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Chapter 1

It was a peaceful night the forest was buzzing with life. Small animals were running to and fro looking for food and a mate, dragonflies were dancing on water of a nearby slow moving stream, and birds were settling down for a good night's rest. Trees stood tall and flowers closed their petals waiting for sunlight. Then there was loud crack and a random tree feel over with a loud boom. The creatures of the night howled and cawed at disturbance that was walking toward them. Several other trees crashed down as the fox demon, Kyuubi, walked thought the clearing that her tails made (A/N: she like 8ft tall not 20 stories like in the anime…just if you were wondering). The animals were now screaming for their lives and running all over the place. Kyuubi's fur was red as silk and her paws were black and charred the ground with her fire like chakra

Quiet you damn animals!!

Kyuubi said in a booming voice. They all stopped moving and…breathing.

Pathetic animals they all fear me and they should I'm the strongest fox demon in the whole land…

Kyuubi walked over to the stream and took a sip of she then looked at her reflection

and the only one

Kyuubi looked at the moon and for some reason she felt very sad and she almost felt like crying. But she learned long ago crying solved nothing.


She looked around.

What was that, was it me?

She knew she wasn't crying her eyes felt dry and the noise came from across the stream she saw little blonde boy around five years old sitting across the stream his feet in the water.

Wander what's his deal?

Her stomach growled.

He's small but he would make a great snack.

Kyuubi jumped over the water gracefully and landed next to the boy. He jumped to his feet and stared at her wanting to scream but he knew it would be a waste of time and energy.

"w-who are you?"

The boy was slowly walking backwards.

My name is none of you concern. I want to know what you're doing here all alone…

Kyuubi lick her lips on purpose before finishing her sentence.

it's dangerous for kit to be out here no telling what kind of creatures are out.

The boy gulped and yet again fought the urge to scream. He actually relaxed a littlie. The boy felt a strange feeling from her. Even though she was baring her teeth and growling he felt somewhat close to her.

"I'm out here because everyone in my village hates me because of something my father did. Now I get his punishment"

Kyuubi sat an observed the boy while he was talking. He was covered in bruises from his scrawny legs to his to his head. She could tell that he hadn't bathed in days, the smell that was coming off of him was bordering on offensive, and he a lot skinner from the human boys she usually ate. When he finished got up and Kyuubi started circling around him for a couple of minutes.

Your name, what is it?

Kyuubi finally asked. The boy flinched before speaking his name.

"N-Naruto and what's yours if you don't mind me asking?"

He rushed the last part out quickly. Kyuubi sat in front of him thinking.

He's to small maybe I should just killing him for the hell of it…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the scent of other humans. She looked to her left and saw that other humans walking toward them. They were a few feet away so Kyuubi jumped on near by tree branch just out of site but not to high so she couldn't see the action.

"Don't leave me!!"

You're on your own Kit

The villagers walked toward Naruto with lit torches and sticks they found on the way their. One them stepped forward, a big man only wearing pants, he walked over to Naruto and punched him in the face.

"You stupid piece of shit we've been looking for you for three hours because the Hokage order us. Why won't the Hokage just kill you?

The man kicked Naruto as he was trying to get up. Naruto rolled over on to his back and clutched his ribs. He was now crying and trying to say something.

"P-Please stop I'm sorry I-I won't do it again"

"Yeah I know, I'll just make sure you don't run next time"

With that said the large man walked over to Naruto and smashed his left leg with an iron club he was carrying. A sickening crack ran out through the forest and the other men behind the largest laughed.

Demons can be cruel at times, but only to other that come from anther clan. These humans are hurting their on kin.

Kyuubi's train of thought was interpreted by a loud scream that didn't come from Naruto, but the large man. She looked down at the man and saw a creature made of black and sliver chakra had impaled the man with on of its arms.

What the hell is that!!

"T-The demon it's a-awake!!"

Whispered one man

"I-It killed Tashi!!"

Whispered another. They were all slowly backing away slowly trying to no to get the black and sliver creatures attention. Said creature threw the Tashi's dying body aside and turned to them. The creature was like an outline of Naruto it was small and thin like the boy yet it held great power in it's shadow like body.


Naruto screamed but the creature paid no attention to it's host. It had only two goals in mind. To live and kill the ones that didn't want it to. The creature stood as did Naruto, thought against his will and with and with a broken leg. The shadow was separated from Naruto by only inches and it lifted its clawed hand.


Naruto cried. The smart did but the stupid suffered. The shadow ripped three of the reaming six in half with one mighty strike and turned to the other three that were trying the best to will to their bodies to move, but to no avail. The creature made several hand seals and pointed it's blood stained claw at it's victims.

Blades of Black Death…hmm were have I seen that jutsu before?

Kyuubi's was yet again interrupted by loud screams. She looked down and saw that the creature had made its hand into several vine like blades and impaled the reaming villages in the most painful places (A/N: The crotch was not spared). The creature lifted its blades and its victims and tossed them into the river. Once the killing was done the creature canceled the jutsu and turned facing the now traumatized boy and rubbed the boy's cheek.

"Why…why did you kill them?"

Naruto said so low Kyuubi hardly heard him. There was a silence then Naruto shouted.


Again silence.

"…but why"

Seeing the boy was having an unheard conversation with the demonic entity Kyuubi decide she wanted some answers. She leaped from her hiding spot and approached the boy. The creature quickly turned to her in a fighting position, but relaxed as it saw who it was. The shadow waved at the Kyuubi, who was now a littlie confused by its change in behavior, and the creature disappeared. Naruto collapsed on the spot but not before his bones repositioned themselves in the right order. Kyuubi walked over to the boy and sniffed his body.

Still alive

She gently picked the unconscious boy by his shirt and placed him on her back.

You're pretty odd kit, but you're the only thing I've since today that has interested me. I think I'll shadow you and try and figure out how you got that thing inside you.

Kyuubi said out loud and looked at a forehead protector that belonged to one of the victims.

Konah haven't be there in awhile I wonder if Yugo is still there?

Ready Kit?


I need to stop talking to myself…DAMN!!

Kyuubi, now a littlie aggravated with herself, turned and walked toward the Hidden Leaf Village.

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