Author's Note/UPDATED Preamble:

This story is presented in mock transcript fashion, meaning it will look like a record of the conversation taking place on the telephone. I chose this format to place emphasis on communication (as opposed to description) for literary/artistic reasons. If you're reading this… be a sport and review… because that rox. Anyways, considering that Timmy was 10 in 2000, he'd be 16 right now. I'd also like to add that I've made Timmy a bit smarter, and I've made Trixie a bit more real in the manner of her not being so ridiculously elitist to actually say "not worthy". Again, I'm asking you, the reader, to be so kind as to submit a review.

DISCLAIMER: I totally don't own "Fairly Odd Parents" or any of the characters in said program. Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon do. Since I won't get paid for this… I don't think I'll get sued.

Side Note: I can't use brackets here, so I'll be using parentheses.

Another Side Note: Nickelodeon sucks!


7:30 P.M.

(ringback tone)

(ringback tone)

(ringback tone)


Trixie: Hello?

Timmy: Uhhhh… Hi, Trixie.

Trixie: Who is this?

Timmy: Timmy… Turner

Trixie: Tommy… how… nice… to hear from you…

Timmy: It's Timmy…

Trixie: Yes, yes… I suppose it is. How did you get this number?

Timmy: The phonebook?

Trixie: Nice try… this number is unlisted.

Timmy: (Inaudible)

Trixie: Excuse me?

Timmy: The internet?

Trixie: Like I haven't heard that one… since you can't see me… I'll let you know I'm rolling my eyes at that one.

Timmy: Okay.

Trixie: Well, Tommy… you have better make this call worth the time or I'll hang up, call the police, and tell them you are harassing me via telephone.

Timmy: Hmmmm… you'd waste that much time on me? I feel flattered. (snickers)

Trixie: Laugh all you want, Tim- (interrupted)

Timmy: Ha! You got my name right.

Trixie: So I did… anyways, what do you want?

Timmy: Right to the point, I see.

Trixie: I don't appreciate wasting my time… at all.

Timmy: Who does?

Trixie: Timmy… my patience is wearing thin.

Timmy: Who knew you had any patience for me?

Trixie: Can't I say anything without you making an unnecessary comment?

Timmy: Not really…

Trixie: Well… I'll just have to keep my talking to a minimum then

Timmy: No, no, please continue… I'm very interested in what you have to say.

Trixie: What I have to say? You called me, Timmy… speaking of which… How did you get my number?

Timmy: It was written on the wall… for a good time…

Trixie: I beg your pardon???

Timmy: Sorry, Trixie… just making a random pop-culture reference… you know… 867-5309.

Trixie: 867-5309? I don't suppose my name is Jenny now… is it? (giggles)

Timmy: A girl who knows her 80's pop. Rock on, babe.

Trixie: Babe? Are we getting a bit too cozy, Timmy?

Timmy: I had to say it. It's a part of my… MO. (stifled laughter)

Trixie: Your MO?

Timmy: Modus Operandi… Method of Operation

Trixie: I know, Timmy… I may be drop-dead gorgeous… but I'm not dumb.

Timmy: Never said you were.

Trixie: You get no points for that one.

Timmy: Uhhh-(interrupted)

Trixie: (impersonating Timmy) Never said I was expecting any.

Timmy: Cute.

Trixie: Comes with the job, Timmy… you are so predictable. (giggles)

Timmy: I'll grant you that one, but in my defense… I'm nervous… and well…

Trixie: You're nervous?

Timmy: Yeah… and… uhhh… I'm usually better when I'm not

Trixie: Obviously… anyways… that is very cute.

Timmy: Cute? When a guy gets called cute by a girl… it's very hard to interpret.

Trixie: Then leave it "as is"

Timmy: Fine by me.

Trixe: You're boring me, Timmy… do you realize that we haven't talked about anything since you called???

Timmy: Uhhhh…

Trixie: Yes, Timmy… NOTHING

Timmy: Well… the weather's… great

Trixie: (laughs) Please, Timmy… you're killing me

Timmy: How was your day then?

Trixie: It was pretty much the same as always.

Timmy: And how is that?

Trixie: Okay… I guess.

Timmy: Hmmm… smells pretty monotonous.

Trixie: Yes… it is. Listen, Timmy… I have to go.

Timmy: I do suppose it is getting late.

(awkward silence)

Timmy: Can I call you tomorrow?

Trixie: Oh please, save me from my monotonous existence (giggles)

Timmy: You got it. Good night, Trixie… it was really nice talking to you.

Trixie: Good night… it was nice talking to you, too.



8:26 P.M.

(ringback tone)

(ringback tone)

(ringback tone)

(ringback tone)

(ringback tone)


Timmy: Finally… I thought you'd never answer.

Trixie: Hi, Timmy…

Timmy: Hello, Trixie… how are you doing?

Trixie: Alright, I guess. A bit bored.

Timmy: You should be thankful that I called you then.

Trixie: (giggles) I guess I should.

Timmy: Anyways… I wanted to talk to you today at school… but… you seemed in a sour mood when you saw me, so I decided it would be best if I didn't.

Trixie: I was in one of those moods…

Timmy: I don't really know you that well, Trixie… so I wouldn't know what those moods are. How about telling me about them?

Trixie: It's nothing… really.

Timmy: Alright… if you say so.

Trixie: How was your day, Timmy?

Timmy: Ummmm… it wasn't all that good. I got an after-school detention for tomorrow.

Trixie: Detention, huh? I never figured you as the bad boy type.

Timmy: There's a lot you don't know about me. (stifled laughter) But I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Crocker just felt like it, I guess.

Trixie: I really don't understand how he ended up teaching us… again… in a private school.

Timmy: Well… ummm… call it irony.

Trixie: At least he's toned down a bit, and he's become quite the teacher. I guess public education doesn't bring out the best in teachers.

Timmy: Or students, for that matter. I really did learn a lot once I switched schools.

Trixie: I'm really not in the mood to discuss the evils of public education… so… how about we talk about… I don't know… something

Timmy: I got a haircut today.

Trixie: I'll see it tomorrow then and I'll give you a rating.

Timmy: I'm sure it won't score very high… it's really just a trim.

Trixie: How modest of you.

Timmy: Meh… I'm just being "down-to-earth".

(Trixie laughs)

Trixie: You? Down to earth? Timmy, you are one of the wackiest guys I know. You're almost like a cartoon character.

Timmy: Hmmm… I'll take that as a compliment.

Trixie: You should.

Timmy: Alright then… anyways, are you ready for the History test on tomorrow?

Trixie: (surprised) History test???

Timmy: Yeah, old man Johnson said we'd have one on Friday… which is tomorrow.

Trixie: Oh no! I haven't really been paying attention in his class. (whines)

What am I going to do??? I don't even have notes!

Timmy: Well… I have mine… with all the bells and whistles. On paper, though.

Trixie: But, Johnson's class is the first one we have tomorrow!

Timmy: I can scan them and send them to you.

Trixie: Oh, Timmy… you'd do that?

Timmy: With pleasure…

Trixie: It's a lot of work, Timmy… maybe I should ask Veronica to send me what she has in her laptop.

Timmy: But if Veronica didn't tell you about the test… it's most likely she doesn't have anything worthwhile there.

Trixie: You're right… but still… it's too much to ask for.

Timmy: It isn't… so just shut up and give me your email address, will you?

Trixie: Assertive… I like that. (giggles) And it's princess-line-trixie-at-hawtmail-dot-com

Timmy: Princess? How… cute. (laughs)

Trixie: Oh, shush, Turner…

Timmy: Anyways… I better get to scanning. I'm thinking it's a bit late to call again… so… I'm off.

Trixie: Already? You're going to leave me all alone, Timmy? (giggles)

Timmy: Just for the night, Trixie…

Trixie: So…


Timmy: Good night, Trixie… make sure you check your email… princess (stifled laughter)

Trixie: Good night, Timmy… thank you, in advance.


From: Timmy Turner

Sent: Thursday, March 9, 2006 9:20 PM

To: Trixie Tang

Subject: A gift for Her Majesty

Attachment: historynotes.pdf

Hey Trixie!

It took me a while to scan all my notes but I'm finally finished. Looking at the time I'm sending this, it looks like you're going to get little to no sleep tonight :( which totally sux. If I would've known before that you weren't aware of the test… I would've told you earlier. Anyways… I had a great time talking to you tonight. I hope you have a good day tomorrow, and I'll see you in class… but unfortunately that's all I will be doing because I can never seem to talk to you :P. Talk to you later! Hurry up studying so you can at least catch a few z's.

Timmy Turner


7:48 P.M.

(ringback tone)

(ringback tone)


Mr. Tang: Hello?

Timmy: Ummmm… Hello… (cough) is Trixie there?

Mr. Tang: I'm afraid Trixie isn't home at the moment.

Timmy: Do you know… when she'll… be back?

Mr. Tang: Probably too late for her to call back… but I suppose if you leave your name and number, she could call you tomorrow in the morning.

Timmy: Alright… my name is Timmy Turner… and… my number is 509-4378.

Mr. Tang: I'll tell her once she comes back

Timmy: Thank you, sir.

Mr. Tang: Good-bye, Tommy

Timmy: It's Ti- (stops) nevermind… good bye, Mr. Tang.