Sorry guys I'm suffering a huge case of writers block because:

1. I haven't gotten all that far into Naruto to actually come up with a solid plot. I know you probably going to say "You can't write a fanfic without knowing what's bout!" but

hey I know more then the average bear….where the hell did that come from. Anyway before you chew my ass this not my fault because I don't have any money or know any website or place were I can get up to date information.

2. I'm having a hard time coming up with techniques, weapons, fighting scenes, and character dept.

3. It's kind of hard to write romance between two characters without making it seem robotic.


So if anyone one can steer me in the right direction and break this damn writes block then I really appreciate it and I'll continue to write my fic to bring joy into your miserable lives…..holy shit did I just type that…..ummm…ahhh. A-Anyway some help will be very useful to me so just send me a review of this or an e-mail, but I prefer a review. Also most of my fics are FEMSLASH so anyone specialized in those please HELP ME!!!

Till My write blocks ends and I get off lazy ass.

Kari out