Picture Perfect

By Dragonskin Fool

Summary: Their picture is worth a thousand words. Their faces say it all. Their smiles say only one thing… they need help.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T for strong violence, language, drug and alcohol use, rape, and sensuality.

A/N: Hi everyone. This is something that I have been wanting to write for a while now. Now, update will be spontaneous. I have no clue when I will update. But here is the first chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: If Only

Sharpay awoke to voices shouting across the hall. She let out a low sigh. It seemed that their father had come home drunk… again. She grabbed her pillow and held it over her ears, trying to block it all away. It was no use. She heard footsteps approaching her room. She began to panic. She shut her eyes tightly, trying to give the allusion that she was asleep. Her efforts were futile. A burly man, in his late thirties barged into her room, causing her to flinch. The man wore a beer stained Armani suit, with alligator boots, and a black hat, coving his blonde hair.

"Wake up!" he shouted in a hoarse voice. She immediately opened her eyes as tears began to form.

"What is it daddy?" she asked in almost a whisper. "What do you want."

"You know what I want." the man answered, revealing a mischievous grin. He placed his bottle of liquor on the nightstand.

"Please, no." she whimpered. The man pulled her from the bed, making her land on his chest.

"What did you say?" he asked. She could smell the alcohol on his breath, which made her want to vomit. She gazed upon his charcoal gray eyes.

"Please dad. Don't do it." she pleaded.

"That's what I thought you say." The man pushed her to her bed, as she let out a cry. As Sharpay tried to get up, the man pinned her to the bed. He forcefully planted kisses on her frail neck as she struggled to break free from his grasp.

"Please! Stop it!" she exclaimed. The man slapped her, leaving behind a red mark. Just then, a blonde boy ran to the room.

"Dad! Stop it!" the boy screamed. The man paid no attention. He continued to ravage his helpless daughter.

"Please Ryan!" Sharpay shouted. "Help me!" Ryan, with all his forces, pushed his father away from Sharpay. Sharpay immediately back away to a corner. Their father looked at Ryan, fury in his eyes.

"You should have never done that boy." the man said in an angry tone. He charged toward Ryan like a bull would to a matador. He pushed Ryan toward a wall, and punched him in his stomach. Ryan let out a cry of pain.

"Ryan!" Sharpay screamed. Sharpay tried to pull the two apart, but her efforts were futile. Their father pushed Sharpay toward the side of the dresser, knocking Sharpay unconscious.

"Sharpay!" Ryan exclaimed. Overtaken by anger, Ryan punched their father's jaw. Blood spurred down Mr. Evans's mouth.

"You're messing with the bull… now here come the horns." He grabbed Ryan's arm and twisted it, causing Ryan to scream in agony. Tears flowed down his face as Mr. Evans jabbed him in the ribs. Ryan fell to the floor, his eyesight becoming hazy. Their father continued to beat him senselessly, but Ryan could not feel anything anymore. He was numb; all he could see was black.

Mr. Evans continued to jab his foot into his son's stomach, until he noticed that his son was unresponsive to the pain. The father stopped at looked at his son.

"Pansy. Can't even take a little beating." He spit into his son's face, grabbed the bottle from the nightstand, and left the room, leaving behind his wounded children.

Sharpay woke up with a massive headache. He placed one of her hands on her temple, and the other, on the back of her head, as she gently rubbed both parts. She was trying to remember what happened. All she could remember was her father entering her room and Ryan…

"Ryan!" She managed to get up from her position and went to her brother's aide.

"Ryan! Ryan! Wake up!" She inspected her brother body. She pull up her brother's flannel pajama shirt, and let out a low muffle. Bruises and cuts covered her brother's pale chest. She then took a look at his face. He had a cut on his lower lip, and a bruise on his left cheek. She could not bear seeing her brother in this condition. She felt she was responsible for this. If she did not cry for help, he would never have been in the state that he was in. She checked his pulse. He was breathing ever so slowly. He began to open his eyes.

"Ryan! Thank God!" she exclaimed. Ryan let out a moan, letting her know that he was in pain.

"Are you okay." Ryan asked his twin sister. It was always like him. No matter if he was in critical state, he always had to make sure that his sister was okay. He hated when people would call his sister "Ice Queen" or "Drama Bitch." it made him sick to his stomach. If only they knew that it was just a façade. If only they took the time to get to know her, they could find out that Sharpay was not so bad.

"Ryan? Are you okay?" she asked again.

"Peachy." he mumbled as he tried to get up. He slouched back down, feeling that every part of his body was broken.

"You're in no condition to it up, let alone, stand up." Sharpay stated the obvious. "I'm going to get the first-aide kit." Sharpay stood up, and walked toward the linen closet. She pulled out the kit, and immediately went back in her room. She opened it, an pulled out a cloth, alcohol, and bandages. She carefully dabbed the alcohol on the cloth and gently tapped it on Ryan's sore body. He let out a cry of pain and agony.

"I know, I know Ryan." Sharpay said trying to fight tears. "I know it hurts. But I know you can get through it." It killed her to see him like this. At school, he is known as her "sidekick." Some even called his "Sharpay's little lapdog." They would make crude remarks about him, calling him a 'faggot' or a 'queer.' Truth was, he was none of that. If people took the time to know him, they would know that Ryan was a great soccer and rugby player. He only joined the Drama club, so he and Sharpay would not be apart. That way, he could always protect his sister.

"It's okay, Shar. It doesn't hurt so bad." Ryan lied. Sharpay dabbed a little more on him. He winced, but did not scream. After a few minutes later, Sharpay had him all bandaged up.

"So, what going to happen now?" Sharpay asked.

"What do you mean?" Ryan asked, as he was able to move himself to Sharpay's bed.

"What are we going to tell the kids at school?"

"Today's Sunday morning. We have the rest of the day to figure that out." Ryan answered.

"Why are you treating this so lightly?"

"Why are you making such a big deal about this."

"Because someone has to!" Sharpay exclaimed as tears streamed down her hazel eyes. Ryan wiped a tear from his sister's eyes.

"I'm sorry Shar. It's just that what can we do?" Ryan asked.

"I just want to tell someone the truth." Sharpay said in almost an inaudible voice.

"But if we do that then there would be a huge chance that we will go to a foster home, and that we would be split up from one another." Ryan replied. Sharpay just sat their, and began to silently cry.

"I just want to the pain to go away." Sharpay whispered. Ryan held his sister in his arms, not caring if it caused him pain. He just wanted to comfort his sister.

"I do too, Shar. I do too." he muttered. The two Evans laid on Sharpay's bed, eventually falling into a deep slumber. People say that the Evans live the life. They have the best of everything: clothes, houses, jewelry. People say that they live the picture perfect life. If only their new the truth. If only.


A/N: That's the end of Chapter 1. It was basically the prologue, and the chapters will get longer. This story will contain no incest, just brother and sisterly love. The pairings will probably be Troypay and Ryella. Until then, please review. They are much appreciated.