Chapter One – Waxworks

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Supernatural, and I'm not making any money from this fic. Nor do I own anything from House of Wax. I guess the general plot of these fics/series belong to me, though

Summary: Due to the interference of a demon with very specific powers, Sam and Dean are sucked into the plots of various scary movies – where they have to survive the fates of the characters they take the place of. In this chapter, Sam Winchester takes the place of Wade in House of Wax

Warning(s): Violence; horror; some swearing; spoilers up to at least the first season of Supernatural; spoilers for House of Wax

Author's Note: I got the idea for this series after watching House of Wax for the second time. Basically, I wanted Wade (played by Jared Padalecki) to have a chance of living – so this series was born.

So… enjoy!

Sam stumbled into the motel room, wincing with the pain from the scratches. "Ow…" It was kind of difficult to walk without even a slight wince, and he wondered if he should have suggested going to the hospital. He hadn't been the only one hurt by the attack of the demon.

But I know Dean would never accept that… He hates having to go to the hospital. Has done ever since he was a child.

"You all right, Sammy?" Dean asked, reaching a hand out to help his brother – despite the trembling that had overtaken his own body. As usual, he was more worried about his brother than his own health.

"I'm fine," Sam said, trying not to worry Dean even more. What Dean had said to him still echoed through his mind. He didn't want to cause his brother any more grief or pain. Anything he could do to avoid that, he would. "I'm thinking we both need rest, though," he added. "We need to wait before going after that demon again."

"Speak for yourself." Despite his words, though, Dean all but flopped down on one of the beds. "Want me to take a look at those scratches?"

"It didn't get me as bad as you," Sam answered, settling down on the other bed. "I just wish we'd been able to find more information on that demon. It's like it didn't even exist until a couple of weeks ago."

"Maybe it's one of those demons that show up only every five hundred years or so?" Dean suggested. He then yawned widely. "I don't know about you, but I'm beat. I feel like I could sleep for hours."

Sam frowned, unable to help feeling worried. It was very rare for Dean to actually admit to a weakness. Since he just had, it meant that he was probably hurting worse than Sam thought. "Think I could take a look at your scratches?" Sam requested. "How bad are they?" He didn't bother trying to keep the worry out of his voice. Dean wouldn't believe that he was just asking casually anyway.

"Put it this way, Sam," Dean answered. "If there was something seriously wrong with me? You'd know about it."

Sam wasn't so sure about that. However, he was beginning to feel quite tired himself. And Dean didn't seem too bad. "Just… you know, wake me if you need anything," he mumbled, slumping back onto the bed and closing his eyes. Somewhere deep inside, he felt that it was probably a bad thing to do.

But he just couldn't bring himself to really care.

"Sure… Whatever," Dean said. "See you in the morning." He leaned back and closed his eyes.

Sam closed his own eyes, and, within a few moments, was asleep.

Sam opened his eyes, and blinked a few times as he found himself standing beside a truck. It was dusk, and there was a man with dark hair and wild-looking eyes staring at him. "Uh… Are you all right?"

Huh? Sam frowned. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep – which kind of implied that he was dreaming. Apart from the fact that it didn't feel like a normal dream at all. Usually, a person didn't know it when they were dreaming.

"Hey," the man said, watching Sam with eyebrows raised.

Well, I might as well play along with this dream, Sam decided. "Sure… I'm all right. So, are we going?" At least, he assumed they were going somewhere. If this is a dream, why aren't there any girls in it?


Sam glanced towards the car, and raised his eyebrows as he saw a girl with light brown, wavy hair watching him. For some reason, she was wearing what appeared to be a man's vest. Ok… I spoke too soon. Hardly thinking about what he was doing, Sam smiled reassuringly at her. "I won't be long." If this was Dean's dream, I'm sure that he'd opt to stay with the girl.

"Yeah, it won't take long to find that fan belt." The man nodded to Sam, and then turned, heading in the direction of the house, apparently expecting Sam to follow him.

Sam tended to have a good judgement of character – given what he and his brother did, he really had to. Something struck him as kind of… off about the man. Almost like that weird hunting family who had kidnapped him. But it was possible that he could be mistaken. And there wasn't much else he could really do.

Unless I try to change the dream, of course… As he followed the man, Sam attempted to concentrate on the mental image of a forest clearing. However, he wasn't able to hold the image – it kept dissolving.

I really shouldn't be following this man… However, Sam's legs wouldn't obey his brain's orders to stop walking forward and go back to the car. He seemed to be almost stuck – powerless to do anything other than watch everything play out.

The man opened the front door, and stepped inside. "What are you waiting for?" he called back over his shoulder when Sam hesitated, still trying to figure out how to get out of the situation.

Couldn't my brother at least be here? Sam wondered, even as his legs took him through the front door after the man. He was pretty sure that Dean would be able to figure out what was going on.

"The bathroom's right down the hall," the man said to Sam. "I'll get that fan belt for you." He started moving off.

Bathroom? Sam frowned as he started heading in the direction the man had pointed out – again, his feet were moving automatically without conscious thought. That wasn't too strange in a dream – but the fact that Sam was aware of it was strange.

Is this a new level to my psychic abilities? Am I now taking the place of someone who's gonna die? Sam wondered. That girl called me Wade, didn't she…? He didn't really like the idea of experiencing death while he was stuck in someone else's body. Whoever this guy is, he's an idiot… Didn't anyone tell him not to talk to strangers? Let alone go into the house of one…

After using the restroom, Sam's legs – instead of heading down the stairs – led him into a room. He sat down at a desk, and his hands started picking up things of his own accord, including what appeared to be some kind of foetus inside a glass box.

What kind of sick bastard lives here?

Whoever Sam had taken over the body of seemed to be possessed of an unhealthy curiosity. Sam made his way into another room, where there was a framed certificate with cracked glass on the wall. Behind a curtain, there was a bed with straps on and all sorts of medical instruments on a trolley beside it.

Sam couldn't help shuddering a bit. It reminded him too much of Doctor Ellicott's surgery, and what had happened after that. The good thing, though, was that he seemed to be able to control the form now – or starting to, at least.

And then, the lights went out.

"Shit," Sam muttered. It's like I'm stuck in a really bad horror movie or something. Sam wasn't a hunter for nothing, though. As soon as his eyes got used to the dark, he felt around on the trolley, and grabbed what felt like a scalpel.

I'd really prefer a gun… But I don't recall seeing one of those.

Sam felt his way along the wall, holding the scalpel in his other hand. He really wished that he'd paid more attention to the happenings in horror movies. Well, most of the time, his life was a horror movie.

Sam tried the door, and then let out a groan. It's locked… Maybe if I kick it… He started to do so, but then hesitated.

Sam spun round, and then kicked out with his right foot. Someone grunted, and Sam heard something go clattering across the floor. Sam could see a figure moving around on the floor. There seemed to be something wrong with its face. If Sam didn't know better, he'd have said that its face seemed to be falling off.

"Now that's just disgusting…" Wait until Dean hears about what's been happening in my dream.

The figure was standing up now. Throwing back its head, it let out a sound that seemed to almost be a howl, and then leaped at Sam. The force of the shove knocked him back violently against the door.

Somewhere from outside, the sound of a horn echoed.

Sam lost his concentration for a moment, and the other person was able to knock him to the ground. Sam winced with the force of it, and was only dimly aware of the scissors being grabbed by the other person.

Sam still held the scalpel in his hand, though. As the thing stabbed the scissor blades down towards his shoulder, Sam stabbed upwards. The shock jarred up his arm, and he felt something wet spill over his skin even as a scream came from the person. It was still trying to stab Sam, though, and he was concerned with keeping the sharp blades from piercing anything vital.

"Get off me, you bastard!" Sam managed to stab the scalpel into the person again, and then he hit its arm, sending the scissors flying again. As the person scrambled to get the weapon, Sam got to his feet, holding the bloody scalpel in front of him.

For a moment, hunter and crazed psycho stared at each other.

Then, the man ran, half-stumbling, half-walking, until Sam heard him drop down somewhere.

For a moment, Sam just stood there, his grip still tight around the scalpel. Is he gone…? Finally, he decided that the person must have fled – so Sam turned, and kicked at the door. A sudden weakness in his leg alerted him to the fact that he may not have escaped totally unscathed. "Shit…" He tore a strip off his shirt, and tied it around the cut in his leg. I'm pretty sure that creep didn't get me – so I must have hurt myself when I fell. Sam wasn't going to follow the freak, so he used his other foot to kick the door in.

After the second kick, the door splintered, and Sam was able to get out. He could hear the sound of a vehicle revving outside, and, for a moment, wondered about the girl who'd been there. Now how do I get out of here…? It took him a few moments to orientate himself in the darkness, and then he headed down the stairs, hoping that he wasn't about to run into the other crazed psycho.

There didn't seem to be anyone around, and Sam wasn't sure if he was relieved or worried about that. He wasn't going to let his guard down though, so even as he headed towards the front door, Sam held his scalpel up, and kept glancing around. He opened the front door as quietly as he could, and stepped out.

The breeze hit Sam like a slap in his face, and he shivered a little. After closing the door behind him, he glanced around.

There didn't seem to be anyone around. Sam could see the truck a short distance away. It looked as though there'd been some kind of accident. After glancing around a bit, he headed over to the truck. One of the windows appeared to have been smashed, and, as the door seemed to be locked, Sam stuck his hand through, and unlocked it that way.

There might be a better weapon here…

Sam felt around on the bottom of the truck. His fingers closed around something smooth and hard, and he pulled it out, frowning slightly as he noticed that it was a cell phone. Does this belong to that girl…? He shrugged, and tucked it away someplace safe. If I find her, I'll give it back to her. Sam started down the path in the direction of the town, feeling that he might be able to discover something of what was going on.

All of the shops appeared to be closed. Sam heard the sound of screaming, and he ran over to where he thought it was coming from.

There wasn't anyone on the street, but Sam could see a church ahead of him. After glancing around, he approached the building, and then pushed the door open before stepping inside.

Sam's first reaction was to leave the church immediately, since there seemed to be a funeral going on. However, even though he could hear the sound of music and people crying, something seemed wrong. The priest apparently taking the service was staring right at Sam – but he wasn't saying anything, wasn't even moving.

Sam hesitated, and then he stepped forward – nearly tripping over something. "Shit!" he yelped before he really thought about it. The next moment, though, he forgot his exclamation as he saw what was in front of him.

It was a severed arm.

"Oh, God…" Sam put a hand to his mouth, feeling like he was going to be sick. He looked around, a horrible suspicion growing inside his mind. That suspicion was only confirmed as he heard the buzzing of flies and saw spiders making webs in people's hair.

Sam took a deep breath, and then reached out to nudge one of the people. As he realised that it was made out of wax, he pulled his hand back. That arm looks like it's been broken off a real person, though… Does that mean that they're all… people? Covered in wax? The man really was a sick bastard.

Sam left the arm where it was, and then backed out of the church, shivering a bit. The dream was more like a nightmare now – though since he'd been hurt, Sam wasn't going so much for the whole dream theory.

That girl… Something might have happened to her. If I can, I have to save her. As he left the church, though, Sam saw a sign for a House of Wax. Waxworks museum? That always freaked me out when I was younger. Still, if that girl had been taken anywhere to be 'waxed' – well, it was more likely to be in a wax museum than anywhere else.

Sam headed in the direction of the house. Putting his spare hand in his pockets found a lighter, a penknife, and a wallet – nothing that would be of any use in a fight. Opening up the wallet, Sam found a picture of himself and the girl from the car, hugging each other.


Glancing up again, Sam saw that the building in front of him didn't look completely right. He used the penknife to scrape the wall lightly, and found out that the entire place seemed to be made out of wax.

It must have taken months to create this place… Sam pushed open the doors and stepped through. Since he didn't have a clue where he was, he might as well play the events out to their conclusion.

Sam glanced around, taking in the dim lighting of the room he was in. There were quite a lot of wax figures, and he couldn't help shuddering a bit. I'm guessing they were all people once… It was tempting to just set fire to the whole place – but one lighter probably wasn't going to be enough. Besides, flames would – more than likely – draw the attention of whoever was killing and waxing the people.

Sam made his way further into the room, passing the bar with barely a glance at the wax figures dancing together. He was listening intently for any sound that would suggest someone was around.

As the door of the House of Wax was shoved open, Sam whirled round, the scalpel blade aimed in the direction of the entrance.

"Wade? Carly?"

Sam lowered the scalpel as a young man came into the room, wearing a baseball cap. He looked around, seemingly more annoyed than jumpy – which suggested that he wasn't aware of what was really going on in the town.

I suppose he's someone who knows the person whose body I'm in… Sam stepped forward, holding the scalpel at his side. "Hey."

The other man jerked slightly. Then, he laughed a bit. "Wade, you scared me." He frowned. "Hey, man. You all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Sam replied, forcing a laugh that didn't sound right even to his ears. "Just, you know – hit my head. What are you doing here?"

"Paige and Blake wanted some time alone," the guy answered. "So, er, Nick and I came to pick you and Carly up. Where is Carly, by the way?" He looked around, stepping further into the room. "Wow, this is… amazing."

"Yeah, that's one word for it," Sam muttered. Just not the right one… "You see anyone around while you were coming here?"

"No," the guy replied. "Man, it's like the whole town's deserted or something. Even the gas station doesn't have anyone inside. It's a ghost town. You didn't answer – where's Carly?"

Sam opened his mouth. However, the guy's eyes suddenly widened – barely perceptibly, but it was enough. Sam turned round, swinging the scalpel up and into a defensive position.

The blade glanced off of Sam's shoulder, and he couldn't help gasping a bit with the pain. "Son of a bitch!" He stabbed out with the scalpel, but the person seemed to have got better with the last fight, and he dodged out of reach.

"Wade!" the other guy yelled.

"Get out of here!" Sam ordered, even as he wrestled with the other person. "Get the others and get the hell out of this town!" He didn't dare take his attention off of who he was fighting to check that the other guy was following his direction.

The other person was strong. If the wax figures were anything to go by, he'd had a lot of practice at killing people.

Sam, however, fought supernatural things on a pretty much daily basis. Not to mention that he was pretty smart. Compared to everything he'd been through, one psychopath wasn't too big a deal.

After a few moments, Sam was able to get the knife off the man. He then kicked him with his good foot, shoving the psycho back. He lost his balance, and fell down the stairs.

Sam hardly spared a glance in his direction. He figured that the girl wasn't in the House of Wax, and he'd already sent the other guy away. But as well as Carly, there was Nick – whoever he was – to find.

Besides, the person Sam had fought might be a psychopath – but he was probably human. The police were the ones who should deal with him.

Sam directed a glance in the direction of the basement – just to check that the man wasn't about to come after him again. Since he was still just lying there, Sam walked over to the door and let himself out. That wasn't the same guy who took me – or Wade – into that house, so I guess that the other guy's somewhere else, possibly with Carly…

Sam stepped out into the darkness. After a moment's consideration, he took the lighter out of his pocket, and put the flame up.

The light didn't reach that far, but Sam didn't have anything better on him. He looked around for a moment, considering the best course of action to take. Truth was, he didn't even know if Carly and Nick were still alive. It would probably be better to get the ones he was almost certain about to safety, and then come back to see if he could find Carly and Nick.

Now if only I can find the way out of this town without running into either of those guys again…

Sam started walking, moving quickly and almost soundlessly. He'd had plenty of practice at this, after all. What wasn't lit up by the flame from the lighter, he could just about make out as his eyes got used to the dark.

As Sam continued along the street, he kept glancing around, keeping his attention on what was going on around him as well. Just in case there was any sign of either Carly or Nick.

Sam managed to get to the edge of the town, and was slightly annoyed – but not very surprised – to see that the guy who had come into the House of Wax, as well as two other people – who Sam took to be Paige and Blake – standing there.

"What are you doing here?!" Sam demanded. "I told you to leave!"

"Dalton seemed to think that Carly and Nick might be in danger," the girl – Paige, probably – said. "We… Well, we thought that we should come and see what's going on."

"Besides, you'd probably need help anyway," Blake put in.

Sam smirked. "I can handle myself," he replied. Probably way better than you guys can, he added silently. "You guys should really just hop in whatever vehicle you have with you and get the hell out of this place. I don't need to let any more victims fall to this… insane town." Actually, there were a lot more words he could come up with to describe the town.

But most of them weren't suitable for a lady's ears.

"Victims?" Dalton repeated, his voice a little high.

"What's going on?" Blake demanded. "What do you mean? What's going on in this town? Where are Carly and Nick?"

"Look, you all need to leave," Sam said. "Right now! Trust me; it's the best thing for all concerned." Is this the sort of thing that the person I am here would say? Oh, well. It doesn't really matter, he decided.

"Look, if Carly's in danger, we have to help her," Paige responded. "She's our friend – we can't abandon her."

"Speak for yourself," Dalton muttered. "That town gives me the creeps. I'd prefer to leave. What?" he added defensively as Paige and Blake both stared at him.

"Dalton's right," Sam said. "You should all leave, right now. I'll go look for Carly and Nick, and bring them out of the town and to safety, all right?"

"Wade…" Paige started.

"That's not Wade," Blake interrupted. He stared hard at Sam. "At least, you're not acting like you usually do. You're… I don't know. Tougher, I guess."

I'm assuming that means Wade's something of a wimp… Sam shook his head slightly to clear those thoughts. It wasn't the time for that. "Look, I don't give a damn what any of you think. Truthfully, though, you'd all just slow me down. I can't waste unneeded time on protecting any of you." It was harsh – but it was also the truth.

"Fine," Blake said shortly. Then, he turned to Paige and Dalton. "Are you two coming?" Without waiting for an answer, he stormed off.

"Make sure you don't stick around!" Sam called after them. Once they were out of sight, he turned, and then paused, squinting with one hand above his eyes.

Is that… fire

Sam hesitated only a moment. Then, he was racing into the town. He could hear sirens coming from the opposite direction, and couldn't help feeling slightly worried and not a little bothered by what he could see and hear.

Sam approached the Sheriff a little hesitantly, glancing a moment towards the ambulance. But he couldn't see who was in it, so he just continued towards the man.

I probably shouldn't have stayed out of sight all that time, but… I figured it was probably better, given the firemen and policemen running around all over the place.

"Hi," Sam said to the Sheriff. "I'm Wade; I'm looking for my girlfriend, Carly. I'm worried that something might have happened to her…" It only just occurred to him that he didn't know Wade's last name. Or Carly's, for that matter.

Oh, well.

The Sheriff regarded Sam with some suspicion for a moment. "They seemed to think you were probably dead."

"We got separated," Sam replied, giving his best innocent smile. "Is she all right? What about Nick?"

"They're both pretty shaken up," the Sheriff answered, nodding towards the ambulance. "Nick got a knife in his leg; your girlfriend had her finger cut off. Poor kids," he added. Then, he looked sharply at Sam. "What about the others who were with you?"

"I sent them off home. I'm sure you'll be able to get hold of their numbers to contact them." With that, Sam headed over to the ambulance. Carly and Nick were talking, so he knocked lightly on the door, and cleared his throat.

Carly glanced up, and her eyes widened. "Wade?!" She immediately reached for his hand, looking like she was about to cry. "I thought you were dead…"

"So I've heard," Sam replied, lightly squeezing Carly's hand and nodding towards Nick. "I also heard that you two managed to get yourselves into trouble as well. Honestly, can't leave you alone for five minutes…" He shook his head and smiled slightly.

"Yeah, well, I'd like to see you do any better with two psychos wanting to turn you to wax," Nick replied, but without heat.

"Will you ride with us to the hospital?" Carly asked. "Someone should let our parents know what's happened, since I don't have my cell phone on me anymore…"

"Oh, really?" Sam smirked slightly, and took said phone out of his pocket. "I rescued it while I was looking for a way to understand what was going on…" Even as he spoke, though, Sam had the strangest feeling – like his spirit was being tugged out of his body.

No, not out of his body… Out of Wade's.