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Oblivion's Return


Launchpad found his friend at the top of the Saint Canard tower, glancing out the windows to the city just in the distance. Darkwing's face was mellow and peaceful as he let the breeze hit against his face. The hero's eyes closed as the breeze picked up causing his fedora to sway in the wind.

"Isn't it peaceful, LP?" Darkwing asked, even without having to look at his partner. He could sense Launchpad's approach. "For some reason it seems like everything in this city has suddenly turned back to normal."

"But... it wasn't ever any different. Right?" Launchpad scratched his head. "You've always protected it and it's been just this peaceful in Saint Canard, always."

"I know... but somehow... it doesn't feel like that. Somehow it feels like we haven't had a single peaceful day in a long time." Darkwing sighed turning to Launchpad. "It feels like everything was different and now its just back to the way it was. Strange, isn't it?"

"Kind of." Launchpad agreed half-heartedly, "Gos wanted me to remind you that she was playing baseball at the park this afternoon and not to forget to fix them snacks when they come in, or they'll go through the kitchen again."

Darkwing smiled, "Sometimes I wonder who the parent is in this situation. That girl... well, I guess I'd better be going to do that. A hero's work is never done, is it?"

Launchpad agreed as he watched Darkwing leave the window. Taking the hero's place Launchpad glanced over the city and he couldn't help but feel that the hero's strange words were right. It did feel different today, but Launchpad couldn't place the feeling. However difficult the emotion was to label, he knew he liked it and hoped it would stay around for a long time.

NegaDuck hadn't pulled a decent heist in the Negaverse in what felt like ages. With the Muddlefoots at his side, as well as his partner Launchpad McQuack, there was no way the Friendly Four could catch up to them after knocking off all of the banks that they had.

Still it bothered NegaDuck that he had kept his promise to the strange Bushroot in the portal. He hadn't returned to the portal, but instead used another one--a less convenient one at the entirely different end of town. Nothing could keep NegaDuck from visiting his nemesis in the other Saint Canard, not even the threat of destruction. But what bothered him was that he'd made the promise in the first place... like he knew to believe that bush-brained idiot about the future.

It couldn't be helped. NegaDuck was set-back but not beaten by any means. Saint Canard would be his; both of them.

Yet even while he worked to undo everything that the Friendly Four had fixed... he never once noticed that S.H.U.S.H. was making their own moves in the shadows of Saint Canard. Making deals with all of those that feared NegaDuck's power in Saint Canard and trying to gather desperately any weapon that could help them as they prepared for something much like a civil war in Saint Canard.

Bushroot stared at the stars through the glass in his greenhouse. Smiling to Spike as he resumed the task at hand. He was planting tomato plants in the center of his greenhouse where he knew they would get plenty of light to grow. Taking each sapling from the cardboard container they'd been placed in at the local plant store, he placed them into the moist dirt. Whispering to each of them to grow up strong and healthy... and without a care in the world because he would ensure them with a future.

Yet he remained unaware that he'd already secured them a future as well as everyone else in Saint Canard.