was enough for something extraordinary to happen!

He felt a small amount of pressure on his entire body and when he opened his eyes he almost screamed. He was currently on top of his three story school's rooftop! He looked down and grinned a bit. Everyone was running around stupidly looking for him. After five minutes they gave up and went inside because recess was over. He realized that he would get in trouble if he didn't get down so he tried an experiment. He wasn't really expecting it to work but he tried anyway. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling he had a few minutes ago and tried to imagine the door to his school.

He opened his eyes and saw the door. He felt elated. He knew for sure that he was special now. He walked into the school and nobody ever found out that he had been on the roof. He had plenty of time to attempt this skill as his cousin didn't stop trying to pound him and pretty soon he was able to do it with his eyes closed. He decided to name this skill warping.


Harry was seven. His teacher Mrs. Burby was insulting him as usual. He started wondering if he could set fire to her hair. It certainly looked greasy enough. Then she made a crack about his parents and he lost it. His face became red and all of a sudden. Her hair caught fire. He got a week in his cupboard for this even though it was impossible to blame him for his greasy teacher's hair catching fire.

He actually appreciated this though because he learned a new skill. He was lying on his cot when he remembered his first warping experiment. He decided to try another one for the fire incident. This time there was no pressure feeling to concentrate on so he visualized a small flame. He concentrated on a flame forming above his finger. He snapped his fingers and willed it to happen. At first there was nothing so he was disappointed. Then there was a howling sound and fire appeared above his finger. He snapped again and willed it to disappear. The flame lowered until it was gone. (A/N: think of when the Human Torch from Fantastic4 first learned that he could make fire and was annoying the others right before The Thing escaped.) He tried it again and this time it happened quicker. Over the week he got the flame to extend up his entire arm and form in places other than on his body. Like when he burned a tree at school. He decided to call it Pyrohowling because of the fact that a howl always preceded the flame.


Harry was nine. There was this girl that always made fun of him. She always insulted him and tripped him. She was a total bitch and he hated her. He was currently on the floor and she was walking away with her friends roaring in laughter and congratulating her on another hilarious trip. He looked at her shadow and was strangely mesmerized by it. He imagined it tripping her. He never found out that day but when he imagined this happening but both of his eyes turned entirely pitch black. The shadow moved and grabbed her skirt. She stepped further away and the shadow pulled. She tripped and her skirt fell off revealing her bare ass. (She wasn't wearing underwear.) Harry stared in shock (As did every other boy and some even wolf whistled.) He got his first boner that day. (Ha ha. Sorry couldn't resist)

Then he completely forgot about her ass (For the moment.) because he realized that he would be blamed about it happening just for being there. He jumped to his feet and ran into a dark corner. People started snitching on him and he pleaded silently 'Please don't see me!' He nearly pissed his pants when Mrs. Burby came into the corner that he was hiding in. He sighed in relief when she left but then frowned and wondered if she was blind. He tried to move and that was when he discovered that he had merged with the shadows on the wall. He grinned to himself and moved through the shadows to his classroom door. Then he did the usual concentration that he used when he practiced his newly discovered powers and he found himself standing in front of it.

This power took the longest yet to master. He found that this was his most useful skill because he could use the shadows to attack people that he hated. This took a week to fully control.

Then there was his Shadow Walking which was merging with shadows to move from one place to another. This took three weeks to learn because there was a lot more possibilities than just moving from wall to wall. The first week he learned how to move from wall to fall to get out of his cupboard for food.

The second week he learned how to skip walls. This was when he disappeared into the shadows on one place and reappear in a completely different place. He used this to go from the shadow of his cupboard directly to his school. He even went to Brazil and met up with a few snakes that talked to him.

The last week he learned how to create an unnatural shadow. This was a fun skill because he no longer needed to find a shadow to merge with. Also and most importantly he scared the shit out of his cousin at night when he merged into his cupboard shadow and went to his cousin's room. He came out of the shadows with his unnatural shadows surrounding him. It made him look like the Grim Reaper and he even created a shadow scythe. Dudley took one look, started screaming his head off, and pissed his bed. Harry disappeared again and went to his cupboard. His uncle felt like hitting something because of what his son saw and unfortunately he was the only punching bag. Such a whipping he got that day but it was worth it.


Now Harry was ten and still abused by his family. It was a Sunday, school had just gotten out and it was mid July when the Boa incident happened. He was currently locked in his cupboard talking to the only friend he had. He remembered the day when he met Salazar, his pet King Basilisk, like it was yesterday..


Harry was eight. He was locked in his cupboard and he was bloody hungry. His family had finally gone to sleep and he was finally going to get some food. He warped to his kitchen and was reaching for the handle on the fridge when he heard it. /-Fuck! How the Hell am I going to get out of here? This place is like a maze and it's unnaturally clean!-/

Harry was surprised and called out /-Hello?-/ he was shocked when the words came out as a hiss.

A silver with snake emerald eyes came out of it's hiding place. It looked at him and said /-You speak? Well wizard... tell me your name.-/

Harry looked at the snake in shock. Then he shook himself and replied /-Forgive me. But did you call me a wizard? How are you talking? What kind of snake are you? Oh my name is Harry Potter.-/

It let out the snake equivalent of a laugh. Then spoke once more/-Yes I called you a wizard. I am a King Basilisk, the most poisonous and most magical snake in the world. I am a more pleasant familiar then a normal Basilisk because I can choose if my sight will kill you and I can change my size from that of a milk snake to that of a dragon and everything in between. Also you don't know of your powers so I will enlighten you. Yes what you can do is magic and you are talking my language Parseltongue.-/

Harry looked at it with a grin. /-If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? What is your name? Oh and what do you mean familiar.-/

/-My name is Salazar and I am fifteen hundred years old. Age can not kill a King Basilisk. The only thing that can kill me is for my head to be separated from my body. What I mean by familiar is that a wizard can bond to a magical animal and their familiar can protect them when they are in a bind.-/

Harry looked at Salazar and shyly asked /-Will you be my familiar?-/

Salazar looked him in the eyes and Harry felt something moving around in his head. As soon as the feeling began it was gone. Then Salazar said /-You have seen many hardships in your life young master. I will be honoured to bond with you. To do this I must drink your blood.-/ Harry got a knife and cut his hand. He offered it to Salazar who drank and then licked the wound and the knife. Harry got slightly dizzy as he saw Salazar's memories. The cut healed and the knife looked cleaner then when he got it while he was reviewing all of the memories and knowledge. /-It is done young Harry.-/

Harry said /-Great! Now I need to set out some ground rules. You will not be seen by my relatives and you wont kill anyone except on my command. Is that okay?-/ Salazar nodded and started to glow emerald. Then he shrunk to about twenty inches and slithered up Harry's arm and curled around it. Harry got some food and warped to his cupboard.

Over the years Salazar showed Harry many magicks and at eleven he was already more knowledgeable then a Hogwarts seventh year. His spells were not as strong as they could have been because he had no wand. He had strong occulemency shields and legilimency attacks and three animagus forms that he had been able to find so far. A King Basilisk, a Shadow Phoenix and an ancient Helldragon. He went to a swamp in Brazil to practice his forms. The Basilisk form looked exactly like Salazar. He liked to stay large. The shadow phoenix form was black with silver wingtips. He learned that this form could also move in shadows and that their tears could heal like a normal Phoenix and kill with a quicker acting venom than a normal Basilisk. The Helldragon form was one word. Scary. It was Blood Red and three hundred feet from nose to tail and two hundred feet from wingtip to wingtip. On its head were two black devil horns and it's wings were made entirely from solid flame. (Yet they still burned anything they touched.)


Harry woke up the next day and got out to cook breakfast. He was trying not to bust a gut watching his idiot family gushing over Dudley's Smeltings uniform. They mail came and Harry was forced to get it. He came back to the kitchen "Bill, bill, letter from Marge..." as he read them he tossed them to his uncle.
Then he reached one with his name on it and a strange seal with a snake, a badger, a raven, and a lion around a big H. 'Finally I get my damn letter.' he thought. He turned it around to see if the was anything on the back but his uncle saw the seal and grabbed it. "Who would be writing to you freak?" his uncle snarled. He went to rip it but Harry had enough. He started to pyrohowl and his right arm caught fire. He also focused his magic on his voice like Salazar taught him and bellowed "ENOUGH! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! GIVE ME THAT DAMN LETTER IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO ROAST YOUR FAT ASS!" his voice came out like a Godly yell. It sounded like a thunderclap. His uncle paled at the sight of his burning arm and shakily handed him the letter.

Harry took great pleasure at reading it out loud. "Good now then...'Dear Mr Potter,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We expect your owl by no later than the 1st of August. Please find enclosed a list of books needed.' Also it has come to our attention that you live in a muggle (non-magic) household. In light of this a professor from the school will come at 12 o'clock on Monday to help you buy your school things and answer any questions you might have.

Sincerely, Professor McGonnagal, Deputy Headmistress."

Dudley was looking at him in shock while his uncle with his pea sized brain bellowed "Boy! If you think we're going to let you go to this, this school, you are sorely mistaken! We swore when we took you in we would put a stop to that rubbish!"

"Oh really?" said Harry sneering. "I'm so sorry, but I don't give a shit about your opinion."

At this Uncle Vernon lost what little control he had and advanced on Harry menacingly, but he stooped short when he caught sight of Salazar, who had slithered out of her hiding place under Harry's clothes and was hissing dangerously. All the blood left his face and he backtracked hastily.

"What the hell is that!" Uncle Vernon yelled, looking remarkably like a blown up hamster.

"Oh, you mean Salazar! He's my pet snake and he will likely bite your head off if you even look at me wrong," replied Harry taking vindictive pleasure in the Dursley's fear. Uncle Vernon was now pressed up against the wall, whimpering, while Salazar hissed at him when he was wrapped around the fat man. "He's a King Basilisk you know. They can kill just by looking you in the eye," said Harry in a low whisper. "They can also kill with one bite if they are particularly hungry." The Dursleys were all staring in horror while Salazar grew to twenty feet and began coiling himself around Uncle Vernon's neck.

"Get it off him! Please Harry have mercy! Get it off him" shrieked Aunt Petunia.

"Mercy!, you want me to give him mercy! Where was the mercy you gave a poor orphaned boy! Your own sister's son! Oh I'll have mercy alright, I wont have Salazar kill you lot, but only so you can dig your grave in Hell deeper, and when your times are done, I'll look upon your corpses and laugh. But…only if you let me go to Hogwarts, no arguments or you'll all be short a head."

"Okay, okay, fine!" croaked Uncle Vernon.

"And you have to promise to be nice to me and not make me do any chores," said Harry suddenly smirking slightly.

"I promise! Now get this thing off me!" yelled Uncle Vernon.

Now Harry had a full blown smirk on his face, "One last thing. you have to give me Dudley's second bedroom"

Dudley looked ready to let the snake choke his father but Vernon was smart and agreed.

After pretending to think it over for a couple of minutes just to see him squirm, Harry called Salazar off. They Dursleys ran out of the house and into the car faster than you could say bye. Harry managed to get his laughing under control only to say "Good riddance." and start laughing again. Harry moved everything to the bedroom and used wandless magic to make the room larger, he vanished all of the broken shit in the room, made his bed a luxurious four-poster King-size draped in black and green, and finally he painted the room green with silver finishings. He fell asleep and wondered who would be coming to pick him up the next day.