Chapter Two – Zombies!

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Summary: It's Dean's turn to enter a horror movie…

Warning(s): Descriptions of strong violence; spoilers for most of Supernatural; spoilers for Resident Evil; horror

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Dean was finding it really difficult to get to sleep. He wanted – needed – rest, but he was actually so worn out that he felt too restless to relax.

Finally, Dean sat up, rubbing a little at his arm. He glanced sideways at his brother, and couldn't help feeling a little envious at how quickly Sam had managed to fall asleep. Then again… I don't think the demon got him as badly. Still, Sam being asleep meant that Dean could wrap up the rest of his wounds.

Without Sam worrying over him like a mother hen.

Giving a slight sigh, Dean got off the bed, and headed over to the bags. He removed his shirt, and then went through one of the backpacks until he found a roll of bandages. He pulled one of the longer bandages off, and carried it into the adjoining bathroom with him along with the remains of his torn shirt.

Dean ran some water, and soaked the material of his shirt under it. He then used that to wipe the scratches across his chest clean before doing his best to bandage them. Damn it… I should have made Sam stay awake to help me with this, he thought. Dean gritted his teeth, attempting to push away the pain and force himself not to cry out.

It didn't help that the tiredness was falling over him again like a blanket.

Dean merely dropped the remains of his shirt into the bin, and then stumbled out of the bathroom, switching the light off as he did so, but leaving the door wide open.

Dean only took a moment to check that Sam's breathing was all right before flopping down onto his own bed. Within moments, he was fast asleep.

Dean gave a yelp of pain as he felt something sharp puncture his hand. Without thinking about it, he kicked out with his foot without taking the time to open his eyes, and heard a sort of whining mewl before a dull thump.

Opening his eyes, Dean took a look round, and then thought that maybe he would have been better off keeping them closed.

What the hell is going on here?!

Dean was sitting on what appeared to be a metal pipe. His body was aching from a number of injuries, and there were people standing a little way below him, all reaching up to try and grab him. Most of them appeared to be injured in some way, and had pale skin and wide, staring eyes.

Oh, shit…

Glancing down, Dean found that he was holding a gun in both hands. As another zombie started trying to climb up the metal pipe towards him, Dean levelled the weapon, aiming for its head, and pulled the trigger.

And then cursed when he heard the click from the empty barrel.

Ah, damn… You'd think that I would be able to have a weapon that's of some use. Then again, a gun wasn't likely to work on zombies anyway – probably not even if it was filled with rock salt.

Dean reacted without thinking as the zombie reared back to sink its teeth into one of his wounds. His hands shot out, and he grabbed the creature, twisting its neck round. There was a sickening crack as the bone broke, and Dean tossed the suddenly limp body in the direction of some of the other zombies.

Much to his dismay, the zombies didn't even look at the body. They just kept trying to get to Dean, moaning and clawing.

Dean glanced down at the useless gun in his hand, and released his breath in a heavy sigh. This is not good. He edged back a little, but the wall behind him prevented him from being able to really go anywhere.

This is one hell of a nightmare…

Dean's eyes fell on what appeared to be a small passage in the wall almost opposite him. He frowned, considering a moment, trying to come up with some kind of plan. This situation is hopeless… And where's Sammy anyway? Struck by an awful thought, Dean squinted at the rest of the zombies as he kicked out at the nearest zombie to him.

Much to Dean's relief, he couldn't see Sam's face in amongst the zombies. But if he wasn't careful, he'd end up becoming a zombie himself.

If he wasn't halfway there already…

As another zombie reached for him, Dean snapped its neck, and tossed it over the side. This position was an advantage, since only one could come up to him at a time. But he couldn't stay where he was. Eventually, he would end up tiring himself out, and then the zombies would be free to feed on him.

I've gotta get away from here before that happens…

Dean gritted his teeth, letting out a slight gasp as his wounds pained him as he forced himself to stand up. Should have paid more attention to gymnastics, really… But who'd have thought I'd have to jump across a huge gap with a whole load of zombies out for my blood?

Dean let out a yell as he felt something sharp dig into his ankle, and he responded with a kick that snapped the zombie's head right back. Then, before any more of them could come after him, he leaped for the opposite wall, and just about managed to hook his fingers into the gap and pull himself up.

Dean winced and couldn't help letting out a few choice swear words at the straining of his wounds. With some difficulty, he pulled himself up and into the gap, and then just sat there for a moment, gasping a little.

As far as I know, I'm still me… But surely that can't last for long, since I got bitten and scratched by the zombies… Dean watched with disgust as a couple of the zombies went after the blood that had fallen from his wounds, while the rest of them tried to reach up to him, presumably to try and get more blood.

Dean watched the zombies for a moment, trying to catch his breath. There were what felt like cold fingers drifting through his mind, and already he could feel the beginnings of the hunger for blood.

Or maybe it was just his imagination…

How did I get here? Dean wondered, even as he began crawling along the passage. I fell asleep; so naturally, this has to be a dream – right? Trouble was, it felt more real than any dream Dean had had before, even his nightmares.

Sammy wasn't the only one who had nightmares…

Besides… If it's a dream, surely I'd be able to dream up a machine gun or something… Just for the hell of it, Dean closed his eyes and tried to imagine up a machine gun. He wasn't too surprised when it didn't work, but was rather frustrated. Did that demon have something to do with this? And where's Sam?

Dean nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard something thumping along the ground behind him. He stopped and slowly turned his head, getting ready to fight whoever was following him.

Except there was no one there.

Dean frowned, and then took note of the fact that he had a bag slung over his shoulder. How come I didn't notice that before? The question wasn't all that important, though. What was important was that there might be some kind of weapon in the bag.

As he sat back slightly, Dean gasped, and had to grit his teeth. These wounds need to be cleaned and bandaged… Unfortunately, the bag didn't contain any bandages. It didn't contain any weapons, either.

Instead, there was what appeared to be a circuit board – one which looked similar to the sort found in computers. It was much bigger, though.

Huh… What's this for? Dean wondered. There was a prominent-looking switch on the board, and, for a moment, Dean was hit with the urge to press it – just to see what would happen. It wouldn't be the first time he'd done that. He even got the urge to with switches labelled clearly DANGER – DO NOT PRESS.

Dean finally decided not to press the switch. A thump from behind him made it clear that he wasn't going to be free of the zombies for long. Quickly pushing the board back into the bag, he slung it back over his shoulder, and started making his way down the passage as quickly as he could.

I've got to find a way out of this…

It didn't take long for the passage to end, and then Dean dropped out onto the floor of a corridor that seemed to be going between rooms that seemed to be some kind of weird laboratories.

Which all looked like they had been hit by bombs.

Dean began walking down the corridor, glancing around as he did so. He had no way of knowing which the right way to go was. All he had to guide him were his instincts – which were actually pretty well honed.

If only he knew exactly where he was and what he was doing there…

Dean suddenly heard the sound of a gun being fired, and he jerked, immediately ready for a fight. Ahead of him, he could see a man running down the corridor. He didn't look like a zombie – at the very least, the man was moving in the opposite direction that Dean was coming in.

Dean sped up his steps a little, fully intending to catch up with the man and demand an explanation. However, as he passed the door the man had just come out of, he heard what seemed to be shouting coming from inside the room.

Against his better judgement, Dean paused, and put his ear to the door – although he was still on his guard against the appearance of any more zombies. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he heard what appeared to be someone yelling, "Kill her!"

Kill who…?

From what Dean could tell, there seemed to be at least three people in the room – there was a lot of shouting going on. As he stood there, trying to figure out what was going on, the thought of the weird circuit board slowly began intruding on his mind – as well as the thought of the switch…

I guess now it's time to see just what this switch is for…

Dean took the board out of the bag again, and studied it for a moment. Then, he pressed the switch.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, Dean heard a click that seemed to come from the door. He frowned, and immediately took a step back, getting ready to fight if he needed to.

The door flew open, and three people came out – two women and one man. They would probably have been running, but the dark-haired woman was clearly wounded, and looked like she was exhausted. She was slumped down slightly between the other woman and the man.

Dean took another step back. Sure, he hadn't heard of zombies working together before – but that didn't mean it couldn't happen.

Could he take on three at once?

"Kaplan?" The man was staring at Dean, his eyes wide, and his face pale – as if he were in shock.

Dean relaxed fractionally. Those zombies I escaped from didn't seem intelligent enough to form coherent words, he thought. He wasn't going to let his guard down completely, though. Then, he frowned. Kaplan? "Who?"

"It's the virus," the blonde woman stated. "It must be getting to him."

"Virus?" Dean echoed. "You mean those zombies? I hate to split hairs – but that's not caused by a virus."

"It's the T-Virus." The man was staring at Dean warily. "Remember? The Red Queen went homicidal and killed everyone down here to prevent the virus from escaping. We've discovered that there's an antivirus. It could help you – if it's not too late already, of course." He seemed just as distrustful of Dean as Dean was of him and the two women.

There's an antivirus? Dean wondered. It could be a trick, of course – but the severity of his wounds suggested that he wasn't going to have long before he turned into a zombie as well. The antivirus is gonna be my only chance – so I may as well stick with them, at least for now. "Well, what are we waiting for?" he asked. "We'd better go."

"You should have killed me," the dark-haired woman mumbled.

"It's not going to happen, Rain," the other woman answered. She looked at Dean. "Can you walk?"

"Yeah," Dean replied. "Got any bandages, or any kind of material? I'm losing a lot of blood here."

"We already lost our medic…" Rain muttered.

The other woman and the man began helping Rain down the corridor. Dean followed them, glancing around warily in case there were any more zombies.

All the while, he could feel himself becoming colder and colder, both in body and in mind…

By the time they got to the train, Dean was beginning to wonder if he was even going to make it or not. He was stumbling constantly with every step, and exhaustion was threatening to overwhelm him. Several times, the other man – whose name Dean had picked up as being Matt – had tried to help him, but Dean had rebuffed him every time.

Dean's stomach turned as he saw the torn apart body lying half on the train, a silver box of test tubes with spirals filled with blue and green liquid next to him and splattered with blood.

Being used to death and vicious creatures, Dean wasn't bothered by the dead body. What bothered him was his own reaction to the body, and how tempting the smell of blood was becoming to him…

"Take Rain and get onto the train," the blonde woman told Dean and Matt. "I'll get the antivirus." Without waiting for a reply, she stalked over to the dead body.

Dean would have gone after her, but he was worried about what he would do once he was close enough to the dead body to touch. Instead, he turned to Matt. "You listen to me. If I turn – don't hesitate. You'll have to kill me. Otherwise, I'll kill all of you. Understand me?" Dean fixed Matt with an intense stare.

"No one's going to die," Matt replied, half-carrying, half-dragging Rain onto the train.

Dean paused, and turned in time to see the other woman cut the zombie's head off with an axe. Realising that they didn't have much time, Dean quickly stepped onto the train, hoping that they weren't going to be too late.

Even on here, we're not going to be completely safe… Especially since Rain's obviously been wounded by the zombies.

After a few moments of searching, Dean was relieved to find a machine gun. He let the bag drop lightly to the floor, and picked up the gun, checking that there were bullets in the chamber. He'd worry about dealing with the recoil while wounded when the time came.

Dean was aware of the other woman entering the train, and of the train being started up. He didn't turn until Matt walked over. "You've got to have the antivirus."

Dean extended one of his arms, and watched without a word as Matt injected the antivirus into his arm. He had no idea of how long a time frame he had had, but Dean hoped that it wasn't yet too late.

Dean could hear Rain and the other woman talking, but he didn't pay any attention to their conversation. Instead, he asked Matt in a low voice, "That man who was killed outside the train. Do you know what happened to him?"

Matt frowned a little at Dean as he put the needle gun away again. "Spence, you mean?" he questioned. "He was killed by… well, it was one of the experiments here. According to the Red Queen, it was what happened when the T-virus was injected into living tissue. When it feeds on new DNA, it mutates."

"Oh, great…" Dean sighed. "As if things aren't bad enough…" He left the wall, and moved over to stand next to Rain, ready to shoot her if need be. It wasn't the time to make mistakes or be moved by sentimentality.

"We don't have long," the blonde woman said, looking around warily, holding her own gun, apparently ready to fight.

Dean frowned as his ears picked up the sound of something moving just outside the train. He took a step forward, opening his mouth to shout a warning, but was cut off as something clawed through the train door and scratched Matt's arm.

Matt let out a cry of pain. Dean took his chance, and fired at the monster, gritting his teeth against the pain.

The other woman fired at the same time, and the creature let out what might have been a scream. It disappeared from view, but Dean knew that it hadn't been killed. "If it's wounded, it's going to be even more dangerous," he muttered to the woman. He raised his voice to Matt: "You all right?"

Matt was clutching at his shoulder, but he nodded to Dean's question, although he looked quite pale.

Dean and the other woman weren't given a chance to do anything else as something long and thick whipped through the gap in the doors. He fired, but before the creature could pull its tongue back, the woman stabbed it with a metal pole. "Close the doors!" she yelled.

Matt had already begun moving. As Dean turned, he saw that Rain was on her feet, and, as he watched, her eyes became dull and lifeless. She went for Dean, snarling viciously, trying to bite his neck.

Dean grappled with the zombie, trying to push her off him without getting bitten again. As he shoved her away, a shot echoed from behind him, hitting the zombie in the forehead. Rain was driven back by the force of it, and she hit one of the switches. Dean assumed that it was the door mechanism, since he could hear a snarl and the sound of something thumping shut behind him.

Matt and the woman stepped out of the train, Dean following close behind even as he kept on his guard against the appearance of more zombies – or the same creature from before. As they made their way up the steps, the entrance began to close behind them.

As soon as they entered the hall of the mansion, the blonde woman collapsed, the shock apparently getting to her. Matt reached out for her, at the same time looking up at Dean as if for help.

Dean took a step forward, and then took note of the way Matt winced, and how the wound on his shoulder seemed to be changing. "He's mutating. You have to give him the antivirus." Even as he spoke, Dean's head jerked up, as he was pretty sure he heard something. He shifted uneasily from one foot to the other.

The woman nodded. "Yes…" She immediately reached for the box, and started to remove one of the tubes. "We can't let anyone else enter the Hive…"

At that moment, the doors of the mansion burst open, and a whole group of people wearing white coats and masks entered. As they headed towards the group, Dean instantly got between them and Matt. The group made him think too much of scientists – and he had the feeling that if he didn't stop them from interfering, they wouldn't let Matt get the antivirus. Since the kid had helped him with zombie Rain, Dean sort of owed him.

"Out of the way," one of the scientists said to Dean.

Dean didn't say anything, and simply let his fists and feet do the talking, taking out all of his frustrations out on the group. He had no hope of getting all of them – but he wanted to buy Matt some time, at least.

And by the time Dean was subdued, it looked as though they had succeeded.

As the blonde woman pulled Matt to his feet, Dean had the strangest feeling that his spirit was being separated from his body.