Sorry guys. I started this story a very long time ago, and honestly, I just lost interest in it. More likely than not, once I settle into writing habits, eventually, I'll revisit this, and try to edit it, and finish it. But for now, sadly, this is discontinued.

It's been a long couple of years, and I hope to start writing again sometime in the near future, but as for a specific date? No can do.

But, I can guarantee a couple things:

When I make my return, I won't be updating this story, or any previously written story, with the POSSIBLE exception of "Meteora." Re-reading that makes me want to finish it. I just can't remember the rest of the songs; Whoops.

I'll only be writing Kingdom Hearts. With 358/2 Days coming out for the DS on September 29th, I have a feeling my interests in writing will soon be rekindled.

As Schwarzenegger once said, I'LL BE BACK! It's a matter of "when," not "if."

Thank you for you're continuing support, even through my lack of updating. Love you guys!