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the moon shone brightly through the window to land on the sleeping face of a blonde haired boy who looked to be around 10 or 11 years old, with a sigh kall-su opened his eyes to reveal cold blue orbs, kall-su rubbed his eyes to clear the sleep from them before opening his eyes again "not even close to dawn yet" he muttered while wondering what could of possibly woken him up 'not arshes, schneider is on the other side of the castle, so what then?!' he was beginning to get frustrated and thought a walk would clear his head.

when he was dressed he made his way out of the castle they were staying at for the moment, he listened to the sounds for a few more moments before he began walking aimlessly as the moon slowly crossed the sky to tell him time was passing 'i still can't figure out what woke me' he thought in disappointment and with a sigh he prepared to turn back when a bush rustled and an orc jumped at him with a club raised for a killing strike.

kall-su instinctively jumped aside to avoid the orc's club as he cursed himself a fool for leaving his ice falchion inside his room, kall-su continued to avoid the orc's strikes occassionally casting ice spells but they didn't seem to affect the beast 'damn it!' he thought visciously as the orc finally landed a powerful blow to his back, kall-su bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain as his back screamed at him.

he took a breath and avoided the club as it came down again, only to recieve a bone shattering blow to his arm which caused him to bite his lip so hard he drew blood with a snarl he thrust his hand into the orc's face and cast a powerful ice spell that finally killed the beast but completely drained kall-su 'damn' he thought as he dragged himself away from the corpse before he lost consciousness.

when he came to the first thing that registered was the fact that someone was feeling his forehead, with a start he sat up only to cry out as his back screamed in protest, a quiet voice spoke up from beside him "you shouldn't move to much, that orc really hurt you" with an effort of will kall-su managed to turn his head to look at the owner of the voice and felt his breath catch in his throat.

the owner of the voice was a girl about 9 or 10 years old with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes that glowed with kindness which drew his attention the most "who are you?" kall-su finally said when he could make his throat work again, the girl smiled and said "i'm mara, what's your name?" he was hard pressed to answer "i'm kall-su" he finally replied and mara smiled and said "do you mind if i heal you?" he must have looked startled because mara giggled.

mara continued to smile as she explained "my father's a healer and i'm learning from him, though i'm afraid i'm not that good at it" as she said that she sighed in frustration "okay, go ahead" kall-su said and mara beamed and put her hands on his arm, in a few seconds the pain in his arm disappeared completely then she moved to his back and he felt the same results.

kall-su gave a small smile as he flexed his arm and then stretched his back and his smile grew as he discovered that healed as well 'and she said she wasn't any good' he thought and looked to see her anxiously waiting for him to speak "i feel great" he said and he truly meant it he thought as he watched her beam in delight "i did it" she exclaimed and danced in delight "why do you think your not good at healing"
kall-su asked curiously.

mara stopped dancing and said quietly "i live with a lot of my siblings so i guess i just don't think i can be nearly as good at what i do than they are at what they do" kall nodded in understanding at her reply and watched as she stood and dusted herself off "i better get home, my mother and father are probably worried" she said and kall quickly stood up and spoke without thinking "i'll go with you!" she looked startled and kall quickly explained "it's dangerous at night so i'll just make sure you get there safetly" she smiled and nodded.

mara hummed a quiet tune to herself and kall asked "how far away do you live" she turned to him and said "not that far now so you'd better go" at his hurt look she hurried to explain "it's not you, it's just that my parents are very protective so they might not like me bringing home a boy and i don't want you to get in trouble because of me" kall nodded, relieved that she liked him enough to care if he got in trouble, then an idea struck him "i have an idea" he said with a big smile as he started to glow faintly.

when the glow faded, where kall used to be there was now a tiny ice dragon who stood there nervously while mara stared in shock before she recovered and exclaimed "your so cute!!" while the dragon was in shock she grabbed him and preceeded to coo and cuddle him until he recovered enough to think straight and give a puzzled chirp in reply.

mara grinned and said "my parents will never know! now you just act cute and everything will be fine" kall decided that would be a good idea and then he decided that he was tired of being cuddled so he clammered out of mara's arms and onto her right shoulder where he perched and wrapped his tail around her neck to better balance himself.

a few minutes later they came to the outskirts of a village and almost immediately an older woman ran up to them and exclaimed "mara!! we were so worried about you!!" the woman, whom kall figured to be mara's mother, hugged mara then gasped when she noticed the dragon on her daughter's shoulder "where did you get that" she exclaimed and mara narrowed her eyes and planted her hands on her hips "'it' is kall!! and i found him in the forest!! so there!" she said defiantly and her mother gasped in surprise to her daughter's tone.

kall was amazed that mara defended him against her own mother, he chirped at her mother to show his support of her daughter, the woman frowned and sighed "okay, you can keep uh kall?" mara cheered and kall, despite himself, chirped in delight at mara 'cute!!' mara's mother thought to herself as she watched kall as he perched on her daughter's shoulder.

kall's head was spinning by the time the introductions to mara's family were over, mara looked at kall as he almost fell off her shoulder "it's okay, even mom and dad have trouble keeping track of all of us sometimes!" mara smiled gently at kall once he regained his balance '9 siblings, the horror' kall thought once the dizziness left and he could think straight again 'and i thought i had it bad!' he thought in sympathy as mara retired to her room.

once she reached her room, mara giggled and said to kall "my family likes you" he nodded and shuddered as he remembered the cuddling, oh the horror, "well, you better get back to your family since it's almost midday" kall blinked as he looked out the window to see she was right 'has it really been that long?' he thought in disbelief but snapped out of it once mara spoke again "well, it's been great knowing you kall, you better get going" kall was shocked to see tears in mara's eyes, with conviction he leaned over and licked up her tears.

with one look back at mara he took off and instantly missed the warmth of her neck in his tail 'maybe we'll see each other again' but then kall shook his head and thought 'bah! we haven't known each other for a day yet!' he firmly told himself and chirped in alarm as he narrowly avoided flying into a tree 'snap out of it!' he shouted at himself as he landed a small ways away from the castle and transformed back and walked in, and thankfully didn't run into anyone given how distracted he was, with a sigh he thought 'forget about her' as if.


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