It is dark in the underground dungeon. Ginny can barely see three feet in front of her and, although she can only hear her own heavy breathing, she can tell that something sexy is about to happen. It reminds Ginny of that story she heard from Justin Finch-Fletchley about that Fourth Year girl and a bottle of butterbeer. She smells a musky, masculine scent that reminds her of her father before she feels something whisp past her ankle.

"Tom? Are you there?" she cries, her bosom, on the verge of blossoming, heaving with fearful anticipation.

Hot breath teases her girlish lips. It feels so close. Startled, she backs away and trips over a phallic stone. She falls back, landing on her pert and supple arse with her legs splayed in front of her. She feels an intense pain, like a whip, seer down her chest. She looks down, and is dismayed to find that the buttons from her pink, flowered blouse have been torn asunder, leaving her young breasts exposed to the cold, dank, dungeon air, exciting her inexperienced nipples.

Ginny feels the hot breath once again, but this time it creeps up her legs. A slithery tongue caresses the soft and sensitive skin of her inner thighs. She feels something smooth and moist brush aside the folds of her pleated skirt. The attacker, expecting to have to push past a cotton barrier, thrusts forward, but stops suddenly when the tip of his tongue finds moist flesh. In this moment, Ginny tries to sit up, but makes her legs spread wider apart in the process. She gasps as the creature rushes through her virginal Kleenex. Blood drips down her legs as he hits her everlasting gobstopper. Suddenly realizing her situation, she cries out for help to the darkness, hoping against hope for an answer. To her surprise, from the shadows steps Tom Riddle.

"Help me, Tom!"

But Tom only smirks coldly, watching lustfully. In horror, Ginny wonders why Tom's hands are in his pants, and sees him moan in pleasure. Tom shudders, and, after a moment, hisses an order. Ginny feels the presence between her legs retreat, only to feel a heavy weight on her chest, and discovers that her attacker is a great snake. Tom approaches her, leaving the torch-light and entering the darkness around her as he removes his clothes. She shrieks as he begins to finger her butterfly. With his free hand, he muffles her screams. Her cries begin to dissipate as she realizes the pleasure of Tom's touch. She releases a guttural groan as Tom replaces his hand with his own personal basilisk. The snake rubs his scales against her nipples and something releases inside of her. She feels a rush of pleasure come over her and passes out, overwhelmed.

She wakes up in her bed at Hogwarts. Was it all a dream? She wonders. Ginny gasps as she looks to her nightstand and sees the phallic stone – her only reminder of the horrific yet pleasurable night before.