The Destiny of a Rescued Eevee


The world of pokemon is an amazing world, yet taken for granted by many. I knew at the beginning that there is much more than the eye can see, and a whole lot more that cannot be seen that lies in mystery. Yet I never thought I'd come into this world the way I did, for I was not born a pokemon, I was turned into one when the wisest of their number saw that I did not have a place in the world of humans, and that while taken care of to some degree, it would not be enough to sustain me throughout life forever.

Without Alakazam, my life probably would have ended several years ago. I owe my entire existence in this world to him, for he was the one who brought me here. Upon arriving in this world and turning into a cute Eevee, Alakazam became a guiding figure in my life as I struggled to find my place in a world that was not my own, yet had become my own due to his own concern for my own personal welfare.

Alakazam is the best friend I could ever have for the moment after he brought me into his own world, he took me into his care so I wouldn't be unprotected and alone, in the way he did this, he has become to me like a father, a guardian who completely adores me. Yet compared to how tall I was when I was a human compared to what I am now as an Eevee, there's simply only one way to put it. I shrunk, pure and simple, I'm no longer as tall as I was accustomed to and I'm now seeing the world through the eyes of a four-legged creature that has short legs and a limited attack span.

Alakazam tells me that this is only temporary and that I'll have the choice to evolve into one of five different pokemon later on, but for now he won't let me evolve even though I haven't expressed any desire to do so at this time as I still don't know which form I would like to take if I did evolve. Don't get me wrong, I do want to evolve, but this requires some serious thought! I'm an Eevee! I have a tough choice to make, and whatever I choose is final, after evolving there's no going back, no changing my mind, my choice of evolution would last forever.

However, as I've been watching Alakazam perform feats with his team with his psychic powers, I began to think that being a psychic-type might not actually be too bad, it actually looks like fun to be able to more things without having to actually touch them when you can do the feat simply by using your mind. It does seem, however, from the way Alakazam is guiding me and teaching me things that he would like nothing more if I would follow in his footsteps and become a psychic-type like him. Though I could never be exactly like him, for we're two completely different species, he came from the line of the Abra family and I was well placed into the line of the Eevee family. So being like him, an Alakazam, is completely impossible for me. The best possibility I have of being anything like him is to become an Espeon, an evolution in the Eevee line that would allow me to become a psychic-type, though to do this I would need a special item called a Sun Ribbon and I would need Alakazam's help to track one of those down as I don't personally have one at this moment.

However, I believe that won't be nearly as much a problem as I think it might be, for Alakazam may already have the ribbon and just be waiting for me to decide on my own what I want to evolve into rather than rushing me into something. Though Alazkazam did tell me that in my current form, I wouldn't be able to learn any decent attacks that would enable me to last more than a few rounds in battle and even though he did say that he told me that he didn't doubt my spirit and my unwillingness to give up when the going got rough, and as much I don't like to admit it he's right. As an Eevee in my current form, I'm pretty much a sitting duck when it comes to trying to deal any damage in battle for all I can do at the moment is Bite, Tackle, and Quick Attack for offensive moves, and Growl, and Tail Whip for defensive moves, and that is just plain pathetic, so my best bet would be to evolve into something with a larger attack repertoire which is high on my list of things to do.

Though at the moment, Alakazam thinks I should hold off on evolving even though I've told him that I want to evolve and that I'm more than half sure that I want to become an Espeon. When I said that I wanted to be an Espeon, he smiled and lifted me up and stroked my head and gave me a brief hug that you would see with most fathers and rarely anyone else, it did seem when he did this that he had taken me under his wing and that he seemed to be wanting to raise me as his own. Though I cannot be sure of his intentions, Alakazam is so hard to read sometimes, he can usually read my mind before I can figure out what he's up to, which in some ways is more than a little bit irritating.

But all in all, this is my new home and Alakazam is like my father, even though he hasn't ever mentioned this to me, but he does keep a close eye on me like one and makes sure I don't get in over my head while I'm still learning my place as an Eevee and that I don't take on more than I can handle while I'm still fairly young and new to how this world functions.

Alakazam is the leader of the most famous rescue team in this area we live in. Everyone looks up to him for his insight and knowledge. If someone doesn't know the answer to something, there's a very good bet that Alakazam will. He's the wisest person I know, and I don't know what I would have done without him.

His teammates, Charizard and Tyranitar, have pretty much come to accept me as Alakazam's child, and are nothing but supportive and a great deal protective of me if they think someone's picking on me who shouldn't be. They are quick to take action if they believe something isn't right and may cause me harm, they've done so a few times when Team Meanies tried to stir up trouble, this team didn't take a no to a fight for an answer and tried to attack me when my back was turned until Charizard and Tyranitar stepped in and broke it up and sent them packing with flames and rocks flying everywhere behind them until they had clearly sold out and ran for their lives. I haven't seen Team Meanies since, and they certainly haven't approached me again after that incident, and good riddance! They base their team on evil deeds and unthinkable tactics to achieve their means and that doesn't sit too well with me.

But as time progresses, only will my destiny in this world be revealed. I understand that Alakazam brought me here in order to save my life, but I don't understand what my role will be in this world now that I'm here. Only time will tell what fate has in store for me, but for now the future is covered in mist.

Let me share my story with you of how I found my place in this world and how I came to terms with the fact that not everyone in this new world will be as cruel to me as they were in the human world I had left. My name is Serenity and this is my story…