Author's notes : Yes, I am attempting to update on this. It's been such a long time, I'd practically forgotten the storyline. This chapter very short. Parce que because the next chapter ish gunna be much longer.

Amy frowned, watching him for a moment before hurrying after him. "Randy I'm sorry. I - I didn't think you'd be like that. I mean, you're usually so…distant towards me and now it's like…constant touching. It's weird," she said, hoping she didn't make him sound like some sort of pervert.

"Leave it Amy. It doesn't matter. Now hurry up, I cant be assed walking around at night. It's cold and it's late." he said, clearly not caring what she was saying. Amy sighed slightly and pushed open the door of the tiny shop. She smiled, remembering all the time she spent in there as a child. The smell, the old man, Maurice, who used to give her, Trish and Vickie free chocolate if they sang My Boy Lollipop. "he's dead." Said Randy, blandly, no feeling evident in his voice. "Last year. While you're life went on. God, I wasn't even in the country and I knew."

Amy looked genuinely hurt. Mistaking her grievance for upset due to the way he had spoken to her, Randy immediately began apologising. "Amy, that came out wrong. I - oh God. I must seem like a complete bastard. But, sorry?" Amy rolled her eyes slightly and wiped a fine trail of mascara, currently making its way down her cheek away. "come here." Randy said, wiping it properly. "Oh sorry," he repeated pulling his hand away from her as though he had scalded himself. "No touching."

Amy laughed. In front of her was this international, gorgeous…Adonis. And he was practically crying, looking incredibly sheepish. It was hard not to laugh. She shook her head, "I cant believe he's gone. How?"

"Heart attack. Jeff would be better to fill you in. He was sleeping with his granddaughter at the time." Randy replied. And with that one sentence, everything came crashing down around Amy in that tiny chocolate shop. Randy, who spent ninety percent of his time touring, new more about their friends lives than she did. She sighed softly and took his hand, she seriously had to get her priorities right…