Six Years later

Harry's POV

He glanced around The Burrow, still amazed at how his life had seemingly become some type of fairytale. Glancing to his left, he caught the eye of his longtime girlfriend and gave her hand a squeeze. He sighed, thinking of how utterly thunderstruck he had been the first time he laid eyes on her…

It had been Aidan's two-year check-up, and Harry had volunteered to take him to the mediwitch. Hermione was already pregnant with Conner at the time, and she hadn't been feeling up to the trip. He had walked in to the mediwitch's office and nearly gasped as he saw the beautiful blonde witch named Sharon. He had never really been attracted to blondes before, but that all changed when he saw her in that cute little Healer's uniform.

Despite his immediate attraction to her, he didn't manage to work up enough courage to ask her out until nearly six months later when Conner was born. While everyone was giving Remus and Hermione some alone time with their newborn son, he had finally taken the plunge and asked Sharon out for dinner. A look of shock had crossed her face, and for a terrifying moment, he thought she might say no. Then her face broke into a smile, and she replied with a simple 'yes', causing him to grin for a week straight.

It had been almost four years ago, and he thanked Merlin he made his move when he did. Sharon had been a lifesaver, giving him the companionship and love he had craved over the years. She had also been incredibly patient with him, knowing he wasn't ready to commit just yet. He had eventually asked her to move in with him last year, and things had never been better between them. He even contemplated asking her to marry him, but he still felt it was a little too soon for him, despite their years together. Luckily, Sharon seemed content with their current arrangement, and he had never been happier.

"Are you ready for the onslaught of kids, love?" Sharon asked, sending him a brilliant smile. The Burrow was nearly overrun with children nowadays, much to Molly's delight. Hermione and Remus had three boys, Aidan, Conner, and Alexander, all of which Molly considered to be family, while Bill had three daughters. Together with Fred and George's respective two girls each, it was quite the gathering at Sunday meals. Ron had also married an American girl, and he had a boy and girl of his own. Although they weren't able to visit The Burrow, Molly had so many pictures of them throughout the house, it almost felt like they were there in the flesh.

Before he had a chance to respond, a small little voice piped up from his right, "Uncle Harry!" He quickly turned to find Hermione and Remus's three year-old son Alexander running unsteadily towards him, his face smeared with what appeared to be chocolate.

"Alex! Have you been eating chocolate before supper again?" Harry asked, arching an eyebrow at him in a mock reprimand as he scooped up the small child in his arms.

He nearly laughed at the innocent look on the child's face. All three of Hermione's boys were virtual carbon-copies of Remus, with soft tawny hair and bright amber eyes. Their personalities, however, were much more akin to Sirius's, a fact that Hermione had bemoaned on more than one occasion. Hermione's parents, however, were adamant that all the boys were simply angels, and they were incapable of doing anything wrong.

"It wasn't chocolate, it was..." he paused a moment as he searched for the right word, "beans!" He announced, proud he had thought of a suitable answer, or rather, lie.

Harry chuckled softly as he sat the toddler back on his feet. "Well, you'd better go wash the beans off your face or your Daddy might find out," he whispered loudly, sending a wink at Sharon who was smothering her own laugh.

Alexander turned back to him, sending him a brilliant smile which showed a missing front tooth. "Silly Uncle Harry!" He said, covering his mouth to hide his giggle. In a softer voice, he added, "Daddy was the one who gave me the beans!" Harry let out a loud laugh, not the least bit surprised Remus had given him the 'beans'. All three boys loved chocolate as much as Remus did, and there was always a large stash to be found at Grimmauld Place. Alexander started to run from the living room, but stopped at the doorway. Glancing around quickly, he added in a hushed, nervous voice, "Don't tell Daddy I told you. He said we couldn't tell anyone because Mummy might find out." With that, he turned and bounded out of the room, leaving Harry and Sharon both laughing quietly.


After dinner, some of the men made their way into the living room while the women stayed in the kitchen. Ginny and Draco were finally tying the knot, and all the women were up to their elbows in wedding details. Draco, thankfully, had opted not to show up, and Harry couldn't say he was sorry about his absence. Although the tension between them had abated since their school days, they still only addressed each other by their surnames, not quite able to completely let go of their prejudices against the other.

"So," Harry began casually as he sat down on the couch, sending a conspiratorial wink at Kingsley before addressing Remus, "where's the lovely wife today?"

"My wife is at St. Mungo's with Ginny," Remus replied, a touch of annoyance in his voice. Harry had to bite the inside of his mouth to keep from laughing, and it looked as if Kingsley was doing the same. It amazed him that Remus was still possessive of Hermione, even after nearly 7 years of marriage.

"You didn't go with her?" Kingsley asked, surprised.

"I wanted to go, but…" Remus's voice trailed off as he suddenly dropped his head. "Merlin, she's going to kill me," came his muffled voice.

Harry's head shot up in surprise. She was going to kill him? Circe knew what he had done, and Harry felt his back straighten in response, his protective feelings of Hermione rearing up once again. He didn't think Remus would ever hurt her, but something definitely wasn't right. "What did you do?" He asked, his voice harder than he had intended.

Remus lifted his head to stare back at him. "It's not what you're thinking, Harry," he said softly, shaking his head. Harry relaxed slightly as Remus sighed again before continuing, "She was so excited last month because she could finally get back into her old pair of jeans she had when we first got married."

"I've noticed she's been looking absolutely exquisite lately," Kingsley commented, a sly grin on his face.

Remus let out a low growl at his words, and Harry quickly jumped in. He didn't want to think about how bad Molly's wrath would be if she found Remus and Kingsley fighting inside her house. "I think he just means that she did appear to have lost a little weight recently."

Remus gave Kingsley another long glance before replying, "Yes, she has. I told her she looked fine, but she insisted on losing a few more pounds."

"So why is she going to kill you?" Harry inquired, still failing to see the connection.

Remus ran his hands through his hair before stating bluntly, "Let's just say she's going to be seeing your girlfriend again very soon."

Harry's eyes went wide as he realized what had occurred. Before he had a chance to speak, Kingsley piped up, "You knocked her up again?"

"I really ought to hit you," Remus said absentmindedly, turning his attention back to Harry. "I've known for a few weeks now, but I couldn't bear to tell her. We weren't planning on having any more kids, and-"

"That doesn't matter," Harry interrupted, clapping him on the back. "You know she loves kids, and Hermione will be thrilled she's pregnant."

Remus took another deep breath, his face gaining a little color. "I know she will eventually, but the timing's all off right now. Plus, it's my damn fault I keep forgetting the bloody spell," he said miserably.

Harry wanted to laugh, but he bit his tongue instead, not wanting to upset the poor werewolf. Even though he was fairly certain Hermione would forgive him, he knew he felt guilty enough about it. Kingsley, however, chuckled loudly, not even bothering to hide his reaction. "Merlin, Remus, you still can't remember?"

He half-expected Remus to deck him, but he simply glared at him in response. He was probably too nervous to worry about Kingsley being his usual self. "With three kids, there's not always a lot of time. It was late, and the full moon was the following night…" his voice trailed off as a faint blush covered his cheeks. "It's difficult to remember everyday."

"You mean you two are…together…everyday?" Harry asked, not able to keep the incredulity out of his voice. It was no secret they had an active sex life, but he just never realized it was quite that active. He thought he and Sharon were pretty active for having a long-term relationship, but Remus and Hermione put them to shame.

"Well, we're just a very…affectionate couple," Remus answered diplomatically, his face still red. Despite the tinge to his cheeks, Harry could easily see the pride in his eyes.

"You mean a very horny couple," Kingsley countered with a smile.

"Did I mention I despise you sometimes, Kingsley?" Remus said, causing the Auror to laugh.

"Not today," He replied. "But look at it this way, Remus," Kingsley offered, "if she's pregnant now, then that means she'll want to shag you senseless all the time. Do you know how many blokes like me would kill for a bird like that?"

"Perhaps if you refrained from calling them 'birds' you might actually find a woman who would tolerate you," Severus said as he walked slowly over to join them.

Harry gave him a slight nod of acknowledgment, forcing down the urge to make some snide comment. At Tonks' urging, they had forged a tentative friendship a few years ago, but old habits die hard. However, he had to grudgingly admit that while Severus would never be a trusted confidante of his, he had become more tolerable since Tonks had started living with him. Harry had even seen him smile on occasion…not a smirk, but an actual, honest-to-gods smile.

"And where might your bird be?" Kingsley asked, purposefully referring to Tonks in a way he knew would irk the Potions master.

"Nymphadora is in the kitchen with Molly and Sharon," Snape replied evenly, casting a disdainful glare in Kingsley's direction.

"How is that working out?" Remus inquired, cautiously glancing in the direction of the kitchen.

"If I had to guess, I would assume Nymphadora has broken at least three dishes by now, and possibly ruined one or two items of priceless sentimental value," Severus replied, a hint of a smile on his lips.

Remus was about to respond when Hermione and Ginny walked through the door. He immediately straightened up in his chair, his face draining of all color. Harry couldn't help but think of how amazing it was that the fierce battle warrior in front of him could be reduced to a simpering fool by a woman twenty years his junior. The gods really did have a wonderful sense of humor in his opinion.

"Hello, love," he greeted her nervously as he stood from his seat. Harry could see him gulp as he gave her an anxious smile.

"You knew, didn't you?" Hermione said softly as she walked slowly towards him, her eyes trained on his face.

Remus's face turned fearful as he tried to explain. "I only knew for a few days, I swear it," he answered, his tone pleading. "I just thought you might be upset because we didn't plan on-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Hermione had closed the distance between them and pressed her lips tightly against Remus's. He was clearly a bit shocked at first, but he quickly recovered, his arms snaking around her waist to hug her tightly. Harry expected them to at least pull back for air, but the kiss deepened instead, with Remus letting out a low growl as he thrust his hand into Hermione's long, chestnut curls.

Harry watched fascinated as Hermione kept her arms around Remus's neck, apparently caring nothing for the fact they had quite the audience. She merely angled her head, letting out a little moan herself as Remus continued his assault on her mouth. There was no telling how long they would have stood there groping each other if Kingsley hadn't taken to teasing them again. "I guess we can see why they have so many kids," he commented rather loudly, causing Remus and Hermione to finally break apart.

"Remind me to speak with Fred and George about a suitable device for revenge for Kingsley," Remus murmured against her lips, giving her a quick peck before leading her to the couch.

Hermione, her face still flushed from the spontaneous snogging, walked slowly to the couch where Remus pulled her into his lap. True to form, he kept Hermione as close to him as possible whenever they were in the same room. "Are you sure you aren't mad at me, love? I know you were so happy about those jeans, and now you'll have to wait a few more months-"

"I'm happier than I've ever been," she interrupted, placing a finger on his lips. Harry watched with amusement as Remus shot her a confused look, clearly not expecting this reaction. He himself was about to ask her why she wasn't giving Remus a harder time when Hermione spoke up, much to his delight. "Because, love," she paused as she flashed everyone a triumphant smile, "this time, it's a girl."