Amy opened the door of Snoopy's diner and smiled at the old lady sitting behind the counter, counting their takings for the day. It was half eleven on a cold, November night and Amy had come here, just as she did every other night, to meet up with her friends. "Hey Mae," she smiled, pushing her long red hair from her face. "Usual table?" The woman glanced up and nodded as she smiled. Snoopy's was an old diner where Amy and her friends had been coming since they were children but the owner, Mae, had taken to keeping the diner open after hours JUST for the eight friends, so that they could stay in touch, even though work and relationships had separated them over time.

Amy undid the buttons of her coat and slid it off, walking up to the back table where seven of her friends were already sitting. "Last one here Ames. You're getting slower," said one of them.

Amy hit the man on the back of the head and said, "When was the last time you visited mom, John ?" John blushed and went silent as the other six laughed. It was hard to believe Amy and John were brother and sister. Amy had red hair, which had once been blonde curls, and hazel eyes whereas John had brown hair and blue eyes. Amy used to tell people he was adopted to make herself feel better when they first moved to town, but all that had stopped once they found mutual friends.

"So, hows work Amy?" asked the man sitting across from John. He had multicolored hair and was covered from shoulder to wrist in tattoos. Amy sometimes wondered how Jeff managed to hold down his job, but hey, freelance artists don't HAVE to look tidy or well presentable these days.

"How good can being a nurse be? I have to put up with people being sick on me, bleeding on me and coughing on me. And im still not paid as much as any of you. Specially not Randy." she replied, taking a sip from the girl she had just sat besides water.

The girl laughed, "Honey, NONE of us earn as much as him."


Eight fourteen year olds lay on the grass at the top of a hill, just outside Jeff Hardy's house. "What do you think you'll be when your older?" asked a short, blonde girl by the name of Trish Stratus. The other seven thought about it for a while before answering.
Amy was first, "I wanna work for Rolling Stone magazine. Be a journalist and interview all the coolest rock stars." The boy beside her scoffed. "Yeah right Ames. Like that'll ever happen." he said. "but I know exactly what I wanna be. Dave Batista…construction worker"
Jeff sat up, "that's right Dave. Aim high. Nahh, I don't care what I do. As long as it involves lots of money and doing something I'm happy with"
"Well I wanna be a lawyer. It'll be hard. But that's what I wanna do," said the brunette girl lying furthest away from Amy.
"Vicky….Yah gotta be smart for that," Trish giggled. "I wanna be a model. A glamour model"
"So yah wanna strip for money ?" asked the boy next to her. "That's cool"
"Randy !!" Amy gasped. "That Is NOT What she said"
"No but it's what she meant." he replied laughing.
"So, if your so smart what do YOU wanna be ?" asked Vicky.
"I Know EXACTLY what I wanna be. Either male model, actor or something in sport." Randy replied smugly.
"I thought you said EXACTLY." John asked, wakening from his sleep. He didn't feel the need to be in this conversation, everyone knew what he wanted to be.
"I do. I'm juss not tellin yah which one"
The only boy who had remained silent so far piped up, "Well I say we write it down and see who gets what they wanna be"
"Yeahhh, I'll get some paper." Amy said digging deep in her bag.
On the piece of paper she wrote :


Amy : rolling stones journalist Dave : construction worker Jeff : something with money and happiness Trish : Glamour model Vicky : Lawyer John : footballer Randy : Hunter :

"Randy, I'll let you add your own in. And Hunt ? What bout you ?" Amy asked.
"Uhh….millionaire ? Nahh being realistic, I wanna be a photographer." He answered blushing.

Finally, Randy made the adjustments.


Amy : rolling stones journalist Dave : construction worker Jeff : something with money and happiness Trish : Glamour model Vicky : Lawyer John : footballer Randy : MALE MODEL Hunter : PHOTOGRAPHER

The list had been forgotten about until that night

//end flashback//

"Remember that list we made?" asked Vicky. "Hardly anyone got what they wanted to be"
"I Did…." Jeff said. "Sorta. I'm happy. But I don't get paid much"
Amy sighed. "I didn't"
Dave laughed, "Stay at home father wasn't my plan either honey. But…maybe if I hadn't been in that accident I would have been a construction worker"
"Well I did. And I couldn't be happier." Trish said.
"You said glamour model not porn star." Randy said quietly.
"It's not porn. Its …. Adult films" Trish defended her job quickly.
"Same thing." replied Randy, rolling his eyes.
"Rands….you never told us what you put on that paper." Vicky said trying to stop an obvious argument approaching.
"Male model." He rolled his eyes again. "But look at that, I didn't get it did I"
"What are you complaining about? You're known world wide. Every girl under the age of 16 has a picture of you on her wall. And you're complaining?" John said. Angry that his friend wasn't happy with his fame.
"It's juss, I never wanted to be in a band. I don't even know why I joined it in the first place. It was her fault," he laughed pointing at Amy. "I juss wish things were different. Hell, you can have my place Ames…I'll go work in the hospital."

Everyone laughed at the thought of Randy in a hospital, but no one understood how unhappy he really was.