10 things I hate about Eva.

An epilogue pretending to be a prologue.

Kaji exhaled…this was it.

The last day of school; so much for a quiet and calm year, he thought, as he could see amongst a sea of uninterested faces the anger emanating from the red head directed solely at the young man who had his shoulders slumped, a closed and neutral expression on his face trying very hard to make it seem as if he actually gave a damn.

Yeah right.

"Well, class at the beginning of the school term I told you that I would grade your creative writing final assignment to make it a 30 of your passing grade, the other 30 compromising schoolwork, homework, assistance and exams, the final 10 being this little exercise. So…without any further ado, I would like the first brave soul to the stand to read me his or her poem."

As expected, all of them shuffled and moaned but no one came up. Kaji sighed again and took his time trying to find the suitable vict…err…student to (bully…no…coerce..? nope…convince..? yeah…that's it…) "convince" to read.

Asuka was still trying to obliterate Shinji with her anger and mental power alone.

"Very much like an AT Field." Kaji thought, remembering that particular psychology course from school.

Toji and Hikari were shyly and subtly glancing at one another.

"Well, I know who'll have a blast at prom tonight." Kaji thought amusedly. Kensuke and Mayumi were trying very, VERY hard to not be caught by the others looking at them.

So much that everyone else was looking at them without their noticing.

Kaji chuckled at this.

And Kaworu and Rei were silently working side by si…wait a minute…"They're holding hands..?" Kaji thought the rhetorical question…"Way to go Rei…"

He cleared his throat before beginning again.

"Right, so seeing as no one is brave enough to face a little peer pressure…" Kaji began, inwardly finishing his sentence.

"Along with a lot of psychological scarring…"

Just then, some one got up and walked with full purpose to the stand, but before reaching it, the person stopped by a desk, turned to look its occupant.

Said person made no attempt to acknowledge or turn whatsoever. Sighing dejectedly the other's feet shuffled again the necessary steps to reach the stand, and upon reaching it, turned with a flourish which brought Kaji a flashback of another place, another time.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, and turned to the person expecting something, anything from the volatile red head at this point.

Asuka coughed to clear her voice and slowly, almost inexorably, began to read her work.

"I hate someone form this class, with all my will and all my might."

"Uh oh…" Kaji thought "I think we can all agree on who that someone is, and that we are not surprised..."

"I hate him for getting all the attention.

I hate him for being nice all the time.

I hate him for always saying sorry, even when the fault might be mine."

She paused a little at this and turned to look at Shinji who kept staring straight at his feet, apathy clearly written all over his face. He could see her mouth moving, but the sounds, the sounds registered themselves on his brain like a red hot poker engraving his lobes.

"I hate him for being too neat and tidy.

I hate him for being too uptight and whiny.

I hate him for always getting what he wants.

I hate him for having more friends then I have."

Shinji stirred a little at the first jibe, and frowned but otherwise never changed his expression at the second verse, but the third and fourth made him slowly turn to face Asuka.

Or maybe it was her voice cracking, her throat shuddering, and a sob escaping from within her what made him look carefully and closely at her.

"I hate him for being better, in everything he ever does; for making it simple, and easy; for not even trying or wanting at all!!!"

Shinji, as well as the whole classroom, Kaji included, could only stare in shock at the girl who had went more times that one could bother to count to the principal's office (mostl of them for assault and batter), the same girl who had triumphed over a hundred hardships, the girl whose indomitable spirit always kept her forging ahead.

This girl had somehow be reduced to a normal girl.

A legend in itself no one, NO ONE, had had the guts or courage to stand up to her, until she found someone of her equal strength.

Someone who was not brash, loud or outspoken, some one who had countered each and everyone of her pushes by accepting the blow.

Until the last shove became the straw that broke his back.

"And I definitely hate him for preferring her over me…"

Shinji looked away guiltily, a blush and a frown covering his features before turning back to look at Asuka, now openly crying in front of everyone, honor and pride be damned. Her clear vblue eyes brimming with tears freely rolling down her cheeks.

"But I hate him most of all because this feeling may not be hate, not even a little, not even at all..."

Shinji saw al this thru his mind's eye, happening in slow motion; he saw how once she had finished reading the last line, a deep shudder cut it's way thru Asuka's spine, how her face and eyes became so red as to match her hair, how she turned to look at him for a second, how in that second a myriad of emotions passed thru those bright blue eyes and how, after that, Asuka crumpled the paper, threw it at him, picked up her books and stormed out of class, leaving everyone, Kaji included, again with their mouths hanging open, not really accepting or believing what had just happened.

Shinji Ikari, arguably a pushover, wimpy, whiny, scaredy-cat little boy had made Asuka Langley Soryu, bad girl extraordinaire cry…

In front of everyone…

And was still alive…

What surprised everyone the most was not only that, but that Shinji, in a rare display of backbone, picked up his stuff as fast as possible and flew right behind her…

Just as the final bell for this school year began to ring…



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