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Alex and Bobby looked down at their sleeping newborn son, his little face scrunched up in a scowl that reminded Alex of how Bobby looked when a case was eluding him. "He looks like you," she whispered to him, snuggling closer into his side with one of his arms wrapped around her shoulders, as the baby rested in Bobby's other arm safely.

"Heaven forbid," Bobby muttered into her ear, "The poor child."

She grinned up at him, "Don't sell yourself short, sweetie."

"I'm pretty sure that's impossible," Wilma said from the doorway. She walked in with Jeremy and Kali. With a grin she said, "Is that the little guy?"

Bobby nodded, shifting so that the newcomers could see the baby boy better. He passed the baby to Jeremy before saying, "Yep. This is Jonathan James Goren."

Jeremy smiled down at the sleeping baby, "Hello."

"JJ?" Wilma said with a grin, "Cool."

"No, not JJ," Bobby insisted. "Never JJ."

"Then what are you gonna call him?" she prodded. "Johnny? John? James? Jamie?"

"Jim," Bobby said with a nod. "We'll call him Jim."

"Jim?" Wilma made sure she had heard right. Kali tugged on Wilma's leg and she responded by picking up the little girl and putting her on the bed by Bobby and Alex.

"Au't Al'x!" the baby girl cried happily as she crawled over to Alex's stomach.

"Careful, Kali," Wilma cautioned her daughter as she got dangerously close to Alex's sore stomach. The girl stopped, looked at her mother and then at her auntie and uncle, unsure what she was to be careful about. Finally, Alex laughed and picked the girl up, carefully setting her down in between Bobby and herself.

"Whoa," Jeremy said, his eyes fixated on the face of the now wide-awake infant, "Uncle Bobby, he has your eyes."

Bobby looked over at his nephew and son as Wilma walked behind her son to peer at the child. "He's right, Bobby," she said when she glanced back up at her brother, "Jim's got Goren eyes."

"Oy veh," Alex said in her dry humor sort of manner, "This means trouble."


Alex looked from the steps leading into and out of the courthouse to the man beside her: Her new husband. It was almost surreal … well, it would have been if they hadn't already been living together and had a child together. The actual license was just icing on the cake as far as she was concerned.

That's why they did it small. Just a small ceremony with Wilma, Fin and Rick as witnesses; one of the friendly judges who had a soft spot for Bobby and Alex performing the ceremony; and a number of other well-wishers such as the Deakins', Ron Carver, John Munch, Olivia Benson and Lynn Bishop viewing the ceremony.

Bobby looked down at his wife's face, a small smile twitching on his lips, "You've been doing that a lot in the past hour."

She shrugged, "Can't help it. I just keep on thinking about you being my husband and I have to look at you to make sure these past two years haven't just been a dream."

He leaned down, his mouth brushing hers before he whispered, "Believe me, if it's a dream … I never want to wake up."

"Aw, not again," Fin complained from where he securely held his two-year-old in his arms, protecting her from the wind. "Come on, you two, cut it out!"

"Fin, give 'em a break," a six-month pregnant Wilma said when she walked up, closely followed by Rick and Jeremy. "When we got married it took you three months to stop looking at me like it was all a dream."

Fin smirked at his wife, walking over to her to snag a kiss before commenting, "Actually, it just took me three months to figure out how to hide it. I still look at you like that."

She chuckled as Rick turned to John and said, "Don't you wish they'd cut the sap sometimes? Just in half, that's all I'm asking."

John shrugged, "Don't know. Ask me in seven months."

"Why seven months?"

"I think by that time I should have an answer for you," John said as he brought Lynn into his embrace as she exited the courthouse with Olivia.

Olivia just smiled at her friends before lightly pushing Rick back a step, "Come on, tough guy, let's go get something to eat before they snag us to go with them for the after party."

"There's an after party?" Rick asked as he followed Olivia down the steps.

She looked at him strangely before replying, "Not one I want to hang around for."

"Where are we going?" he spoke again as they rounded a corner to the north of the courthouse steps.

She grinned at him, "I'll tell you when we get there."

"You like keeping secrets, don't you?"

"No, I just like winding guys up – especially when they let me."


"Let's talk, Nicole," Wilma said as she sat down across the table from her suspect. The one woman who had succeeded in doing what other criminals just dreamed of: turning Bobby Goren into mush.

"What's to talk about, Detective?" Nicole Wallace asked with a smile as she leaned forward over the table.

"Well, your fixation on another one of the detectives here, for one," Wilma said, still looking as cool as a cucumber, her face blank.

"I was wondering when Bobby would creep into this conversation, Detective Tutuola. Or should I call you Wilma?"

"Wilma's fine," she replied, raising an eyebrow. She leaned in closer to the suspect, so their faces were inches from each other before whispering, "I know why you're so fixated on him. I know what it is about him, and about you, that just keeps drawing you back for another round at who can make the most lethal mental blows."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Nicole replied, her smile disappearing. "If anyone has the fixation, it's his on me. I'm the victim here, not the criminal."

At that Wilma leaned back and nodded, "You are a victim here, Nicole. But you also create the victims." She got up to pace in front of the mirror, "You know how I know? Because I almost did the same thing when I was in college. What was it about Bobby that drew you to him? Was it how similar he looks to your father? Was that it? Was it his personality? The way he dominates everything even when he doesn't try to? Was it his strength? The same strength your father showed you when he forced himself on you when you were just a little girl?"

Nicole shook her head, "No, no, that never happened."

"Cut the crap," Wilma ordered as she rounded on Nicole, "I know, Nicole. I know what it's like to be woken up at three in the morning because … there's an itch that only you can scratch. How old were you, five? I was six when my mom started bringing them home for me." Nicole's fear-laden eyes met Wilma's and the detective nodded, "That's right. Pedophiles that gave her the cocaine she wanted in exchange for use of my body. I guess that's why I was attracted to my first husband."

Nicole shook her head, "I'm not like you. Stop it."

"Stop what?" Wilma asked as she slid into the chair next to Nicole's, "You know it's true. Bernard reminded you of your father, so you went with him and did what he told you to. Because if you could make him love you your childhood abuse could somehow be absolved? You know how many men my mother let molest me before I even hit puberty, Nicole? Over three hundred. Does that make me weak for letting it continue? Or maybe I should just blame my mother and her addiction to cocaine? Of course, it would just be better if I started going out and starting a rampage of pedophile murders just to get even with the men who stole my body!"

"No! It's all for Bobby now. To give him the chase – the thrill of an unsolvable crime that he loves …," she trailed off, coming to her senses and realizing what she had just said to the detective, with all on the other side of the mirror to bear witness to.

Wilma got up and walked behind Nicole, "Nicole Wallace, you are under arrest for the murders of Stephanie Kincaid, Matthew Donavan and James Donavan. You have the right to remain silent,"

"I know my rights," Nicole snapped, her cold eyes meeting Wilma's, "And I don't regret it. Seeing the shine from the chase lighting up his face makes it all worth it."

Wilma cocked her head to one side. "That shine wouldn't butter your parsnips, Nicole," she said in a British accent. "You're not the one who puts it there. His wife and son do."

The shocked Wallace was led to her cell as Wilma walked over to the new captain of the Major Case Squad, Captain Danny Ross. "The paperwork will be on your desk by tomorrow morning, Captain," she told him before turning around to start on the routine post-case paperwork.

"Tutuola," he called, stopping her. Wilma turned around and waited as he said, "If he hadn't been on family leave, that would have been Goren in there."

Wilma nodded, "I know that. Bobby knows we've got her, and so does Alex. She'll take care of him."

"You know," Ross said with a sigh, "She should have seen it."

"Seen what?"

"That look in your eyes – it's the same look Goren has in his."

She smirked, "Call it family resemblance, Captain. It's all in the eyes."


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