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kall sighed in relief as they both flopped down on bed of their room at the inn. more than one person had asked to buy kall which resulted in parts unmentionable being frozen solid by a very angry ice dragon 'bastards' kall thought sullenly as mara pulled out the necklace she'd bought and set it out in front of her and started to chant softly under her breath. kall watched in interest as the necklace began to glow a soft white before it stopped as mara finished up the chant. kall chirped in question and mara smiled ,though she was clearly exhausted, and picked up the necklace and slipped it around kall's neck.

kall looked down at the dangling snowflake and chirped again in question "i put a spell on it so besides being able to increase ice power it also restores health and energy little by little" mara explained and kall sat in disbelief 'she can do a powerful spell like that?' he thought before he snapped out of it and jumped into mara's arms and chirped rabidly in gratitude before he licked her face in happiness at the gift. mara giggled at the dragon and scratched him under the chin and was repayed with a happy chirp.

an hour later the duo left the room and headed out into the streets again with kall guarding mara's coin pouch yet again. the sun was setting and the crowds started to thin out little by little and soon the only one's left outside were children who gathered around story teller's campfires and listened intently to the stories. mara and kall looked around and mara smiled slightly as she turned to kall and asked "want to go hear a story kall?" kall gave a happy chirp in reply and that was all the answer mara needed.

as mara sat down on a log close to a teller's fire the man started a new story "listen closely children and take heed, i will tell you now what awaits the sin of greed" the man said in a soft and hypnotising to the ear and it held the children spellbound as the teller spoke. mara and kall listened intently to the man's story though all to soon it ended and the children burst into applause, mara and kall being no exceptions. the duo gave the teller a gold coin and went on their way back to the inn. kall didn't know why but he felt like something bad was going to happen.

mara apparently felt the same as she hastened her steps and kall suddenly chirped franticly in alarm right before a strong arm dragged mara backwards and she felt a sharp knife being pressed against her throat "hand over your money and no one has to get hurt" a voice like nails on a chalk board rasped out and suddenly the owner of the voice gave a shout of alarm just before mara was shoved roughly away. kall growled as he continued to claw at the man's, if he could be called that, face and for good measure he lashed his tail across the man's eye causing blood to pour out of the wound.

the man screamed in pain as he clasped his hands across his wounded eye. mara hurriedy scrabbled to her feet and grabbed kall before running back towards the inn. they made back in one piece and mara sank onto the bed in exhaustion then said to kall "thank you" kall chirped back as a way of saying 'your welcome'. the next morning went back into the town again though mara was still nervous "o.k. kall we have to get something for my family and maybe something for your family too" mara told kall and he chirped in agreement though a bit reluctantly at the mention of her family, he still got dizzy trying to remember them all!.


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