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Fantasy 01: Ren vs Ren (Jigoku Shoujo)

"Where did he go?" The petitions came and went, flooding Enma Ai's inbox until she resorted to blocking the Turks, an honor that no other mortals had achieved. Now no one could send them away. It was a requirement that the full name of the person one wanted to curse was entered into the website, not just the first name but the last name as well, and Ai was tired of the half filled forms.

However, the ferry girl was still curious about those people called Turks, who so many wanted to curse, but none had the information to do so. This was none of her business, she was not one to bring justice, she had said so before, she only brought vengeance at a steep price, and she was curious. Though she didn't intend to do anything, she simply wanted to learn a little more about them, so she sent her usual investigators.

Reno jumped out ambushing his adversary in the deserted alley of Junon, throwing a punch and missing terribly. "Fast reflexes," he tried again, again and again, but the man, who didn't even turn around, continued to avoid the hits. "Do you have eyes in the back of your head?!"

"Yes," a single golden eye, about five times the size of a normal eye, appeared on the back of the dark haired man's head.

But it only amused Reno instead of frightening him like it did to most people. "I know who you are."

"A lot of people have tried to send you and your Turk companions away, but the petitions were all refused due to incomplete information. If you don't want to be sent to hell I suggest you continue keeping your last name a secret, just in case the lady ever decides to stop blocking the Turks to avoid the spam of incomplete forms." The man closed the large golden eye and it disappeared from the back of his head, leaving him to look normal. He turned around, the left side of his face was covered completely by his hair, hiding the eye that had returned to its original place, but the right side looked normal.

"I'm not sure what that's about, but why are you following me?" Reno asked.

"The lady sent us to investigate the Turks," the man replied.


"Enma Ai."

"I've heard about her, then you're one of her followers?"

"Didn't you say you knew who I was?"

"I thought you were one of Hojo's surviving experiments."

The unusual young man was visibly offended. "I'm not bad looking!" He blurted out in frustration. He cleared his throat and regained his composure, fixing his hair lightly. "My name is Ren."

"Copycat," Reno laughed, "but don't worry, Rens are good looking," though the compliment was meant completely for himself, it was true for both of them.

"Rens are skilled and strong too," Ren looked towards the group that had been following them, while he followed Reno for his investigation. He looked amused.

"Rens always win," the group of Shinra haters approached and Reno wished he had brought his electrorod. "Hey," he tapped Ren on the shoulder as he began to walk away, intending to ask if he would fight from the other end of just stand aside. Unknowingly Reno sent a current of electricity to Ren. "What was that?" Reno looked at his own hand, wondering why his electricity reacted like that, was it because Ren was not human? Ren had reverted to his original form, a katana more than a hundred years old, but still in perfect condition and as sharp and deadly as ever. "That's useful," Reno picked up the sword.

"Don't swing me around so much!" Ren complained. "No, no, you'll get me all messy! Put me down already!"

"I'm sure glad my electrorod doesn't complain like this," after the Shinra haters were disposed of, Reno set the katana down, "are you going to change back now?"

"Of course I am, but have the consideration to clean this stuff off me first," Ren complained. Reno rolled his eyes and cleaned off the sword with his sleeve; then the katana once again became Ren in his human form. "Even if you are a Ren too you don't take care of your appearance."

"I don't need too," Reno proudly replied.

Ren pouted a little and dusted off his clothes, with a human body, there came human vanity, though he had always been an elegant sword. "Anyway, I wasn't trying to interfere; human battles are not our business. I returned to my old form by accident. Did you know that electricity repels item spirits? That's why modern items can't become aware in their one hundredth birthday, besides, things don't last that long anymore anyway."

"So you can't use electric things?" Reno asked.

"Of course I can! I can use electric appliances, TVs, computers, cell phones, anything; I could even be electrocuted and it wouldn't really hurt me. But that's because I have already become aware and there's no going back," Ren explained. "Just now, that was only a short circuit so to speak, because you're his descendant, plus we partly share a name."

"Whose descendant?"

"The samurai mercenary, my original owner," Ren revealed.

"Interesting," Reno grinned mischievously, "so I got myself a talking sword!"

"I'm not anyone's property anymore."

"But I can turn you into a sword just by touching you."

"You caught me off guard last time. I was surprised to realize who you are, but it won't happen again unless I allow it."

"Are you sure?"

"Try it, go on, touch me and turn me into a sword."

"Here goes," Reno gave Ren a little push but nothing happened, he pushed him again and still nothing happened. He pushed some more, then shoved.

"Hey! You don't have to do it so hard!" Ren protested. Reno looked like he was having fun punishing him around, or maybe he was amused by the fact that the action was being allowed without complaints, when normally one would have said something right away. "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"It's fun," Reno admitted.

Ren rolled his visible eye. "Just like I said, it doesn't work."

But Reno wasn't ready to give up and annoyingly poked Ren repeatedly, "c'mon show me the sword!"

"I hope not all Rens are this annoying." Ren pouted and started to poke Reno back.

Meanwhile in the Sunset World, the echo of laughter was heard while three people watched the poking battle of the Rens on a computer screen. A woman in a kimono literally rolled with laughter, an old man laughed loudly and a girl with black hair and red eyes, whom Reno would have said looks like Vincent if he saw her, smiled.

End of Fantasy 01

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII or Jigoku Shoujo. I also used a few concepts from Japanese mythology, adapting them to fit the story.

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