Kitty smiled as she headed for the exit of the school. All day she had been trying to catch Lance alone, but so far she hadn't seen the Brotherhood co-leader. It frustrated her somewhat that she couldn't catch him and the day was already over, but every time she began to feel annoyed she remembered why she was looking for him and would smile brightly.

A flash of brown caught her attention, and Kitty turned to see Lance leaning against the grey lockers. A toothpick was present in his mouth as he glared at a few ambling students. He hadn't noticed her yet, which was all the better for Kitty. She wanted to get this said and done with, and the best way to not be drawn into an unwanted argument, cleverly disguised as a discussion (note the sarcasm), was to catch Lance by surprise.

"Lance!" Kitty called, walking up to him. He jumped slightly, though it was quickly hid behind a cool expression, and she had to giggle inwardly at the sight. She couldn't believe she once would have swooned at that look on his face, when now it only seemed pathetic that he would hide his true feelings. Piotr wouldn't hide anything. If he was startled, he would gladly show it, unless they were on a mission or in the Danger Room, but those were exceptions.

"Kitty?" Lance asked, trying to confirm that this wasn't a dream. Kitty nodded.

"Look, don't talk, I just, like, wanted to say this..." Kitty took a deep breath, "Lance, thank you. For everything."

"Huh?" Lance blinked in confusion. He couldn't quite find it in himself to say something more than that. Kitty smiled nonetheless.

"If it hadn't been for you dumping me, I never would have bonded with Piotr like I did. So, again, thanks! I'm happy now, and it really is all because of you. Well, I have to go now, Piotr's waiting for me outside, but I just wanted to say that. Have fun with Tabby," she called, walking away from the fuming mutant, "I'm happy for you guys. Really."

The worst part of that, Lance thought as he stalked after the girl, was that she meant it. She truly wasn't upset over him anymore, and he didn't like that one little bit.

"Kitty!" he yelled, but the valley girl never turned around. In fact, when he finally made it outside, she was already on the back of Colossus' motorcycle with the helmet on. The Russian turned to him, having heard his cry, and did something very out of character for him. He smirked. The ultimate sign that he now had Kitty, and somehow Lance knew he didn't plan to let her go.

"Ready, Katya?" he asked his girlfriend.

"Yup!" Kitty chirped, squeezing his waist tightly. She'd be damned if she fell off this thing!

"Then, it is home we go!"


"Guys, guess what!" Scott shouted happily as he ran through the mansion. Jean was hot on his heels, an equally wide smile on her flawless face.

"What is it now?" Amara asked, stomping out of Pyro's room. The pyromaniac soon followed, an irritated look on his face and his hair was more than a little mussed.

"You'll never guess what happened today!" Jean exclaimed before Scott could get a word in edgewise. "Kitty told Lance quote-unquote "thanks for helping me see that Piotr was the only one for me!" Then, she just walked off with this in-love smile on her face, and now she's with Piotr on the way home! I can't tell you how many speed limits Scott broke just to get here before them, but it was worth it!"

Rogue irked a brow at the seemingly hyperactive redhead. She had never seen Jean so excited before. It was actually quite funny, but she was more interested in getting her to slow down in her explanation.

"Slow down, sugah!" Rogue soothed. "Now, say that again, but slower this time. We wanna know what yo' sayin'!"

This time it was Scott that spoke, summarizing Jean's long explanation. "Kitty is officially with Piotr."

"I knew it would happen!" Amara shrieked with glee, punching a fist in the air. She and Rogue began to laugh and spin around, but the princess quickly calmed when she saw the expression on John's face. "What's wrong, my sweet fire-starter?"

"I thought we were s'posed ta have some fun with this relationship!" John whined. "We didn't get ta set anythin' on fire!"

"Hey, you're right!" Amara exclaimed, pouting. "That isn't right, Rogue! We should get to burn something."

"Well, what're ya goin' t' burn, sugah?" Rogue asked with an arched brow. "Th' relationship's already off th' ground apparently."

"I've got an idea," Scott said evilly. Jean frowned at his sudden mood change, not sure she liked the evil grin on her boyfriend's face. Pyro arched a brow, clearly interested in what the Boy Scout had to say. "Lance really was a bit of a jerk to Kitty, and even if it did get Piotr and Kitty together--"

"Scott, no!" Jean exclaimed, realizing what he was suggesting. It was too late though. Amara and John had already figured out his plan, and they were sharing evil grins themselves. It couldn't hurt to pay the Boarding House, more specifically Lance's room, a little visit.

The door opened before Scott could defend his plan, and Kitty walked in holding hands with Piotr. The matchmakers smiled as the couple stared lovingly into each other's eyes and walked past them without even noticing the others presence. That was devotion right there!

"Looks like this is anothah matchmakin' success, ya'll!"

Scott raised a single brow as he stared at Rogue. "Was there ever any doubt?"

"Not really, no."

"That's what I thought."

"Hey," Jean said suddenly, looking around. "Where did Pyro and Magma go?"

A shared look, and it wasn't hard to figure out where the two fire mutants had gone. Looked like the Boarding House would be getting two guests soon, two very insane guests. Scott snickered as Jean scowled.

"Scott, I can't believe you suggested that to them!" she yelled, running up the stairs.

"Jean, wait, I'm sorry!" Scott called after her. Even as he ran up the stairs, begging her to forgive him, it was obvious to anyone within hearing distance he wasn't sorry. Nope, not sorry at all.



Yes, you read right. This is the last chapter; you've officially finished Part 2 in the Matchmaking series. I do hope it doesn't seem like I rushed this though. Stay tuned for Part 3 in the Matchmaking series!

Also, a little secret, the whole 'not bad enough' thing was actually what happened to a friend of mine. Her boyfriend, who was also a friend, broke up with her because she wasn't a "bad girl". Let's just say, his next girlfriend dumped his sorry ass for someone better, and now both girls are in steady relationships.


Matchmaking: Storm and Wolverine

Summary: Part 3 in the series! For once jealousy isn't the problem. It's a matter of getting Wolverine to admit he's in love, and Storm to admit even savages have hearts. This could prove to be the hardest mission yet for our matchmakers.