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Chapter Four—Note To Self:

He stared at me. Just kept staring for what felt like forever, looking like a (really attractive) fish, eyes bugging out and mouth hanging open.

I can't believe I just said it.

That's it, right? Our friendship is over. The Marauders as everyone knows us will cease to exist. Merlin, how will I be able to deal with that!?

I can't, that's how. All I know is that I have to get out of here, fast, before he gets over his shock and the disgust starts setting in. That I really can't deal with.

I slowly get up and start walking towards the door, but suddenly…


"Moony, stop."

I'm actually quite proud of myself for saying anything at all, owing to the fact that I think my brain just imploded.

He kept walking.

"Moony!" I called, but he still didn't stop. As he walked past me, I noticed he swerved around me so we didn't touch at all.

Finally mustering up the courage, I reached out and grabbed his arm, spinning him towards me.

I stared at him, and he squirmed uncomfortably. Still, I held my gaze, and eventually he stared back, almost transfixed.


Damn those eyes! They'll get me every bloody time.

"Do you really mean that?" he asks, eyes getting wider.

I want to shake my head, or run away, or—I don't know what, but whatever it is, I can't.

So I just nod, and then…well, then I look up into The Eyes, and they're really, really close.

I lick my lips instinctively, as Sirius moves closer, and closer, and…

Merlin, this is SO bloody confusing. What's he playing at this time? I don't even know how much I'd pay to know what he's thinking right now, bit whatever it is, it's really confusing the hell out of me.

"Sirius…what's going o—mmmph!" I whisper, or try to, before Sirius brings his lips to mine.

And in that kiss, I found everything I'd been wondering about…and everything I've been hoping was true for the past year or so is there, too.

You know how they say "A picture is worth a thousand words?"

Well, a kiss from Sirius might very well be worth a million.


"Hey, Prongs? Do you know where Moony and Padfoot are? I haven't seen them since yesterday afternoon," Wormtail asks me.

I look up from my bacon and eggs. I hadn't seen them since last night, either. I don't even think Padfoot came to bed at all, and Moony's bed curtains were closed by the time I got up there last night. I'd immediately gone to check the map, but couldn't find it anywhere. "Nope, haven't seen them," I say, turning back to my breakfast. Today is our last Quidditch practice before our big match against Slytherin, and Lily suggested I eat bacon and eggs…which I would've probably eaten anyway, but I put on a fantastic, "Oh, look how grateful James is!" show to impress her.

As for Sirius and Remus, I've cut it down to two options. One, they've finally stopped being thick and realized they're crazy for each other, or two, they've stolen my Invisibility Cloak and are waiting in front of the Slytherin common room, where they wait until one of the slimy snakes pass by and push them down. As you can see, there are several flaws in my second theory. Have fun thinking up as many as you can…


After a gruelling Quidditch practice, there's nothing I love more than pulling the covers over my head and falling into dreamland.

In which there are a lot of images of Lily. In a bikini.

I walk up the stairs to the common room, and then nearly fall back down again. In front of me, crouched in front of the door to the dormitory, is…Lily?

"Lily? What're you doing?" I ask

She shushes me. "Quiet, James! This," she motions to whatever she's looking at through the crack in our door, "is quite possibly the hottest thing I've ever seen.

"Hey, I take offence to that!" I huff. She just giggles, not taking her eyes off of what's inside. If it's Sirius changing, I swear I'll mace him good. There's one hanging on the wall of the common room, too…it'd be just too easy.

I stick my head right above hers, wondering briefly why I'm spying on the contents of my own room, before I get a good glimpse inside.

My jaw drops in shock. Standing in the middle of the room are Sirius and Remus, trying to snog each other senseless, and I mean really bloody SENSELESS, like if they both didn't hold the other one so close that it looked like they'd sort of melded into a big, bloblike shape, the world would end…or something . A million emotions run through my head at the same time. I'm happy that they finally got together, nervous, because is it their first kiss? If so, then (first of all...wow) the last thing they need is to catch their mate's girlfriend ogling them. I'm also a little disturbed. Just because I support them doesn't mean I want to watch them have at it, or whatever they're doing...do I really want Lily to watch this? I had no idea she as such a pervert. It's kind of a turn-on. In a weird, My-girl-is-turned-on-by-my-best-mates-necking-it kind of way.

Right now, I think we should just get away. I mean, they're so wrapped up in each other they haven't noticed us yet, and their limbs are still so tangled you can't tell who is who…how they're managing to stand up will forever be a mystery. Lucky they still have their clothes on, or we'd all be scarred for life. Then again, it might not be much longer yet...

"Lils! GO AWAY now!" I yell bluntly. Sirius and Remus don't hear me.

"Can't...look...away," Lily whispered, not sounding upset about me yelling at her at all.

"Leave them alone, Lils!" I say. "They deserve some time to themselves, now that they finally have each other!"

"Aww!" Lily coos, smiling at me…I can't help but notice there's an almost feral glint in her eyes.

Using my amazing skills of persuasion, I finally manage to get Lily down the stairs…and once we get down there, she grabs me by my red-and-gold tie, pulling me out of the common room with a wicked grin and a wink.

I'll have to remember to thank Padfoot and Moony later.

Note to Self: Next time I go up there, let Peter walk ahead…just a bit.


"Oh…Merlin…Moony, I love you so much," Sirius breathes against my lips.

"I've waited so bloody long to hear that, Sirius," I say, grinning.

"I've waited so bloody long to tell you that," he responds. I'm going cross-eyed with the effort to look into those silvery eyes, but we're still so close I can't possibly see all of them.

Sirius' eyes flutter shut, and he moves closer to me. Before he can make it all the way to my lips, his stomach grumbles loudly. I laugh, because I'm actually surprised Sirius made it as long as he did without food in the first place.

We hadn't eaten since…let's see. After that first kiss, we'd gone and sat on my bed, talked for while, kissed some more, and then fallen asleep together. I smile a bit as I remember it all.

I pull out of his arms just enough so that I can see my watch. "Let's go to…er, the kitchens I guess...breakfast just ended."

Sirius grins at me. "Great, I'm bloody starving." He wraps his arm around my waist and walks us to the door.

And I don't really care that everyone can see us, arms wrapped around each other and staring into each other's eyes (which did make it hard to go down the stairs, but I didn't care).

Because, thought to myself, as I smiled at him, still getting that giddy little flutter when he smiled back…all of them are really just jealous.

And they very well should be.


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