Matchmaking: Shadowcat and Colossus

Summary: Rogue and Scott devise a plan to get Kitty and Piotr together, naturally Amara, John, Remy, and Jean must join in as well. Part 2 in the Matchmaking Series!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in X-men

Warning: AU, OOC, language

Pairing: Kiotr, Romy, Jott, Amyro, slight Lancitty

Well, you all asked for it, so here's the second part to my new, and first, series! Two months have passed since M: C&P.

Chapter 1

"It's pathetic."

"It's sweet."

"It's sickening."

"It's adorable."

"It's takin' too damn long!"

This last exclamation came from Rogue, interrupting the banter between Scott, John, Jean, and Amara. Naturally, the girls thought Piotr and Kitty's timid flirtation was cute, but the guys had other ideas. John made gagging motions, causing Amara to glare threateningly at him, prompting him to smile innocently and make kissing gestures at her. She smiled and blushed, never able to stay mad at him for long.

The four nodded in agreement. There was no fault they could find in Rogue's proclamation. Once again, this month-old argument had found common ground.

Five months passed since Jean and Scott started dating, leaving Remy the sole bearer of Rogue's attention. It was a burden he really didn't mind. Piotr showed up shortly after their three month anniversary, and Kitty soon had her own not-so-private crush. It hadn't been too bad though, until recently when she and Lance broke up. Apparently, she wasn't the bad girl he so desired her to be, and he didn't think their relationship would last much longer. They were too different.

Afterwards, Piotr was the one to comfort her. The Russian was quiet and peaceful, despite his intimidating appearance, and he often offered his shoulder to cry on. In the month he'd existed at the mansion, every student loved him – especially the girls in a big brother way.

Since then, Kitty's crush had become almost unbearable. Rather or not Piotr realized her feelings was unknown, even to Jean's psychic abilities. Of course, she refused to read someone's mind without a worthy enough reason, and as of now this didn't qualify. Whenever she flirted, he would blush and smile, say something to make her laugh, and promptly return to his painting. It had Rogue convinced he felt the same, and Scott's mind was quickly following the same path – though only the girls commented on the cuteness of it all.

"We should do something about them," Scott said finally.

The silence had stretched on long enough, and he really was irritated with the way they continued to evade each other. Was this how he and Jean acted? God bless Rogue's soul if it was, because she'd been patient and put up with it for a long time. Far too long in Remy's opinion. He still believed Rogue should've forgotten Scott and paid some much needed attention to him for those few months she tried getting him and Jean together.

While Remy was over his initial jealousy, Rogue and Scott formed something of a bond those few months. Similarities in powers pushed them to share more than they normally did. Of course, Remy and Jean were also privy to the secrets shared with each other, but that didn't mean they liked it all that much. Both significant others were quite upset by the strong bond their loves shared, much to the amusement of the others who were not used to seeing Jean jealous and always found Remy's jealousy a funny sight.

"Just what Ah was thinkin', sugah!" Rogue exclaimed happily. She eagerly pulled Scott from his seat, knocking Jean to the floor in the process as she'd been comfortably seated in his lap. The redhead glared, but blinked when she realized Rogue was already gone with Scott.

Amara and John shared a half amused, half baffled look and shrugged. Rogue knew what she was doing, and her ideas always brought some form of fun to them. Surely, this would be no different. Grinning in anticipation now, the two pyros set off in search of something to burn while Rogue and Scott planned. Jean watched them go warily, until she was satisfied they weren't headed for her room or new car – barely used since she always rode with Scott. Then, she went to wait for Scott's return in Kitty's room. Maybe they could talk about the latest gossip.


"Alright, so what'd you have in mind?" Scott asked when they were safely in his room. They always went to his room, since Remy was quite adamant on being the only man – besides Kurt and Logan – allowed into Rogue's room. She acted annoyed with the controlling act, but anyone could see she was flattered he cared so much for her. Besides, it wasn't like he'd get upset if she did take another man to her room, so long as nothing happened. He'd just pout a lot.

"Well," Rogue rubbed her hands together with a shark-like grin. "Ah was thinkin' it's about time fo' anothah matchmakin' session. Whatd'ya think?"

"Hm…" Scott feigned pondering over the decision. Then, a similar smile spread across his own lips. "I like it! Always wanted to play matchmaker, since you seemed to have so much fun getting Jean and I together."

Rogue rolled her eyes. "It wasn't all that fun," she grumbled. "Ya'll took fo'evah t' open yo' eyes!"

"I know," Scott smiled apologetically. "We're together now though, and that's what counts."

"Right!" Rogue said proudly. "Now, Ah think we should start with somethin' small. Makin' Piotr see Kitty as more than an annoyin' valley girl should be a good start."

"Uh, Rogue?" Scott started unsurely. When she glanced at him, slightly distracted, he began his worries. He knew this was the best he'd get when she started thinking on one of her (self-proclaimed) great ideas. "We really don't know if Piotr thinks of her as an annoying valley girl. That's just you…and Remy…and John, Amara, and myself…and Bobby…and…Well, you get the idea!"

Rogue nodded lazily. "Right, right ya are sug. This is why we must make him see she's more than an annoyin' valley girl!"

Scott rolled his eyes. It figured Rogue would hear nothing of what he said. She rarely did when it contradicted one of her ideas, unless it would somehow promote her plan further on. Shaking his head amusedly, he decided to let the matter rest for now. In truth, he wouldn't mind a little personality makeover on Kitty. Nice as she was, she could be annoying with her constantly upbeat attitude and surprisingly intact childish naivety.

"If you say so," he agreed. And the two began to plot.


Kitty moaned into her pillow. The sound low and mournful, as though she'd just been told her favorite pet died after a rather horrible accident. Jean found her friend mumbling reprimands at herself for acting a fool. It took nearly ten minutes to pull her face from the pillow, and she noticed the red rims around Kitty's eyes when she did.

"What's wrong?" Jean asked concerned. Kitty blinked away the remaining tears.

"Haven't you heard?" she asked almost hysterically. "I'm surprised he didn't tell! I was such an idiot! Stupid, stupid, stupid Kitty!"

"Kitty, calm down!" Jean said firmly, grabbing the pillow Kitty had been beating against her head. "Now, tell me what happened, and who hasn't told what."

"Lance," Kitty sighed. "I tried to talk to him today, to see if we could at least remain friends. I mean our relationship kept something of a peace between the X-men and the Brotherhood. He was with Tabitha, and I got jealous, so I started yelling at him. Then, he told me I was dumped and should just get over it. Tabby laughed, she laughed at me like it was the most hilarious thing! To make things worse, it was in our sixth period!"

"Oh," Jean gasped. "I'm so sorry, Kitty. You shouldn't let him get to you though! You can do much better than Lance Alvers!"

"I guess," Kitty shrugged. "Anyway, when I got home Piotr was here, and he saw me first. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him. I freakin' told him! He-he, he thinks I still love Lance! What if he thinks I'm pathetic, or if he doesn't think I'll ever move on? What if he'd liked me and I just made him think he didn't stand a chance!? I was freaked he'd tell everyone I was lame."

Kitty's voice steadily rose until it was a great shriek. Jean cringed from the sound, but placed a comforting hand on the younger girl's shoulder nonetheless. At least Kitty wasn't afraid to admit how she felt for Piotr, though if he really felt the same way for her was still a mystery to everyone.

"Relax Kitty; I'm sure Piotr won't tell anyone you're lame. I doubt he thinks that himself. What you need to do right now is calm down."

Kitty sighed and nodded, taking several deep breaths. Slowly, her nerves calmed, as shown by her shoulders relaxing. Jean sighed in relief and took her hand away. Kitty smiled sadly at the redhead, hope glinting in her blue orbs.

"Do you really think he doesn't think I'm lame?"

"I'm sure of it," Jean said honestly. Piotr wasn't the type to think anyone lame, especially not if they were brokenhearted. He was more the kind to cry with them, or offer soothing words and helpful advice.

"Good." Kitty nodded once. "So, where's Scott?"

Jean smiled secretively. Somehow, she didn't think she should tell Kitty he and Rogue planned to play matchmaker just yet. She wondered what interesting ideas the southerner had come up with, and she only hoped Scott managed to talk her out of the craziest of them. If he hadn't though, surely Remy would. He'd managed to talk her out of some of her crazier ideas for her and Scott, right?

Oh goddess, Jean thought, they don't stand a chance!