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Oblivion's Return

Chapter One: Chainsaw

Dr. Reginald Bushroot, the nearly-deranged (perhaps just lonely) plant scientist turned mutant duck, fumbled with the upturned collar of the dark overcoat he wore. He knew very well the reaction he would receive if anyone found out he indeed the well-known criminal portrayed by the media. It was difficult for him to successfully leave his greenhouse these days, every duck in Saint Canard knew his name and what he'd done in the notorious criminal group The Fearsome Five.

No one would have believed his reasons for leaving his precious sanctuary today. Even Darkwing Duck would accuse him of being up to some horrible lawlessness; the truth be told Bushroot was only in town for the local plant store's annual sale. Not that anyone would believe it, or would bother to ask the lonely plant duck.

Walking into the front door, before he could get a shopping cart (that would no doubt be full on the first aisle), his azure eyes flashed interest on a stand of high quality soil enrichment products. Exclaiming several of joy escaped his agape beak as he scrambled to grab as many of the display items as possible. Only then did the duck try to stumble back to get a shopping cart, a very difficult task, having trouble keeping his arms wrapped around the mass of products he captured. Finally he reached a vacant cart throwing the products inside the metal basket of the cart.

Exhausted the plant duck dabbed at his forehead with one of his leafy hands, "What a mutant duck does for his only friends..."

"I sure as heck wouldn't waste the energy that's for sure." A rough, albeit familiar, voice behind him said, "Hey, Daisy, know where they keep the chainsaws in this nauseating store?"

Feeling a knot form in his stomach Bushroot turned about quickly seeing the one criminal in all Saint Canard he dreaded seeing the most.

"N-NegaDuck?" He quietly stuttered, shrinking back merely in instinct the mutant Saint Canardian grew meek as he spoke to his former leader, "W-what are you doin'-n' here? I-I mean..."

NegaDuck's already angered face grew more fuming, "Can't you hear, you knob? I asked you a question! Now tell me before I shove you down a mulcher and use you for topsoil!"

Bushroot could sense urgency in the enraged duck's voice, so he quickly replied, "Down towards the end of the store-e... I think-k... I mean-n I don't go to that aisle it-t scares-s me... "

"You think?" His leader repeated, narrowing his eyes, "If you're not right about this, you'll wish you'd never been born. So help me I'll find the weed-killer--"

"Hold it right there, NegaDuck!" Came a cry from just beyond the front entrance to the store: it was Darkwing Duck without question. The crime-fighter's unmistakable, self-righteous voice was the constant ear-sore to all criminals in Saint Canard.

"Later!" Declared NegaDuck, giving Bushroot a half-hearted wave of his hand (more of a dismissing gesture than anything else), as he bounded out of sight onto one of the store aisles. Calling back a threat, "You'd better be right about this!"

Within seconds of NegaDuck's disappearance Darkwing made his entrance with his sidekick (and friend) Launchpad McQuack tailing his heels. The masked hero scanned the front of the store, at first skipping over Bushroot completely, as he searched for his twin from the Negaverse, "I know he's in here, Launchpad, there is no way he went into the Lost Bunnies Memorabilia Museum next door."

Hearing a scream from the back end of the store Darkwing's vision jerked to the location, "Launchpad!"

"Right-o', DW!" And they both dashed off in that direction. Just when Bushroot thought he might be able to shop on in peace, Darkwing screeched to a half just before he disappeared onto the same aisle NegaDuck had darted down.

Backtracking the masked mallard gave Bushroot a sharp eyeing over, "Bushroot! What are you doing here?"

"... Shopping." The mild duck replied, knowing he would most likely be accused of theft anyhow.

Another scream ensued from the depths of the store and Darkwing's attention went back to the crisis at hand, taking off down the aisle but not before sarcastically saying, "Yea, Right. I'll be back to deal with you, Bushy!"

"Why does everything have to go so sour?" Questioned the green duck under his breath, glancing at his still half empty basket, "Might as well live up to my expectations."

He decided quietly after he visited a few more aisles that he would slip out the front with his basket, surely a fight with NegaDuck would keep the masked hero occupied for quite sometime. After all the two ducks were practically twins, occasionally they would speak at the same time--softly put it was a scary resemblance. Once Bushroot even wanted to question NegaDuck about the possibility of them being twins, but mentioning Darkwing Duck in the presence of the malicious villain was like mentioning roaches to an exterminator. NegaDuck considered Darkwing the bane of his existence, though no one questioned exactly why except that NegaDuck despised Darkwing so (except for the obvious reason: that Darkwing interfered with his plans far too often).

Making his way onto the first aisle Bushroot began to collect items, his mind pondering if NegaDuck had made it to the chainsaws or not. It really didn't matter to him for any reason than his own safety. He knew that NegaDuck wouldn't make light of his threat about using weed-killer on him and would hate to suddenly find himself in a tight situation involving the angry mallard.

So he decided he'd best go and check on the fight before he made his exit from the now chaotic store. Just a little peek couldn't hurt. He convinced himself as he left his basket halfway down the aisle and inched up ahead towards the part of the store with the most excitement. Leaning his head out around the corner seeing the dark version of Darkwing nearby, "How's it going, NegaDuc-k-k..?"

"Just peachy," He snidely replied, in one hand he held a shovel and down by his feet rested the duck's perfered weapon, "w'adu'ya want a cookie for being right about the chainsaw or something, you nitwit?"

"I-I um... well..."

The conversation was interrupted by one of Darkwing's nonsensical battle cries, the hero flying towards his twin in a mid-air kick. NegaDuck dodged with attack, but just barely, "Well, spit it out, cat-got-your-bill?"

"Well... good luck I gu-ess..." Bushroot decided conversation with NegaDuck was like intentionally striking your head against a wall, painful and not generally smart. Backing away the mutant duck turned away from the fight at the end of the aisle, "S-see you later-r..."

That would have been all of it, Bushroot wanted to leave now. Not really wanting to be caught up in a fight that wasn't his, not wanting to see the ending to the fight for whatever happened would not be positive for him. Darkwing would come after him if he won, or perhaps worse yet if NegaDuck won... It sent a shiver down his spine, he didn't want to be anywhere near NegaDuck.

Yet just as he was leaving he heard Darkwing call for Launchpad's help. Soon after another crash sounded off, stirring up a cloud of dust that caused Bushroot to cough sickly and his eyes to swell up with water and sting. Nothing happened after that, no sounds of fighting, no voices...

Curiosity getting to him Bushroot inched back towards the battlefield. "Hello... D-darkwing?"

He heard no reply. The dust finally clearing from the air Bushroot saw the scene completely now. One of the nearby display stands, of potting soil, had fallen onto the fighting trio. Bushroot then noticed an injured hand creeping out from under several bags of soil. The mild Bushroot timidly began to remove the mess, soon realizing that it was NegaDuck who he was ultimately trying to help, feeling somewhat obligated in doing so he continued to move the bags. NegaDuck was unconscious, as were probably both of the heroes somewhere else under the mess.

"Da-Darkwing!" Called a voice behind Bushroot, causing him to turn around and leave the unconscious NegaDuck unattended for a moment. Seeing the familiar sight of the young duckling in violet that usually followed Darkwing around. Noticing Bushroot she suddenly became irate, "Hey, you walkin' salad bar, where's Darkwing!" Suddenly seeing NegaDuck she rushed forward, "D-a-a-er-Darkwing?"

"He's in there somewhere, little girl." Bushroot said, void of malice for once. This time for some reason he couldn't be happy that Darkwing had been defeated, perhaps because he wasn't the cause of it.

The energetic little girl backed away, a grimace, "NegaDuck."

Practically stepping on the unconscious villian's head to climb over him the girl began to search the rubble, ignoring Bushroot and the injured NegaDuck completely. Resuming the effort to help NegaDuck, Bushroot pulled his former leader from the mess by wrapping his vined arms around the duck's waist. Almost gently the plant mutant moved towards his shopping cart putting the knocked-out mallard into the metallic basket. A disappointed look on his face as he started towards the exit, "What am I getting myself into...?"

Author's Note: Please don't hate me too much for my grammer errors, I've been out of school for a while and my english is a bit off. I made this story at my friend, Nookta's suggestion (as well as my own) and I have several other chapters of it pending on my computer. Future chapters might have slash, if I decide to continue that is. Just wanted to see how it would fair on :ja ne: