Picture Perfect

By Dragonskin Fool

Summary: Their picture is worth a thousand words. Their faces say it all. Their smiles say only one thing… they need help.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: T for strong violence, language, drug and alcohol use, rape, and sensuality.

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Chapter 2: Dressed for Bolton

Ryan Evans awoke to the distinct smell of eggs. The sun's rays, coming from the window, shined on his blue eyes, causing him to shield them. He tried to get up, but felt a burst of pain coming from his stomach. He laid back down, remembering why he was in so much agony. He gazed around the room, noticing that he was laying on Sharpay's bed. He heard footsteps approaching the room. Sharpay appeared, in her satin white robe, holding a silver tray.

"Looks like you're up." Sharpay stated, giving him a warm smile. Most people thought that the only time Sharpay ever smiled was when she wins the lead role for the musicale, or when she sees a little boy getting hit by a car. ( The second one being false, even the "Ice Queen" had feelings.) She was holding a silver tray full of delicious foods. She walked down him with the movements of a ballerina. Ryan always thought that Sharpay would have made a great ballerina. She sat next to him, making sure that Ryan was comfortable. She gently placed the tray next to him, letting Ryan smell the aroma of the food. He took a moment to look at the tray. On it, laid a white China plate, filled with savory goodness, a glass of orange juice, and silver utensils. Ryan noticed that Sharpay arranged the food to make it look like a face. The scrambled egg represented the eyes, the chopped sausage links were the nose, the juicy bacon was the mouth, the hash brown was the hair and eyebrows (1). Ryan just laughed.

"I thought you would like it." Sharpay replied.

"I do." Ryan answered. He slowly began to sit up, with Sharpay's assistance.

"You remember when mom used to make this for us?" Sharpay asked.

"Yeah. Whenever we were in a bad mood, she would make this for us." Ryan recalled.

"Yep. I thought you could use a 'pick me up'." Sharpay offered.

"Well, you know what…" Ryan grabbed the silver fork, picked up a piece of the sausage link, and placed it on his mouth. "I could use one." Ryan grinned, revealing pieces of the link.

"Don't talk with your mouth fool." Sharpay teased. Ryan just smiled. He took a sip of his juice.

"So, is he here?" Ryan asked in a serious tone.

"No, I heard him leave at seven." Sharpay answered.

"And what time is it now."


"Wow. I slept for a long time. Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"You looked like you needed more sleep." she told him. "Well I have to go and take a shower. Do you need anything?" she asked. Ryan took a bite of his hash brown.

"I'm good." he mumbled as he chewed on it. Sharpay just rolled her eyes, and left. Ryan heard the bathroom door close. Just then, Sharpay's cell phone, located on Sharpay's desk, in Ryan's arm reach, began to ring.

"Who is calling her at this time?" Ryan thought to himself. He extended his arm in reach for the phone, and grabbed it. He pulled it to his side, and was surprised to see who was calling. He pressed the call button, and answered.

"What do you want, Botlon." he asked with a tone of annoyance. Ryan never liked Troy, he did not know why. It could possibly have been the fact that people worship the ground that he walks in just because he can make baskets or free-throws. Or could it possible have been the fact that Troy had the one thing Ryan wanted most… her.

"Ryan? Where's Sharpay?"

"She's in the shower. Why do you want to talk to her?"

"Tell her that I will be there at one."

"Wait, why the hell are you coming here?" Ryan asked in an irate fashion.

"What? Mr. Martin (2) assigned me and Sharpay to do a project on the short stories of Edgar Allen Poe."

"Oh, okay. I'll tell her that." Ryan said. He was embarrassed of himself. He knew that he should not have reacted that way to Troy, even if he despised him.

"Okay, thanks. Bye." Troy hung up the phone. Ryan let out a sigh. He decided to close his eyes and take a nap, and wake up when Sharpay was down with her bath; so he had a whole hour to himself.

Once Ryan opened his eyes, he saw his sister blow-drying her hair. He checked to see what time it was. Sharpay's alarm-clock read 12:25 p.m. Sharpay turned off the blow-dryer, and turned to her brother.

"God, men can sleep forever." Sharpay teased. Ryan just gave her a small smile. He tried to get up, but a bolt of pain rushed through his body.

"Are you okay?" Sharpay asked with concern.

"Yeah, it doesn't hurt as much as before." Ryan replied.

"Here, let me help you." Sharpay, wearing her bathrobe, gently put her brother arm around her neck. She helped Ryan get up from the bed, and the two slowly walked down the hallway to Ryan's room.

If one were to guess what Ryan's room looked like, they would probably say that he had a very "feminine" room. Some might even come up with the conclusion that he had lilac walls, boy bands or musical posters pasted on every inch of the closet door, and white crisp furniture. They would far from the truth. If one had the opportunity to see Ryan's room, their jaws would probably have dropped. His room looked just like… a normal 17-year old teen's room. Sure, he had painted walls, but his walls were a dark navy blue. Also, posters were pasted on his closet, only they were pictures of half-naked celebrities, and some of his idols. And yes, he had furniture, only the furniture was of dark mahogany furniture. Sharpay cautiously placed Ryan on his king sized mattress.

"Okay, Ryan. I have to get ready before Troy shows up. If you need anything, then just call my name." she said in almost a maternal tone.

"I got it mom." Ryan teased as he saluted her. Sharpay just rolled her eyes. She stood up from the bed and made her way to the door. Just as she opened the door, she said one final thing to Ryan.

"Go and get some rest." With that she closed the door, leaving Ryan to ponder in his thoughts.

"Okay, thanks. Bye." Troy hung up the phone. Mr. Martin decided that it would be a great idea for Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans to work together on a project. If only he knew that the two have only spoken a mere ten sentences in their junior and senior year alone. He remembered a time when Sharpay used to be all over him, taking any opportunity to just see him. Even while he began to see Gabriella in the end of their sophomore year, Sharpay still tried to get her hands on him. But that soon changed their junior year. During the summer break, there was a rumor going around that Mrs. Evans had been battling cancer for more than a year. She died midway through the summer break. He remembered the first day, when Sharpay entered the school. She fiercely walked through the hallway, the students parting away. She still had the same attitude, but Troy could tell that something was wrong with her. He could see it in Ryan and Sharpay's eyes. The two of them looked so sad, so lost. It had a been almost a year and a half since Mrs. Evans perished.

Mr. Evans supposedly changed as well. Once, he overheard his parents talking. His father said something about Mr. Evans taking up drinking and smoking. Yet through it all, the three Evans always managed to have a smile on their faces. He recalled when his mother hosted a party, inviting the Evans. The three of them dressed as the Evans were known to dress like.

He never really cared for the Evans. He always thought that behind their picture perfect lives, there must be a deep dark secret. Some said that Mr. Evans was in the Italian mafia, which was just plain redundant. Others said that the Evans were actually robots, which was another stupid rumor. Whatever the truth was, he could care less. To him, they were just a bunchy of snotty rich pricks. Especially the children.

To him, Ryan would have been an okay kid. Only, he was into 'girly' things like drama and jazz squares. Sure, Troy was into drama and has done a move or two, but Ryan Evans lived for it. He could imagine that everyday that Ryan would spent countless of hour dancing away, perfecting his choreography. Meanwhile, his sister would sing her heart out, making sure that she hit every note with accuracy. Then, the two would do a complicated dance number, combining both the singing and the dancing. Just the thought of that sent shivers down his spine. Nothing scared him like the "Ice Queen" herself.

Sharpay Evans. The epitome of perfection. Everyday, she would strut down the hallway, wearing all the latest designer outfits from Paris, Milan, or Rome, her hair, done Barbie-doll perfection, always text-messaging on her rhinestone-encrusted Sidekick. Just seeing her made him roll his eyes. Sure, Sharpay was cute. In fact, she was one of the most beautiful girls that he had ever laid his eyes on. Sometimes he would catch himself, staring at the golden goddess. Her perfect long tanned legs, her slim waist, her perfect shaped breasts, and let's not forget her perfectly sculpted butt. The fact that she wore miniskirts-or tight jeans didn't help that either.

Only the problem was her attitude. Everyday, she would bark commands or yell at a helpless freshman for getting in her way. Her "Ice Queen" attitude was the main reason everyone hated her. The fact that she boasted about how better she was than anybody only fueled their hate for her. Troy also suspected that most of the girls were envious of her. For Sharpay Evans spoke whatever was in her mind, and there was always something on her mind. He remembered when one day, he was wearing a Christmas sweater his grandmother knit for him. It was a red sweater with a large picture of a reindeer. Once Sharpay got a look at it she just laughed her fake laugh and insulted him, saying that he had bad taste. He would never understand why Sharpay took so much joy in torturing others. He could never understand.

While Troy was lost in thought, his cell phone began to ring, playing the song, "Over My Head," by the Fray, one of Troy's favorite songs. He grabbed the phone from his desk and answered the phone. "Hello."

"Hey babe." the sweet voice greeted. Troy knew exactly who it was. It was his girlfriend, Gabriella Montez. Oh, Gabriella Montez. Everything about the girl was great. Her long flowing brunette hair, her olive smooth skin, the face and voice of an angel.

"Hey Gabi." Troy returned the greeting.

"So, what are you doing today?" she asked.

"I'm going to Sharpay's house." Troy casually said. His sentence was followed by a long pause. Troy thought that Gabriella had hung up. "Gabi? You're still there?" Troy asked.

"Yeah, it just that I thought that you said that you were going over to Sharpay's house."

"I am. I am going over there to do the English project." Troy explained. He heard a sigh of relief coming from the other line.

"Okay. I am going over to Taylor's house to do our project. We are planning to make a video game concept based of his short tales (3)." Gabriella informed him.

"That's cool. Sounds complicating."

"No, it's not. It should take us about 4 hours or so." Troy just laughed. He found it so cute when Gabriella made complicating things seem simple.

"Yeah, well I better get going. I'll call you when I get back, okay?" Troy replied.

"Yeah, sure. Talk to you later." Gabriella said.

"Okay, bye babe."



"I love you."

"I know." Troy whispered. He could hear Gabriella click the dial tone. He felt guilty for not saying that he loved her. After all, the two had been going out for one year, 5 months, and 23 days. Gabriella would always remind him. One would think that after all that time, he would be able to mutter those three little words. Part of him wanted to, but the other part told him that it was not time. Sure, he cared for Gabriella dearly, but he did not love her. He could not bear lying to Gabriella, she did not deserve that. When the time would come, he would say those three words.

He gazed at the clock which read 11:25. He had one hour and forty minutes before he had to go to her house. He decided to lay down and take a short nap.

Sharpay frantically pulled outfits from her closet. She had to pick the perfect outfit. Every piece of clothing had to match with the other clothing or accessory. She managed to find a light pink blouse, which read, B.I.T.C.H., a pair of Calvin Klein jeans, and her new pink Jimmy Choo boots. She clapped her hands. "Perfect." she said to herself. She checked her hair, making sure her hair was done correctly. Just recently did she make the crucial decision of getting brunette highlights. She just felt it would suit her well… and it did. She decided to leave her hair wavy, but not too wavy.

Sharpay Evans had no idea why she was getting all dressed up for Troy Bolton. After all, Troy Bolton was the one person she despised most… he and Gabriella Montez of course. She hated the fact that it took only a matter of one week for Gabriella to win the school's heart and respect, while it had been taking Sharpay years to maintain her position. Sharpay would find herself saying things like, "How dare she get everything served on a platter just because she was Troy Bolton's squeeze!" It sickened her. Yet, every time Sharpay would pass Gabriella, she would give her a strained smile, and compliment her on her fashion sense. She hated Gabriella sweet innocent persona. She had a feeling that deep down, Gabriella Montez was a wild child. She would not be surprised if ten years from now, Ms. freaky math girl was in the adult film industry. Sharpay would get a kick out of that. But Sharpay could tolerate the girl. It was him that she could not stand.

Where could Sharpay begin? Well, she could start off by saying that she hated the fact that Mr. Bolton was treated as a god at East High all because he could make a basket. Sure the boy had the body of a god, and had the charm, but still! Why should he get everything served to him, while Sharpay had to work her ass off to be recognized. Sharpay wished that she did not have to act the way that she did. But what can she do. If she didn't act like the bona fide "Queen Bitch," two things would happen. One, she would just be another unmentioned student at East High, an two, she would have no way to channel all her anger for her father.

Her father. Oh, the only person she hated more than Troy Bolton himself. To think, she loved her father a mere 2 years ago. Oh, how the times have changed. How could a sweet compassionate father turn into a horrible vile man, who tries to grope or deflower his own daughter? Oh how Sharpay wished her mother was still living. She missed her so much. Every night, Sharpay would silently cry herself to sleep, wishing that she could change back time. But she can't. For now, she and Ryan just have to get through this terrible ordeal. When the time comes for them to head off to college, they would be able to leave their world behind them, and start a new one… away from their father.

A knock on the front door shook Sharpay Evans from her train of thoughts. She checked her clock, which read 12:50 p.m. Typical Bolton, always fashionable early. So Sharpay retouched her make-up and made her way downstairs, bracing herself for what will happen next.


(1) That is something my mom used to make when me or my brother and sister were feeling gloom. Corny, yes, but it was just my mother's way of fixing things.

(2) Name or my Geometry teacher, only his name is Br. Martin. Just felt like using that name.

(3)One of my friends did that for an Edgar Allen Poe project back in freshmen year. It turned out great. You can actually play it.

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