a/n: DISCLAIMER these characters aren't mine. SO i've been in a major, and by major, I mean majorly bad, writing block lately with regard to my other stories. I was trying to hash out a halloween fic, and I'll be honest, I'm less than thrilled with it, buuuut a little birdie told me I should post it, soooo here you go! No worries, this won't be forever long, its light hearted and really pointless actually, but I hope a lot better than "Boo" was. Seriously, a Halloween episode could have gone so much better!

Well, here's the start:

Chapter 1: Hallo Weave

As OC opened the door to her apartment, she stared at her roomie in almost horror. Seeing Max's normally beautiful head covered in curlers which, by the looks of it, were holding up a frizzy, knotted mess, and her face decked in glitter, so much so that the bottle seemed to have been used entirely, while wearing a robe and what appeared to be fuzzy pink slippers, was not a common sight.

"Max, what are you doin?" OC couldn't help but say to her friend. "Tell me what this is s'posed ta be, cuz Boo, right now, I'm seein somethin' scary, but not in the screamin' good creepy sorta way. Put down those curlers before you hurt yaself!"

Max's large brown eyes were wide with panic. She looked frantically at her friend. Where would she begin? The story was absolutely ridiculous, and couldn't be told in a rush, although it was all Max had time for.

Before Max could respond, a shrill whistle was heard, coming from the stovetop. She quickly pulled the hot kettle off the burner and then stared at her friend, wanting to cry, or punch someone, whatever came first. She hadn't been so frustrated in quite a long time.

"Max, what is your costume? Mine is all ready, so I still have time to help a girl out, if you tell me what the deal is with this whole getup."

Max gave OC a desperate look. "What the hell am I going to do?" she asked, knowing her friend still didn't know what was going on. "I don't even have a costume," she confessed.

OC blinked at her before continuing, "Max! If you don't have a costume, what the hell is this?"

Max leaned on the counter, resting her head in her folded arms, and made a pouty, disgusted face. "I'm supposed to meet Logan at this club for an undercover job," she began.

Her face grew angry, as she recalled Logan's question from earlier. " 'Think you got it covered?' he says, ' Do you need any help getting ready?' he says." She growled in frustration.

4 hours earlier--------------

Logan continued his explanation, "So, this mob guy,"

"Christian," Max verified.

"Wha-, yes, Christian. He is in a bad situation, apparently, and needs more funding for his organization's next hit." He gave Max a knowing, and proud look, "Seems like someone messed up all his regular goons recently."

Max returned the smile. She shrugged innocently, "Oops! Call it collateral damage, but I was just tryin' to deliver a package to the right person!"

They both were referring to a situation from a few days ago, when the mob had tried to intercept a valuable package she'd been delivering to some elderly woman. On the way, they caught up with her. Unfortunately for them, Max was a genetically empowered transgenic, and she was also a JamPony delivery messenger, looking for a good tip. She had done what any good JamPony worker would do. She made sure to get the package delivered on time.

Max smiled, recalling how much fun it was to beat up some normal guys every once in a while. It was a lot more carefree and entertaining than dealing with other goons from Manticore or the breeding cult.

"You know, I really should tell Normal about that whole situation. Maybe he'd get off my ass every now and then if he knew what a caring and devoted messenger I am!"

Logan laughed slightly at her comment. They both knew she would never have cared if Logan hadn't tipped her that the package had to be delivered. "So, your dedication wasn't,… influenced by other knowledge?" he teased her.

Max rolled her eyes. "Okay, whatever. So maybe I wouldn't have tried so hard if it wasn't for your tip. Anyway, so poor Christian needs to hire some new goons. Which is where the wealthy and equally sleazy Logan Cale gets involved!" she said jokingly.

Logan opened his mouth to argue, while still keeping it all in good fun, "Well, now, I do enjoy a few hitmen at my disposal every now and then, but sleazy?"

"A bit much?" Max asked him, raising an eyebrow.

"Yea, maybe a bit," Logan agreed, still smiling as he stared at her.

"So, you think you've got it covered?" he asked after a pause.

Max nodded, "Yea, of course. Make sure they aren't planning some hit on that poor old woman, find out the real identity of Christian to expose him, and maybe win a poker game along the way!"

Logan nodded, but didn't look like he agreed. "I know you've got the plan down, I just meant…" he trailed.

"What?" Max demanded, getting a bit testy, she'd laid it out just like it was going to go down. Well, minus a few boring details.

"Well, you're gonna have to play the part," he reminded her.

"I'm your girlfriend," she guessed.

Logan winced a bit before informing her, "No, uh, actually, you're my…. Prostitute."

"Logan!" Max exclaimed, almost blushing.

"I'm sorry, Max! I didn't have any other choice! I'm going as myself, and they're only interested in my money. If I'm going to fit in, I can't bring a girlfriend to the mob meeting. I was told I could bring a female companion, but no one cheap."

"You have got to be kidding me!"

Logan laughed a bit, "Well, you certainly wouldn't be cheap."

Max frowned at him, and sent him a glare.

"I was kidding!" Logan defended himself, "Just a joke."

"Glad to see you are finding amusement in this!" Max replied, still looking upset.

Logan looked apologetic, "Hey, I'm sorry. I guess I didn't think of how you would take that. I was too caught up in figuring out a plan that might work. You know, I can always just go alone."

"Forget it! You'll end up getting killed. Eyes Only is one of their biggest enemies. If they found out… Ugh, Logan, this is such a bad idea! I wish you hadn't agreed to this!"

"Max, this is the only chance for us! Christian never goes out in public. He's always behind the scenes, but tonight, he's playing because it's Halloween. It's some tradition. So it's our one and only shot."

Max rolled her eyes, "Unbelievable. Fine! When do we need to get there?"

Logan swallowed, again seeming like what he was about to say was going to upset her. "We can't arrive together. I'm going to come first, and you need to be there within 10 minutes of my arrival."

"And why the hell is that? That's 10 minutes where you are completely defenseless."

"Hey, I'm not completely incapable here. Like I said, if this is too much, I can just do it alone."

"Yea, right. The last time you did that, you almost lost your life. Forget it," she repeated, "I'll do it."

"If I'm gonna be the rich sleazy Logan Cale that they assume, you can't come with me. I'll look like a softie. No one arrives with their girls, it will look suspicious."

Max eyed him, "You act like you've done this before, the whole prostitute thing, and anyway, I'm no girl."

"Max," Logan pleaded, "For both our safety, we have to do it this way."

Max again rolled her eyes, "Fine. Just let it be known that I really don't like this idea, but I'm going along with it."

Logan nodded appreciatively, "So, then, Do you need any help getting ready?"

Max cocked her head and asked him with a slight smile, "Are you questioning my beautifying skills?"

Logan returned the smile and answered teasingly, "No, not at all."


Max turned again to her friend, coming back to reality, "I am a complete mess! I tried to put this glittery crap on me to go with the part. I've done this stuff before, and it was fine. Why the bottle blew up on me today, I don't know, it looked like it was rigged. I was supposed to take a bath so my skin looked all refreshed, but somehow, the faucet that took forever to fill the bathtub with hot water, was still on, even though I distinctly remember shutting it off, so all my bubbles spilled out of it and I had to clean up the whole mess. Which reminds me, someone is probably going to come knocking to complain how the water is leaking below us. Anyway, so then I washed my hair in a frigid shower. I knew the shampoo smelled funny, but I didn't think anything of it until I put in my curlers in, only to realize that my hair is a dried out mess! I went ahead with the curlers anyway, trying to save myself, only to discover that there was some chemical laced on the curlers, which I only noticed afterward when I looked into the kit. And this glitter is like, encrusted on my face!"

OC waved her hands in the air, "Woah, woah, woah, girl, slow down! So you are tryin' to look good? And someone messed with ya stuff?"

Max nodded. "And when I find out who it is, I'm gonna kill them!" she yelled, her voice almost shaking. She looked to the clock frantically. "I have less than 2 hours to be at the club!"

OC looked at her, "Okay, girl, chill a lil bit here. A girl is always late, right? No big deal. Let me see if I can fix up ya hair to start."

Max shook her head, "No, I can't be late! If I'm late, Logan will look like a liar! They'll get suspicious, and they could kill him!"

OC quickly grabbed a cup full of water to pour over Max's head while it was held above the sink. It was too dry to take the curlers out without ripping her hair out it seemed. This was gonna be work. "Now, Boo, what have you gotten yaself into tonight? It's Halloween! Tell me this club thang is gonna be over so you can still make an appearance at Crash tonight? Everyone is gonna be there!"

Max shrugged, calming down just a little, as she knew OC would somehow manage to fix the disaster on top of her head right now. "I can't help it. I told Logan I would do this. Besides, what's the big deal, anyway. A bunch of people in costumes, dressed like freaks, what do I care?"

OC paused to look Max in the eyes. "Max, your friends will be there."

Max softened her tone, "Sorry, Cindy. I just haven't had such a terrible day in a long time. Maybe I'm cursed."

OC's eyes widened, "A curse? Now that would be very fitting for the day."

Max laughed in spite of how mad she'd been just a moment ago. "You are way too into Halloween. You and Christian, can you believe it, some guy who only comes out on Halloween? He must be hideous."

OC laughed back, "Girl, I am sorry, but what is hideous is this hair! Listen, I can't fix it for tonight. But with the chemical I just put in, it should be back to normal by tomorrow."

Max looked at her, back to frantic mode. "Well, what am I gonna do tonight?"

OC pulled a blond whig out of her closet, along with something in a bag.

Max eyed the fake hair, "And where did you-"

"Boo, you don't wanna know where I got this. But here," she placed it perfectly on Max's head. "Nice! Girl, as much as I love you as a brunette, this look is good for you! Well…minus the glitzy on ya face. Lemme see if I can get rid of that, or at least cover it up."

As she moved to get a rag to wash Max's face with, she leaned her head toward the bag that lay on the floor. "I thought you didn't have a costume. If that's true, what's that?"

Max opened the bag while OC got some soap out. "What?" she said out loud, eyeing the costume. It was clearly an outfit for the bride of frankenstein. "This isn't mine," she insisted, "You know I don't get into Halloween. Even if I did, why would I go as that?"

OC shrugged, "Well, with ya hair at the moment, you really could! But I guess you aint goin, so we'll just focus on fixin' up the blonde Max for tonight."

Max felt herself tense, realizing she was going to be a blond for the evening. Not exactly her first choice for a hair color, but whatever, she didn't really have a choice anymore.

Before OC could try to take off the glitter, there was a knock on the door.

"And that must be our neighbors downstairs, here to whine about the water. I swear, if that's the least of their problems-" Max began.

"I'll get it," OC offered. "You just sit tight. Ima fix that glitzy in just a minute."