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Dean was driving along the highway silently thinking about all the creatures they've killed that might not have deserved to die. Sam sat in the passenger seat, looking up a new gig.

"You're awfully quiet." Sam said.

Dean, slipping out of his thoughts, answered, "What?"

"I don't get it, usually you always have the music blaring of like Metallica or whatever mullet rock you listen to, but now you're just zoning out. You almost drove your precious car into the ditch."

"What?!" Dean asked, in a mock shocked voice, "Can't I have a little peace and quiet to think about my baby?"

"No," Sam said as if it was the most common thing in the world. "I have a new gig."

"Lay it on me Sammy," Dean replied smirking.

"Its Sam, jerk. I think that there's a werewolf. It says that a guy named Adam was walking his usual route home through a graveyard shortcut and

was attacked. The article says that it was a large dog but when they found him he was in pieces. Literally ripped apart. There were limbs scattered throughout the graveyard and many are missing. Probably eaten."

"That sounds like whatever got him had a good time."

"Yeah." Sam thought for a moment. "But that also sounds like a wendigo don't you think?"

"Could be, but they prefer woods and caves where they can camouflage well. Are there any forests around the edge of the graveyard?"

"No, but there is an abandoned wooden cabin about a block away from the graveyard."

"Great so let's check out the place and the cabin to see if there's any people living there, or might have been there recently."

Pressing harder on the gas pedal, Dean and Sam were on their way to Bonnieville, Sittlestone in Canada.

Arriving at the graveyard Dean got a weird feeling he couldn't ignore, but continued his job.

"Hey Dean!" Sam called.


"Check this out."

Dean walked over to where Sam was looking at a tree near the place of the attack. When Dean got there it looked like there were claw markings on the tree. The engraved marks had crimson blood stains on it.

"It's marking its territory. His kill." Sam said, realizing something.

"What?" Dean gave his brother a confused look.

"Wolves, they mark their territory by leaving claw marks on trees and rocks and after they make a kill they mark where they made it to tell other wolves to stay away."

"How the hell do you know that?"

"I just do, ok? But since werewolf means man wolf and originated from a man with wolf-like features, then they would do stuff like a wolf, right?"

Dean just stood there with a confused look. "Okay. Let's check out that cabin now," he managed to get out.

"Sure. I think we've found out all we can from the site of the kill."

In the cabin there were signs that someone had recently been there, but not enough to determine if a werewolf was there. They were sitting in a motel room, Dean flipping through the journal for any info, and Sam on his laptop.

"I'm getting hungry and there isn't much in the journal. You get anything?" Dean asked tiredly.

"Yeah, but not too much, just basically how to turn into one and how to kill it."

"Great, killing it is all I need to know."

"Yes, but if it bites you before you kill it, you're dead."

"Wonderful." Dean said sarcastically "We need to find out who the werewolf is. Any ways of identifying which person it is?"

"Some." Sam said, concentrating on his laptop. "There are signs: they have hairy hands and fingers, and usually have a scar where they were bitten,

because if you get bitten and escape, then it always leaves a scar."

"Well that's attractive."

"Yeah," Sam replied.

"Well, I think it's time to talk to the locals and get a bite to eat," Dean suggested.

"Let's go."

End Chapter.