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Hogwarts School 1490. . . . . .

A young woman sat in the chamber of Rowena Ravenclaw-Gryffindor. Her black hair was piled a top her head and her eye's were closed hiding her violet irises from view. A door suddenly shut forcing her to snap her eye's open.

"Milady Rowena," she said rising from her chair and giving a curtsey, " You cannot seriously meant what you said to me yesterday. That when you die you will let the violet rose-"

"I meant it Alice." interrupted the aged witch. "When Godric was alive he and I searched for a way to keep it together but there isn't. Not with Helga dead. The rose will have to break."

" I can separate it!" cried Alice," Lady Hufflepuff was teaching me before he death! I will keep them in the boxwith the other roses! That is, until, yours and Lord Gryffindor's heirs are found."

"Alice, you know that it is uncertain wether they will love each other as Godric and I did."

"There's still the chance! Please Lady Ravenclaw let me do this if not for your heir's then for my grandmother! She made those for you and for your heirs! She would not want them to die!"

Rowena looked at Alice for a moment and then at the violet rose.

"Alright Alice. I'll let you do it. For Alicia." she said

"Thank you milady! All the descendants of my line will know your stroy and search for the heirs of you and your beloved!"

"You are welcome Alice."

The Webster Estate 1496. . . . .

Alice Webster sat in a dark chamber watching the last glow of the violet rose fade. Her black hair was loose around her shoulders. Suddenly the rose leviatated into the air on its own and began to shake. Alice's hands flew up to slow the separtation. After the rose was separtated she placed the red rose and the blue rose she lowered them into a black box. She then locked the case which had the Hogwarts crest etched into it. In a rustle of silk she got up and swept out of the room. Her daughter Amelia, sat in a chair reading a book. As Alice walked in Amelia looked up.

"Mum?" she asked

"She is gone." said Alice in a hollow voice. "The four are down to none. But they will return. I just wish I could be here to see it. Would you like to hear the stroy of Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw?"

"Yes mum!"

Alice grabbed a book from a table and opened it as she sat. Amelia got off of her chair and sta at her mothers feet.

"It began a long time ago. . . Your great-grandmother Alicia was a very powerful magika. The lastone for a very long time. Before she died she made four glass roses. A silver one, an amber one, a red one, and a blue one. They belonged to the four greatest witches and wizards of all time. They are Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazaar Slytherin. In time Lord Gryffindor and Lady Ravenclaw fell in love. On their wedding day, April 16, their roses were combined by Lady Helga Hufflepuff to form the violet rose. They had many happy years of marriage until Lady Hufflepuff as murdered by Lord Slytherin. Then Lord Gryffindor and Lord Slytherin waged a war upon each other. Just days before his death Lord Gryffindor and Lady Ravenclaw-Gryffindor gave their powers to their future heirs. One week later both. . . . "

(Present day. . . . Hogwarts express)

"Both Godric Gyffindor and Salazaar Slytherin killed each other. Years later Rowena Ravenclaw died. The rose was separated by an unknown person. The roses have never been found." finished 16 year old Gryffindor student Hermione Granger.

"That's really interesting 'Mione. Where'd you find the story?" asked 16 year old Harry Potter.

"In the library. Where else would she find something like this?" asked 16 year old Ron Weasley, " I don't see the importance!"

"Ron, if we find the heirs of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw we can ask them to help us defeat Voldemort" said Harry as Ron flinched.

"But how do we find them?" asked Ron

"We find the roses." said Hermione.

The Hogwarts express started to slow down. Waiting for Harry was his godfather Sirius Black.

"Hey cub!"


"Hello, Ron , Hermione." he said

"Sirius!" shouted Hermione

"Snuffles!" said Ron.

Ron's mother, Molly Weasley, came over. She survayed each and everyone of them.

"Ronnie, you've grown again!"

"Hi Mum!"

"Harry, Hermione, dears. How was the rest of your school year?"

"Wonderful." said Harry.

"Mum, Dad!" called Hermione

Two people came rushing over to the group.

"You know Harry, Ron, Ginny, Mrs.Weasley, and he" she said indictating Sirius, "Is Sirius Black, he's Harry's godfather."

At her parents alarmed looks she told them she's explain in the car.

"At the end of next month I would like everyone to join us at my house for a few weeks to celebrate Harry's birthday. Ron, Hermione Harry'll owl you with the address."

"Alright!" said Ron

"Bye Ron" said Hermione giving him a hug

"Bye Herms."

"Don't call me that." she said turning to Harry, "You best write to me this summer."

"I promise!" he said pulling her into a hug.

"Right." she said disbelievingly.

Before letting go of him she gave him a kiss on the cheek. No one except Sirius saw.

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