Chapter 2 "Conferring About Serenity"

As soon as Alakazam had entered the conference room, his teammates turned around to look at him and seemed to be eager to get the meeting on the road so they could get this done and over with to get on to something else. It wasn't that Charizard and Tyranitar didn't think the matters of business important, but rather the fact they were eager to meet the little child Alakazam had brought into their midst, which was at the moment impossible for the child was asleep and they strongly doubted that Alakazam would let them wake her when she had seemed so tired and worn out when they had first seen her. Patience wasn't something they were used to typically, since they were mostly accustomed to doing things on their own schedule unless Alakazam said otherwise, for they were first and foremost Alakazam's teammates and whenever he needed something, they were obligated to oblige in anyway possible to assist him for he was their leader.

On the matter of the child, Alakazam had brought into their midst, they were a little hesitant and a bit skeptical as to what exactly her presence in their leader's care would mean for their rescue team. Charizard and Tyranitar hoped whole-heartedly that Alakazam would be able to put any concerns they had on this subject to rest, for they strongly agreed that Alakazam had been right to rescue the child from those who had been mistreating her, but as to the role that the child-turned-Eevee would play in their world upon her arrival still reigned unclear in their minds. Even though Alakazam had told them that he had seen the destiny that had been laid out for her by the fates of time, they were still skeptical, for Alakazam sometimes spoke more in riddles than giving any actual facts on a subject he deemed himself as being "highly sensitive information."

Alakazam upon entering the room, looked at his two teammates studying them closely for a minute before he said, "Oh come now, why is it that the child who was brought here has suddenly turned your thoughts against me? I couldn't just leave her in to endure the treatment she was facing at the hands of the cruel people she was forced to serve, for had she remained in their care, she would over time would become weaker and weaker until those who cared for her either mistreated her enough by weakening her enough by not caring for her sufficiently that she either died, or those who cared for her grew so impatient with her and killed her to be rid of her for good. Do you think I did not have my reasons for rescuing her? A rescue team leader must be compassionate, a strong leader is not just strong physically but must also display certain attributes that would show that they also care for those who need them. You should now this by now, it is not just pure power that makes a leader great, but other attributes that allows others to come to the conclusion that the leader can be depended on to help in a time of crisis. So why is it that you suddenly question my judgment?"

Charizard and Tyranitar were silent for a minute before Charizard finally said, "We don't mean to question your judgment, we're just concerned not only for the welfare of the child you brought to this world, but for those already in this world who depend on us to help them when disaster threatens. We're concerned that the child will hinder the response time to help those who need help since it seems that you don't wish to abandon her for any reason."

Alakazam sighed for a minute before he said, "While it is true that I do care deeply for the child in my care, I do realize that we have a job to do, and for that reason I have begun contemplating ideas for who I could depend on to keep an eye on Serenity should the need arise. Though I wouldn't just leave her in the care of just anyone, I would only leave her in the care of a team that I trust completely, because I strongly believe that I at least owe Serenity that much, for I do not wish to put her through any further hardship than she has already endured at such a young age."

Tyranitar nodded in agreement before he said, "I agree with you, Alakazam, the child does deserve that much for the way she was treated before you rescued her is unthinkable, the child should never have been forced to endure that sort of treatment and I do believe that we should make it a top priority to see to it that nothing of that sort ever befalls her again."

Charizard was silent for a minute before he said, "Though what do you recommend Tyranitar? Do you propose that we become like uncles to Serenity? I mean Uncle Charizard does have a strange ring to it, and if that were to go into effect you would become Uncle Tyranitar to her. I don't know if I could bear the humiliation if she were to call me that in public…"

Alakazam just shook his head and laughed at Charizard's ramblings for he was making a bigger deal out of this than it needed to be. After collecting his composure, Alakazam turned to face Charizard and said, "You're being self-centered on this matter, the welfare of the child should come first regardless of whatever issues of pride you may have on the matter, or whether she were to call you "uncle" or not. I am a guardian to Serenity at the moment, but I'm more than a little bit sure that after getting to know Serenity better that I'm going to ask her whether she'll allow me to adopt her, for I believe that she deserves someone who will take care of her and give her at least some sort of familiarity of a family. She was orphaned, I have seen that much, I didn't tell you all the details when I first brought her here for I needed to get her to bed. If I do adopt her, I would expect you to take care of her and help me in any way possible to protect her, she deserves that much from both of you…"

"I agree." Tyranitar said before he added, "I wouldn't mind in the slightest if she were to call me Uncle Tyranitar, for I would consider it an honor to be able to help you protect her. You shouldn't make such a fuss out of this, Charizard, to help Alakazam raise the child should be the most important matter here, not what sort of blow your pride would take upon being called Uncle Charizard. We are well-known on Alakazam's team as being always ready to help those in need, and Serenity does qualify for Alakazam said so himself and saw to it that she was given another chance at a life that would be better than the one she had left, so to make her life easier in any way we can, to make her transition to this world from the one she left should be the main priority. Don't forget Charizard that a human is typically about your height, however, when Serenity arrived in our world she was transformed into an Eevee, which is subsequently smaller than what she was as a human. So I would assume that as she's learning her place in this world, that she might at times have size issues and think back on the size she was as a human. Do you think she deserves to have your assistance to help her in any way possible to find a way to accept her new way of life, which is no doubt different from the one she left, or do you think that your pride and what others would think of you is more important when the child needs you to help her find her place in this world?"

Charizard was silent for a minute as he thought on the point Tyranitar had raised about the issue of the child before he said, "As much as I hate to admit it, you're right, my pride is the least important thing here as the child does deserve that much. It would definitely take me some getting used to if she were to call me that, but if it would give a new sense of familiarity and a hope for a new family, I do believe that I owe her that much… My apologies, Alakazam… I was thinking about my pride more than I was about what was right for the child, and that isn't right, I'll do better in the future…"

"I would sure hope so." Alakazam replied before he went on and said, "For it break Serenity's little heart if she heard that you thought that your pride was more important than what was best for her. Serenity is a real sweetheart and I think that once you meet her properly when she is awake and can respond to your questions personally. I think that will settle any other forthcomings you have about her once you have a chance to speak to her yourself, and trust me, she is a very sweet child and I don't understand why anyone would want to hurt such a sweet thing like Serenity as she is a true angel who walks this earthly plain, and while you might think that odd, it's true for Serenity has a very gentle heart and a very kind and caring personality."

"How do you know this, Alakazam?" Tyranitar asked before realization hit him and he said, "Oh! I get it! You're psychic and saw these things while you were watching her over a time gap, so you would know. I'm thinking that you know more things about Serenity than what you've told us. Is that the case?"

Alakazam nodded before he said, "Yes, I know a lot more about Serenity's life than what I originally told you… Part of the reason I didn't tell you when I first brought her here, was that I didn't want to upset her if she were to awaken while I was holding her, by bringing up bad memories of a past life that cannot be revisited as those days are gone and over and there's no way to fix anything that happened then as its been years since it happened and through the months that she was serving the people who took her into their care, she knew nothing but misery. Serenity wasn't always in the care of the people who mistreated her, but typically either on her own or in an orphanage of some sort that never lasted long for Serenity was sure that she still had living relatives when she had none and was hesitant to accept the fact that she was an orphan and that no matter what she wanted to believe, or where she looked, she had no living relatives who could care for her. It was when she finally realized this that the people who forced her to serve them took her into their care, though Serenity didn't realize this at first for she thought that they had done so out of kind concern, which she later discovered to be false when they started to mistreat her. If I had not gone to rescue her, Serenity would still be in their grasp, suffering at their whims when they say that she hadn't done something they way they wanted it done when in truth she had done exactly what they wanted. As I watched her before I went to rescue her, I began to have my doubts whether she would be able to survive much longer in their care from the way I saw that they were treating her, and upon coming to that conclusion I went to rescue her and you know the rest. Serenity is now a sweet little Eevee with short legs and cute floppy ears. I've seen many Eevees when they move, their ears flap in the wind, which is just adorable as an Eevee is a very cute pokemon. Though while some people may say they're naïve and not too smart when it comes to certain things, that just plain isn't true, for while some Eevees are naïve doesn't mean they all are. That will probably be one obstacle Serenity will have to overcome, but I think she will definitely be up to the task as I don't think she will be so easily deterred as she will know that we will have her back and that if anyone insults her, they will have us to answer to."

"Here, here!" Charizard said agreeing whole-heartedly with Alakazam's words before he said, "No one should insult her for being an Eevee, as that is just plain inconsiderate and not right in any shape or form."

"Glad to see you agree now Charizard." Tyranitar said before he added, "We made a bigger deal out of the arrival of the child than it needed to be. The child has been given a chance for a new life thanks to Alakazam and the best thing we can do for her is to make sure that everything is as it should be and that any needs she has are met as this is incidentally her new home, as I don't think she can return to her old world or even want to do so for that matter."

"That's correct." Alakazam replied before he went on and said, "Her life in her old world has pretty much ended as she probably would have died had she remained there much longer. Though as it stands now, Serenity is sweet and I can see that to a great extent, but due to the damage the people who cared for her dealt her while she was with them, she is a little bit weak from not being fed on a normal basis. So it is my thought that until she's back up to her full strength, that she will need a little more assistance than usual, since I want to make absolutely sure that she doesn't hurt herself because she lacks the amount of strength she was used to having before she was mistreated. A couple square meals and a good deal of rest will see to that and solve that problem, but that won't be a one day deal… It will take awhile for her to recover her strength to get back to where she was before she lost it, but over time she will regain it, though it will take awhile for her to do so. So until then, be patient with her and help her in any way possible, as the reason for the reduction of her strength is not her fault but the fault of those who mistreated her."

"We understand." Charizard and Tyranitar said together before they asked, "Alakazam, when do you think the child will awaken? We would like to meet this child and get to know her as we're eager to see for ourselves the personality you've said she has as if we're to take care of this child we need to get to know her…"

"I know…" Alakazam said before he said, "I think she will awaken soon, but we shouldn't rush things, for as long as Serenity needs sleep we should let her get it for the rest she gets will help her recover quicker and only that will speed along her recovery."

"We understand." Alakazam's teammates replied before they sighed and settled down to wait for Serenity to awaken for nothing more could be done until Serenity awakened, and while being anxious some things shouldn't be rushed when patience and compassion were the key points to keep in mind.