Four-year-old Hermione Granger, known as Neenie, stuffed a hand in her mouth to keep herself from whining in frustration. They were playing hide-and-seek, and she couldn't find Draco or Harry anywhere!

Even her lucky dress-up clothes—her favorite dress and her good shoes—weren't helping. She knew what was wrong, though. Her brothers had good ears. They kept moving every time they heard her coming.

She sat down and crossed her arms, resting her elbows on the soles of her shoes. Then she looked down at her shoes and tapped one foot again the floor. It made a loud sound. She tugged off her shoe and tapped her sock against the floor. It made a whisper.

Neenie grinned and tugged off her other shoe, throwing them both into the only hiding spot—behind the bureau.

Quiet as a cat, she pattered into Padfoot and Letha's room. There was a soft sneeze from underneath the bed. Neenie pounced, tagging Draco as he yelped.

"Got you!" she told him, grinning. He smiled back shyly and closed his eyes, counting slowly. She took off running, made it to the cubs' room, and hid inside the hamper, covering her mouth to stop a giggle this time.

"I hope so," Aletha said. "Where are your good shoes?"

"B'hind the bureau."

"What are they doing there? No, never mind, don't tell me, I don't want to know. Just go get them."

Neenie sped out of the bathroom and down the hall to the cubs' room, where the boys were dressing. A two-part screech of outraged little-boy modesty arose, and Aletha had to muffle her face in a nearby bath towel to keep from laughing out loud.

—Chapter 23, "Tea with the Headmaster", Living with Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow

Disclaimer: I own nothing. And thanks to Whydoyouneedtoknow and MercuryBlue for looking this over (short as it was). Hope it made you smile!