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The Dark Lord Who Came To Breakfast

Rune Alchemist Kaori

Narcissa Malfoy angrily pulled a pale pink bath robe around herself. Whoever decided at 4:30 AM to insistently ring the Malfoys' doorbell would be greeted with a swift curse and would then be disposed of when it was a more decent hour. Narcissa pulled the door open quickly, wand raised, words of some random curse on her lips ready to be spoken.

"Hello Narcissa," came a deep, forbidding, yet slightly rasping, hiss of a voice. Narcissa was so shocked and surprised she dropped her wand and heard it clatter onto the marble floor of her home. She knelt down at once trembling.

"My.. My Lord..." she managed to get out, "What brings you to our home?"

The Dark Lord did not answer, merely swept past her into the house. Narcissa blushed slightly.

"Please come in and make yourself comfortable my Lord," she said, trying to be as gracious as a hostess as she could after receiving such a shock, "I shall return in a few minutes. Umm... help yourself to the liquor cabinet."

You-Know-Who excused her from his presence with a wave of his hand. Narcissa curtsied deeply, or as deeply as you can in a bathrobe, before turning to go, panic clawing at her. She stopped a House Elf named Neeri. "Go get Lucius and Draco," she hissed at it. The small House Elf nodded fearfully.

"Neeri will go get Master Lucius and Master Draco, Mistress Narcissa," it squeaked running off to do so. Narcissa went back into the sitting room, bowing down yet again to her Lord. She had another moment of panic when she wondered if she should stand, kneel or sit, while in the presence of the Dark Lord. She chose to sit on the couch across from the Dark Lord, who didn't say anything so she supposed she was alright. If Lucius didn't get here soon she'd have a heart attack!

Just then Narcissa's face flushed slightly red as her husband descended the stairs. That stupid House Elf! Didn't it have enough sense to tell Lucius that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was in their sitting room?!! Lucius had walked down to the room clad in nothing but a loose pair of grey pajama bottoms.

Narcissa almost smirked when she was almost sure she had seen her husband flush pink for a moment. If it hadn't been for the fact the she was just as embarrassed as he; clad in nothing but her undergarments and a pink bathrobe; she would have indeed laughed at him for being a fool. She watched as Lucius got down on one knee in front of the Dark Lord.

"My Lord," he said reverently, having recovered from his shock much more quickly then Narcissa had, "Did you need a room to accommodate you My Lord?"

You-Know-Who nodded to the head of the Malfoy house, who nodded back in turn to his Master. Narcissa almost did laugh now as she looked at a frightened Draco Malfoy, standing near the edge of the sitting room, wearing nothing but dark green silk boxers. The young boy blushed to the roots of his hair. Lucius placed his hand on his son's shoulders and hissed in his ear, "Kneel.." Draco stepped forward a bit and was forced into kneeling despite his embarrassment. The Dark Lord seemed to sneer at the family, particularly the youngest.

"It would seem Malfoy, that are you have forgotten your place in my absence," the Dark Lord hissed.

"No, Master," Lucius said, looking surprised, "I am and always will be forever your servant."

Narcissa looked around at her husband, her son, herself, and the Dark Lord, all in her sitting room and now heading toward the diningroom, both males looking particularly nervous and also very embarrassed because of their attire. She whispered to the House Elf Neeri, "Get breakfast on the table. This is going to be a long morning."


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