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Two Weeks Later

The large room was completely silent, not a cough or whisper breaking the somber mood of the individuals gathered within the chamber. With a drawn out groan, the single door on the left side of the room was slowly pushed open, allowing the fifty members of the Wizengamot to enter. Parading to their places upon the upraised benches, the plum robed witches and wizards quietly arranged themselves. In moments they were all seated and staring out over the small crowd, their eyes narrowed and stern. Seated at the very center of the Wizengamot, Cornelius Fudge shuffled his sheaf of parchment and swallowed noticeably.

Harry wiggled in discomfort, the wood of the bench he was perched upon creaking in protest. The pale hand resting on his knee tightened in warning, bringing his restless shifting to a halt. Slumping back against the dark wood, he dropped his hand onto Draco's and tangled their fingers together. His eyes wandered over the severe expressions plastered on the faces of the old witches and wizards sitting before him. Gritting his teeth, he glanced over his shoulder at the people crammed into the bench behind him. He attempted a smile when Hermione nodded and gave him a quick thumb up, tipping his chin slightly so he could locate Remus among his supporters. A relieved sigh slipped past his lips when the werewolf winked at him, his body relaxing one muscle at a time.

Banging his gavel to bring the wizarding court back into session, Cornelius Fudge pursed his lips and glared at the papers he held. With a moue of regret, he raised his eyes and addressed the group. "After careful consideration and deliberation, we, the Wizengamot, declare the Mage Dragons a protected species."

Harry leapt to his feet with a whoop of joy, right fist pumping the air above his head. Around him, his friends rose up, clapping loudly and hugging each other. Ignoring the Minister's futile attempts to regain control of the court, the raven-haired wizard dragged Draco to his feet and threw his arms around his waist. Seeing the same excited gleam in the blond's pale eyes, he slammed their lips recklessly together in a congratulatory kiss. The surprised grunt his sudden attack drew forth had him chuckling and pressing closer, gliding his hands up and down the smooth planes of the blond's back. Mindlessly massaging, Harry continued to happily suck and nibble on the Draco's upper lip.

A sharp ache erupted in the back of his skull and he gasped in pain, coughing as Draco took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into his gaping mouth. Pushing away from the blond, he slid a hand through his hair and gingerly felt the lump growing on the back of his skull. Narrowing his emerald orbs, he turned and glared at the tall blond who sat directly behind him. Curling a lip in a silent snarl when Lucius merely widened his eyes and changed his grip on the silver head of the cane he held, Harry rubbed the back of his head and glanced at his friends.

The shocked expressions they wore had his face reddening and he quickly spun around to look at the Wizengamot. His blush grew as the respectable members of the court stared at him in outright surprise, whispering softly back and forth. Clearing his throat, Harry gave the group a small wave before grabbing Draco's hand and towing him quickly from the room. He ignored the inappropriate catcalls that trailed after them, hazarding a quick look around the dark hallway outside the dungeon courtroom before making a run for the entrance.

"Slow down," Draco ordered lazily, making an effort to appear serene and collected as he was pulled through the corridors and open rooms of the Ministry. He squeezed the hand held within his own, trying to soothe away the raven-haired wizard's embarrassment with a comforting touch.

Slowing his pace slightly, Harry tossed a peek over his shoulder and arched an eyebrow. The movement sent shafts of pain racing through the back of his head and he immediately reached to touch the throbbing bump. Glowering angrily, he lightly stroked his injury. "Your father hit me," he accused as they reached the dark hall where the Fountain of Magical Brethren stood, the golden figures shining brightly.

Smirking, Draco slipped his arms around Harrys waist and dragged him closer, halting their march to the waiting fireplaces. Eyes glowing seductively, he bent his head just a bit and whispered softly into the raven-haired wizard's ear. "Want me to kiss it better?"

Stiffening within the blond's arms, Harry considered the offer. Licking his lips as Draco's breath ghosted over his ear, he inhaled sharply and shook his head frantically. The warm slide of a tongue along the tip of his ear had him freezing and clamping his lips together. Brows drawing down, he reconsidered the blond's offer. "Later, perhaps. Right now we have other stuff to do." Wiggling free of Draco's loosening grip, he led the way toward the nearest floo line and crossed his arms impatiently.

Shrugging his shoulders, Draco fell in behind the raven-haired wizard. "I'm holding you to that," he muttered. Raising a hand to shield his eyes from the bright flash of green as Harry vanished in a whoosh of flames, he shifted uncomfortably and peered around. His gaze was caught by the watchful eyes of the gray-haired witch standing in the line next to him and he cringed internally as the old bat hauled her oversized bag closer to her chest. Smiling sweetly, he grabbed a handful of floo powder and stepped into the empty hearth. As he tossed the green mixture to the ground, he barked out the name of his destination and closed his eyes.


Shirestra stood proudly upon the cliffs, its recently repaired windows reflecting the light of the sun. Ivy crawled up the walls and encircled the stone banister of the terrace, giving the manor a wild and untamed look. The gravel of the driveway had been raked and the magical locks on the gates changed. Smiling at the sight, Harry trailed his fingers through the long waving grasses that grew above the manor.

In two weeks much had been accomplished. The once crumbling and dilapidated manor no longer resembled a pile of broken wood and weathered stone. Under the careful tools and hands of carpenters and gardeners, the manor was restored to its prior majesticness. Warped wood was removed and replaced with smooth planks. Mold and bat ridden cloth was taken and burned; bright silks and velvets substituted in its place. Where the rubble of the outer buildings had rested, now new grass and plants grew. As Raveana Draconis had requested, so had Harry Potter done.

Turning away from Shirestra, the raven-haired wizard looked out over the eerily still waters of the ocean. Rather than crashing relentlessly against the base of the cliffs, the waves lapped gently, licking at the dark rock. It was surely a good sign, he thought. Glancing at the blond standing silently beside him, he cleared his throat softly and slid his hands into his pockets. "Are you ready?"

Flinching as he was drawn from his daydream, Draco nodded and slipped a cold hand into the pocket of his dark robes. His fingers wrapped around the warm length of metal resting in his pocket, the silver seeming to hum with power. Withdrawing it carefully, he retrieved the second section from his other pocket and pushed them together. "You're sure this is going to work?" He asked quietly, tightening his grip on the instrument as the wind made the flute sing.

Harry gave a brief bob of his head, catching the whipping ends of his cloak and dragging it back against his body. He inhaled the salty air deeply, enjoying the atmosphere that surrounded the castle and its ground. His hands balled into fists as Draco began to play, eyes searching the delicately rolling waters.

Holding the flute against his lips, Draco played the Dragon's Maw calmly. His fingers skimmed over the dragon head keys, flexing and relaxing as the melody twined itself around him. In his mind he could see each note, knew exactly which bar he was on in the summoning song. Taking a quick breath between notes, he almost faltered when Harry gasped excitedly. Following the raven-haired wizard's waving finger, the blond's eyes widened and his fingers picked up speed. The crisp notes rang clearly, becoming more piecing as the pale waters began to roll and thrash. Waves slammed against the cliffs, creating dozens of misty rainbows as droplets of water shot into the air before falling back into the churning ocean.

"There!" Harry shouted, bouncing up and down on the tips of his toes as a dragon exploded out of the surf. Shaking water free of its wings and tail, the bronze Mage climbed higher into the sky. Laughing wildly in exhilaration, the emerald-eyed wizard thrust his arms into the air and spun around. His antics were halted by a roar that rang like thunder and a brilliant flash of lightning. Snapping his mouth closed, he shielded his eyes with his hands and scanned the sky.

Lowering the Dragon's Maw as he played the final note, Draco pointed out the familiar black dragon coasting above the churning waters. "She's there," he called, gesturing at the dark form with the flute he held. His gaze was torn from the Siberian Shade as dozens of other dragons burst free of the water, shooting into the sky like brightly coloured stars.

Mages of every colour and size fought free of the ocean, dragging themselves from the surf with strong beats of their wings. Water slid along scales of the deepest purple, rolled down slender necks the colour of autumn leaves. They filled the pale afternoon sky; circling and diving as they broke into small groups and drifted away. As the roars and shrieks of greeting and warning faded, the churning surf settled and sank into its normal soothing tempo.

Minutes after it had begun, it was over. Where once dozens of dragons had flew, only eight remained. The Shirestra cliff clan barreled through the sky, celebrating their freedom with a winding dance that carried them over the heads of the two wizards and further inshore.

Throwing an arm over Harry's shoulders, Draco hauled him closer and watched as the small clan of Mages disappeared in the distance. "Do you think they'll find their way back to Hogwarts?" He asked, narrowing his eyes as if to catch one last glimpse of the Mage Dragons.

Punching Draco playfully in the arm, Harry slid out from under the blond's shoulder and led him toward the castle. Glancing in the direction the clan had vanished, he gave a small shudder. "I hope not. The Quidditch Pitch couldn't survive another visit from them." Cringing at the thought, he wondered if Madame Hooch would ever forgive him and allow him to play again.

Chuckling softly, Draco trailed after Harry, the Dragon's Maw gently clutched in his hand. They climbed the steps at the front of the castle, entering through the gleaming double doors. Squeezing Harry's hand one last time, he wiggled the flute and nodded his head in the direction of the bright corridor that led down the west side of the structure. "I'm going to put this away. I'll catch up with you in a few minutes." After receiving a quick nod of acknowledgment, he let go of the raven-haired wizard's hand and headed down the hall. The heels of his boots thudded loudly on the floor as he made his way to room Harry had selected to be the home of the flute. Of course, the Dragon's Maw wasn't the only thing that occupied the large room.

A bank of windows looked out over the cliffs, allowing an individual to stand within the warmth of the castle and watch the rolling waves and hissing grasses. The floors were constructed of a pale wood, making the room appear brighter and cozier than its size would lead one to believe. Hanging upon the wall that held the door, fourteen portraits of dragons rested. Each picture held a different Mage, all of them lazily watching him as he strode across the chamber. The blond came to a stop under a fifteenth portrait, his hands gently settling the Dragon's Maw upon its bed of burgundy velvet. Lifting his eyes, he met the smug gaze of Raveana, her emerald eyes shimmering knowingly.

"My lady," Draco murmured politely, flipping the lid of the instrument case closed and bowing his head. As he turned to leave, the portrait on the wall opposite the raven-haired witch caught his eye. Reginald Malfoy smirked at him and winked; slumping deeper into the chair he sat on. Shaking his head, the blond lifted a hand in a silent wave and left the room.

Raveana and her glass casket had been relocated to the Malfoy Mausoleum where she was, grudgingly, placed next to Reginald. Lucius had made a fuss about the addition to the family tomb but had relented after a carefully worded threat from Draco. The pensieve that had belonged to Reginald Malfoy was moved up to the library, it contents shared between Harry and Draco before being dumped into the ocean. The ebony bowl awaited new memories, hopefully ones that were happier than those it had originally held.

Draco paced through the doors into the library, peering around the dark room in search of Harry. Frowning when he was unable to locate the raven-haired wizard, he slid his hands into his pockets and strode between two of the nearest shelves. "Harry?" He called softly, wincing as his voice echoed around the rafters. A loud thud garnered his attention and led him toward the far corner of the library where he found Harry perched dangerously upon a narrow ladder.

"What are you doing?" Reaching up, he took one of the books the other wizard held and tucked it under his arm.

"Hermione asked me to bring her some books back," murmured Harry, glancing quickly at the blond. Chewing on his bottom lip, he turned his eyes to the shelf above his head and hummed in thought before dragging another tome from the line. He slid the book under his arm as he clambered carefully down the ladder, ducking his head so he could watch where he was going. "Are you ready to go back to Hogwarts? It's almost dinner."

"Yes, I'm getting hungry anyway." Draco announced, handing the book he had taken from Harry back to the dark-haired wizard. Trailing after the Gryffindor as he moved through the library, he ran his fingers idly along the spines of the dusty tomes and read the authors names.

"Good, then we can leave." Harry muttered, pausing next to the table before the fireplace and picking up the bad he'd placed there earlier. He took a minute to jam the books he had picked up into the bag before tugging the strings closed and swinging it over his shoulder. Gesturing Draco toward the fireplace, he lifted the gold lid off the floo dish and took a large handful of the green powder. Replacing the lid, he caught up one Draco's hands and dumped a liberal amount of powder into his hand before indicating that he should floo out first.

"I'll see you in a few," the blond said, placing a quick kiss on the raven-haired wizard's cheek as he slid past him into the large fireplace. Whirling around, he tossed the powder to the stone floor and vanished.

Rolling his eyes over the blond's dramatics, Harry stepped into the fireplace and gazed out into the dark library. Smiling at the dusty shelves and toppled piles of books, he let the green sand slip between his fingers. In a whoosh of emerald fire, he vanished from Raveana's library.


It was dinner at Hogwarts and the Great Hall was bustling with activity. Many students were chattering happily while they gorged themselves on chicken and potatoes, others were patiently waiting for dessert to appear. At the Slytherin table, Ron, Harry, Blaise, Draco, and Pansy were having a fairly civilized conversation. Well, aside from the slight teasing on Harry's behalf, the conversation was polite and intellectual.

"S-i-r-e-n or S-y-r-e-n?" Blaise asked slowly for the second time.

"The second one," Harry mumbled with a delicate wave of a hand. Frowning, he snatched the last drumstick off Ron's plate and placed it on his own.

Blaise snickered at the response, exchanging an amused look with Pansy while Draco just shook his head sadly. Clearing his throat, he swung to straddle the bench and set his fingers to unzipping the tall boots he wore. Winking at Draco, he slipped the leather boot off his foot and set it on the table in front of him. "So, Syren was engraved in the leather and spelled exactly like this?" He asked, tapping the intricate writing with the tip of his index finger.

Shooting the boot an annoyed look, Harry bobbed his head and lifted the drumstick to his mouth. "Exactly," he muttered, licking his lips as the smell of chicken wafted into his nostrils. The redhead sitting next to him turned just in time to watch him take a large bite from the thieved meat. Shrugging in apology, he watched the Slytherins sitting across from him exchange identical looks of disgust.

"Syren is a producer of leather goods. Seven generations of witches and wizarding specializing in the crafting of leather." Blaise stated, lifting his cup of tea in salute. "Congratulations, Harry, you've just named a dragon after my boots."

Shifting his shocked gaze between Draco and Blaise, Harry almost failed to notice Hermione's arrival. A hard tap on his shoulder caused him to jump, jerking his chin up in time to see the witch gesture him over. "You're joking, right?" He demanded, sliding over on the bench so she could sit down next to Ron. Placing the partially eaten drumstick on his plate, he dropped his head into his left hand and closed his eyes. "No wonder that damn dragon wouldn't come when I called him." Shaking his head over the error, he flicked his eyes back open and peered in confusion at the empty plate resting beside his elbow. Turning his head, he glared over Hermione to where Ron was wolfing down the last few mouthfuls of chicken.

"Did you read this?" Hermione asked, interrupting his narrow eyed glare. She dropped the small book she held on the table, ignoring the light thump it made as empty glasses tinkled softly. Already assuming his answer was going to be no, she shook her head and tapped the cover with her index finger. "Raveana wrote this after being married to Reginald for two weeks. It's an autobiography. And it's amazing! The things she wrote about! Did you know Reginald had a-"

"Enough!" Harry choked, cheeks reddening as he lifted a hand to ward off the final part of the witch's sentence. Moaning, he rubbed his face with his hands and pursed his lips. "I, unfortunately, got that far." Dropping his hands back to the table, he screwed his face up in disgust.

Snorting, the bushy haired witch reclaimed the small journal and slipped it into a pocket in her robes. "Well, apparently it's hereditary." Her gaze drifted to Draco and she chewed her bottom lip in consideration, tipping her head and narrowing her eyes as if mentally comparing him with Reginald. Sighing, she gave her head a shake and reached for the pitcher of pumpkin juice. "Also, those cold iron daggers? They belonged to Reginald. He gave them to Raveana as a peace offering. I think you should give them to Draco."

The blond's face brightened immediately and he turned his pale orbs to Harry. "Cold iron daggers? How many?" He purred, already considering the many things that he could do with the weapons.

"You don't really want them, do you?" Harry asked, shrinking against Hermione's side as a possessed look crept into the other wizard's eyes.

"Do you know how much an arrow with a cold iron head is worth? An entire dagger would be worth at least seven times the going price." Already counting his galleons, Draco smiled. "You can have them moved to my personal Gringotts account."

"What about the dragons?" Hermione inquired, changing the topic without a hint of remorse. Her eyes were bright with interest, fingers reaching up to comb through her tangled mass of hair. "Were you right?"

Harry grinned and nodded, glancing across the table at Draco. "They were there, just waiting for Draco to call them home." A small cheer rose from the group, hands coming together in a quick round of applause as they waited for further information. "There were dozens of them, Hermione, breeds I didn't even recognize. And the colours!"

"I'm so glad the Minister of Magic passed that law." Blaise announced, a smirk playing across his features. Lifting his teacup in a toast, he took a small sip and ran his tongue over his lips. "If he hadn't, I don't think we would've ever gotten to see the pair of you kiss." Chuckling as the raven-haired wizard's face flamed, he elbowed Draco roughly.

Swiping at his burning cheeks, the Gryffindor shook his head and groaned in embarrassment. "Those dragons really did a lot for us," he admitted, lips curving upward in a smile as he gazed at the blond sitting across from him. Shrugging his shoulders as Hermione cooed in delight at his seemingly romantic statement, he rose and leaned across the table. Cupping Draco's chin with his right hand, he lifted him gently to his feet and pulled him toward him. "A lot." Harry breathed, pressing a quick kiss to the lips under his. He was about to release the blond when a hand fisted in the front of his robes and hauled him closer.

"They did indeed," Draco whispered, blue eyes gleaming with promise. Licking his lips, he bowed his head and ran his tongue delicately over the raven-haired wizard's bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth. Nibbling gently, he stared into glowing green eyes and winked slowly. Placing one last hard bite on Harry's swollen lip, he untangled his fingers from the dark fabric and sank gracefully to his seat. "Remind me to thank them the next time I see them."


The sun had set, leaving Hogwarts lit only by candles and crackling torches. Above the massive castle, stars sparkled brightly. In the distance, the Forbidden Forest was alive with nocturnal animals, the haunting call of a lone wolf proof of this. An owl hurtled past the only occupied window of the Astronomy Tower, its high-pitched call failing to surprise the pair ensconced upon the thick wedge of stone.

"Do you still dream of dragons?" Draco asked softly, cuddling deeper into the arms wrapped around his waist. He inhaled the night air deeply, lifting his gaze to the black sky as he awaited an answer.

Opening his emerald orbs, Harry rubbed his chin against the top of Draco's head and smiled. "Only one," he murmured, placing a gentle kiss atop the pale locks. His eyes drifted closed again, content too simply breath in the smell of the blond and the night.

Sighing in satisfaction, Draco smiled smugly and settled his hands atop Harry's and squeezed. "That's good. Now, about those daggers-"

The End

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