Thicker than Blood

Summary: People say that blood is thicker than water… but what is thicker than blood? Well… It depends on who you ask. Itasaku… Sasusaku… dark lemon

A/N: This was my first venture to other couples outside my Kakasaku sphere. Please be gentle.

Warning: Dark Lemon … go back to bed little kiddies.




Chapter 1: Curse of a Damned Man


I saw her through the shadows surrounded by the bluish hue of moonlight. Even though her cherry hair looked purplish under the veil of darkness and crystal tears fell continuously from her emerald eyes, I knew instantly who she was.

She was Sakura Haruno…

Or rather…

Sakura Uchiha…

Sasuke's wife…

And my sister by law…

I stared at her from behind the shadows of the trees and wondered why she was here. It was dead in the middle of the night and this part of the forest was no place for a woman to wander, even if said woman was a gifted kunoichi.

Konoha had raised the alarm that the Akatuski was wandering the boarders earlier that day. I applauded her courage for leaving the city walls but mocked her foolishness for exactly the same reason.

She was staring at the peaceful serenity of the lake as golden fireflies danced around her. The full moon was reflected on the placid surface of the water, creating and ethereal beauty that I found comforting. The air was chilly and cold even against my full-length coat but I didn't mind. Being numb had its advantages.

This was my favorite place, back when I was a ninja of Konoha. I came to this place simply to think when I wanted to escape from my duties as an Uchiha. The darkness and bleak tranquility of the place, so much like myself, always gave me a sense of calmness against the cruel reality of life.

I thought perhaps, she came here for the same reasons as well.

Seeing the tears on her porcelain cheeks and hearing her gentle sob against the silence of the night, I could already guess her reason for being here.


I figured she finally woke up from the dream she cast upon herself.

I knew my brother well, even better than he does himself. He did not marry her because he loved her. His purpose in life was to kill me and to revive our so-called clan. Sasuke needed an heir. He married her because she was willing.

He detests me so much for what I did to our clan and to our family… and I urge him to do so. I want him to loathe my existence and search for power, grasping at it with both hands. I want him to become my worthy rival so I could finally measure myself against the last of the infamous Uchiha clan and bring an end to the question that has been plaguing us both.

Who is stronger?

But it seemed that he had not achieved that power yet. He was still the same foolish little brother as before, an ordinary ninja with average jutsu. Not even worthy of my time. Not even worth killing.

Or maybe…

A wicked thought crept up my twisted mind which made me smile. I turned my attention back on the woman who was silently staring at the placid lake. She hugged herself to keep from shivering but her thin clothing did little good. She was my brother's wife… my sister in law… and a member of my damned family.

I remembered exactly what I did like it was yesterday. It was forever embedded inside my black heart and I feel neither remorse nor guilt for it.

Maybe… all he needs is a slight push, make him suffer a little more. Perhaps he needs to feel just a bit more pain to make him hate me even more.

I looked at slender figure near the lake with death in my eyes.

My family…I killed my own family before… I could always do it again.

I made my way to her, as silently as I could. She seemed lost in her own thoughts that she did not recognize my presence until I stood directly behind her, my dark coat flapping against the cool breeze. I saw her lithe form tremble when she finally realized that someone was behind her. I resisted the urge to smile as she slowly turned around and found herself staring into the eyes of a murderer.

I love that reaction on a person's face when they realize they were about to die. Eyes misted with tears and the pupils narrow into a pinpoint circle as the truth finally sinks into their brain. All the color seems to drain out of their face leaving them deathly pale. Thick lashes flutter against ashen cheeks, still refusing to believe what is right in front of them. Their heart beats so loud and so fast that you could almost hear it though the tense moment. They hold onto their breath, finally realizing that it would probably be their last. Time moved so slow… too slow for the brain to comprehend what is really happening.

But I saw none of those in her emerald eyes… and I was stunned.

"Itachi" she whispered softly. She knew she was going to die yet there was no hint of fear on her voice, only a quiet acceptance of her fate. She lowered her head in defeat, without even trying to fight.

Has my foolish brother hurt her so terribly that she would rather accept death?

"Please do it quickly." she closed her eyes and waited patiently for the numb feeling of demise.

I looked at her, trying to comprehend what was presented in front of me. She was vulnerable and weak. I could kill her so easily… but…

"Your death would do little good for both of us." I said in a stern voice. "My brother cares too little for you to be concerned."

She flinched at the sound of my voice telling her what was obvious. She turned her head to the side still refusing to believe the truth.

I moved closer to her with a new plan in mind.

I stood so close to her that I could almost feel the warmth of her body, just as she could with mine. She looked at me with a questioning look that I found striking.

"But we can make him regret."

I wrapped my arms around her and brought her lithe form closer to mine in one swift motion, too fast for her to react. I felt her tremble against me and she suddenly felt stiff and cold. As I forced her eyes too look into mine, I finally found what I was looking for…


"Itachi! What were you doing! Let me go!" she struggled against me uselessly.

"You know it is pointless to resist, Sakura. So stop fighting." I tightened my arms a little more, making her aware of the position she was in. This seemed to bring her senses back and she relaxed a little bit.

I waited for her breathing and heart beat to calm down. She lowered her head, refusing to look into my eyes.

"Itachi-sama, please don't do this… " she pleaded in small voice, already guessing what I had in mind.

"Why not? You know perfectly well he does not love you. This will teach him a lesson."

"But that does not give you the right to do this too me." she snapped back.

"It does not? Who will stop me?" I told her mockingly.

"I will"

Her voice held little courage in it. She was no match for me and she knew it.

I always get what I want.

I brought my face closer to her, so close that our breath mingled together. One hand snaked up her spine, making her tremble. I looked into her emerald eyes and saw confusion and distress in it, and maybe a small hint of curiosity.

I slowly brought my head to the side of hers and whispered huskily to her ear, letting my lips touch her skin lightly. "I am a man, Sakura. I can give you everything he can't."

She released the breath that she held with a soft sigh and I knew I was inching closer to my victory. I pulled her closer and this time she did not resist.

"Close your eyes."

She did as she was told, probably too exhausted to do anything else. I savored the moment as I stared at her beauty. She was a pale goddess under the light of the moon. Her cherry hair fluttered against the cold breeze with the scent of sweet strawberries. I traced a finger lightly across the edge of her face down to her chin. She felt like porcelain under my touch, smooth and delicate. Her cheeks were flushed and her soft pink lips were parted, begging to be caressed.

I smiled.

Sasuke is foolish indeed for letting such an exotic beauty out of his sight.

I lowered my lips on hers and felt it tremble just a little before finally kissing her full. She did not reciprocate… but she did not pull back either… and that was good enough for me. I sucked at her lower lip as I cupped her nape with one hand, tilting it to an angle. I forced my tongue past her lips but she resisted a little. I continued on caressing her lips while my hand massaged her nape until she finally relaxed and allowed me entrance. I tasted the honeyed interior of her mouth as I caressed every inch of it. It was sweet, addictively satisfying. I wanted more. I pulled her closer, deepening the kiss with an urgency I never felt before. She moaned against me as her own tongue shyly responded against mine. I felt her arms wrap around my neck, pulling me closer and engulfing me in her warmth, asking for more. My own body responded, more than delighted to fulfill her request.

I left her mouth and trailed kisses down her jaw line. I stole a glance at her dreamy face and suppressed the urge to smile triumphantly. She still had her eyes closed tight.

"Let's pretend, Sakura." I whispered in a low husky voice. "Pretend I am Sasuke."

She did not reply, too lost in the sensations she was feeling. I kissed the sensitive junction between her neck and her shoulder and bit on it softly, eliciting a sharp sigh from her. She tilted her head to allow me more access to her flushed skin.

My other hand found its way to the zipper of her dress and tugged it down in a tantalizingly slow way. She trembled as she pressed her breasts against my chest.

I stopped my movements as I unzipped her dress halfway. "If you want to stop me then you better do so. It is now or never."

She did not.

I pulled the zipped all the way down and slipped the clothing past her shoulders. It dropped down to a messy bundle of cloth on her feet, exposing the rest of her slender body to my lascivious eyes and wandering hands. I felt her shiver against the freezing breeze and she pulled closer, searching for the warmth of my body. I shrugged my heavy coat off and threw it on the ground behind her. I kissed her again, more urgent and more determined than before. My hand moved up and down her rib cage, trailing goosebumps on her naked flesh. She grasped at my shoulder as I lowered my eyes on the swell of her breasts. A hand cupped one of her swollen flesh as my thumb brushed the soft edge of her brassiere.

"Do you want me to take it off?" I asked even though I knew the answer.

"Yes!" she gave a throaty reply.

I unfastened the clasp with one hand and peeled the dainty clothing off her heated body. I lowered my head and kissed the top of her breast, not quite touching the rosy peak. Her hand found its way to my head and she ran her fingers through my raven hair. She tugged at it gently, begging me to take her into my mouth.

"Not yet, my little cat." I said teasingly. Her dazed eyes were still closed.

I lowered her flushed body gently on the ground on top of my discarded coat, cushioned only by dry leaves and twigs. The trees rustled as a cool breeze passed through the branches. I parted her knees with both hands and laid my torso between her legs, bringing my weight down on her. I had almost forgotten how good it felt to have a woman beneath me and the fact that this was no ordinary woman was more than enough to drive me wild. I gave her a moment to make herself comfortable in our position before finally resuming our… interaction.

I kissed her again and she moaned in delight. Her hands found its was under my shirt and made me gasp as she rolled her fingers expertly on my skin. I could feel my muscles tense under her touch as she tugged the clothing up over my head and threw it somewhere on the floor.

I kissed my way from her lips to her ear, down to her subtle neck, past her pronounced collarbones and finally to her breasts. One hand massaged the feminine curves as my mouth trailed kisses over the other. Her moans got louder and louder against the silence of the forest. Then I did it all over again.

"Please" she begged.

I kissed and sucked and caressed. I traced my tongue lightly, refusing to touch the most sensitive part as my other hand stroked her body and slowly made its way down to her thighs. The hand on my head tugged and begged me to pay attention to her hardened nubs. When I finally took her rosy peaks in my mouth and she arched her body with a loud cry. I sucked on it briskly while rolling my tongue over it, feeling her trashing under me, trembling with all the sensations she was holding inside. My hand scratched at her inner thigh and she instinctively parted them wider.

"Does he touch you like this?" I slipped a hand past her underwear and touched her bundle of nerves. She buckled under me as I caressed her core with my fingers.

"N…no…" she was panting for breath… and we've only just begun.

"Like this, perhaps?" Her fingers dug painfully on my back with unreleased tension as I slipped a finger inside her. She was wet and slick with her own moisture and it took all the discipline I had to prevent myself from pummeling her with my need.

"No…." was her throaty reply. She lifted her hips and started to grind herself against my hand.

"I thought so." I said victoriously. I slipped another finger inside her while my thumb caressed and drew circles on her sensitive swell. I thrust my fingers inside her, again and again as I drank in the sensual picture presented before me. Her eyes were closed tight and a tear dropped from her eye. She was flushed red with heat as she moved her body in rhythm with my hand. Her breath came in quick pants as she struggled to stay sane. I drive my fingers faster for her, my own need increasing with every second.

"Oh no! Oh god!" a loud moan escaped her lips as she trashed her hips against my hand in search for more contact. I could feel her increasing contractions around my fingers, sucking them deeper inside her but still she held back her climax.

"Let go, Sakura." I whispered to her.

And she did.

It seemed like a dam burst inside her as threw all caution into the air and moaned loudly with her climax. She threw her head back and arched her spine as her nails scratched at my back and pulled me close in a deathly grip. When her pleasure finally subsided, she slumped back on the floor, panting for breath and covered with a fine sheet of sweat. I pulled my fingers out of her and brought it up to my lips.

"Sweet… just as I thought."

I slipped past the rest of my clothing and threw it somewhere along with her panties. My own need was hardened and erect, ready for contact. I lifted her hips and positioned myself on her entrance. I kissed her lips again but she felt too drained from her climax to respond.

I bit on her earlobe as I whispered, "Let's keep pretending, shall we?"

She pushed her hips against mine, bringing the tip of my member to her cave.

"Yes…" she pleaded.

It was all I needed to hear as I pushed inside her and sheathed my manhood in her warmth. She moaned against my shoulder in response. With her eyes still closed, I knew she was imagining that it was Sasuke who was doing these passionate things to her and I let her imagine as she will.

She will… but not for long…

I moved inside her in a slow… sensuous way, gearing up her body for another mind shattering climax even as I struggled against my own desires to drive into her forcefully. She moaned and nibbled at my shoulder as her hand trailed up and down my spine making me gasp in return. Her reactions and her tightness were enough to drive me insane with need but I held back the feeling. I needed her to feel the utmost pleasure she could attain and if it meant holding back on my own, then I will.

I increased my rhythm a bit and I was rewarded by a sharp sigh from her lips. I could sense her fire once again, burning and building up the height of pleasure. She tightened her legs on my hips urging me into a faster, deeper pace as she moved her own body against mine. An arm circled her tiny waist as I drive my shaft into her again and again, faster and harder, each thrust bringing both of us closer to the edge.

I lost all sense of control when she lifted her hips for a better angle driving me deeper, all that was left in me was the primitive need for pleasure. Her walls were warm and tight against my manhood as I thrust in her again and again as her body convulsed with unreleased pressure. Her moans got louder as her body trashed under me. I gripped her hips holding her in place for my own pleasure as she buckled beneath me, the sensations too intense to bear anymore. She grasped at my shoulder painfully, searching for the feeling of elation once again.

She opened her eyes and made eye contact with me. I could not stop myself as I drew her into my world of blood red clouds and dark skies. The sky was spinning around us, a visual image of what we were feeling inside. Wisps of red smoke drifted in between our sweaty bodies as we moved in unison. I could feel her body gearing up for a second climax as she contracted against me. I finally give in to what she truly wants.

In an instant, the man on top of her was no longer me, but an image of my brother, the person she truly desires.

"Sa…sas… sasuke!!" she screamed her pleasure out as the wave of her climax finally hit her like a thundering flood.

She screamed and cried, both in pain and pleasure. She tightened her arms around me as I drew the intense pleasure out of her over and over again with my tsukiyomi and multiplied it ten fold.

I struggled not to break her as I searched for my own fulfillment. All thoughts of caution thrown against the wind as I bucked on top of her, driving inside like a madman in search of something out of reach. I sought it out, climbing higher and higher, faster and faster. And then, it hit me like a lightning bolt and I buckled under the pressure. I groaned loudly and thrust with all I had to give one last time before I finally exploded inside her warmth, holding onto the feeling of reaching the pinnacle of pleasure known to man.

Exhausted beyond belief, I lowered myself on top of her and the world returned to normal around us. We were back on the forest floor, with the only trees and darkness bearing witness to the sin we had committed.

We lay there for what seemed like hours, trying to gather up our scattered senses. When we could both breathe again, I lifted my body from hers and helped her on her feet. Neither one spoke as we gathered our clothing and tried to dress up as efficiently as we could. The silence was tense and opaque between us, it was almost tangible.

When I finally put on my cloak, I turned around and found her with her back towards me. It seemed like she was crying.

"It is too late for regrets now." I told her softly.

"It's not that, Itachi." A small sob escaping her lips.

"Then what is it." I asked

She did not reply.

I moved closer to her and pressed her back against me though my hands stayed on my side.

"Will I see you again, Sakura?"

"I…I… don't know…" she stuttered anxiously.

It was all I needed to hear as I jumped back to the trees and disappeared from view, my cloak fluttered against the breeze as I left the woman alone with her thoughts.

I knew the meaning behind her answer. Yes, she would see me again… and again after that. I won… I had my way… If this does not drive Sasuke insane then I don't know what else will.

I smiled triumphantly as I made my way back to the headquarters, all the while thinking about the moment we shared together.

I lived my life without regrets and I have none even then. I have committed far more drastic crimes than what I did with her. But what really confused me was the thought that although I did it to hurt Sasuke… I could not deny that I did it just as much… for myself… and for her.

An unfamiliar feeling crept up inside me but I pushed it back.

Later I would think about it, before then I needed sleep.

My thoughts drifted over to Sakura, her cherry hair and pale skin. I remembered the way she screamed Sasuke's name in her climax. His name was on her lips as she rode her waves of pleasure… but not for long.

An evil grin tugged at my lips. She was my sister in law…my family… but that meant nothing to me… I will see her again… and give her the intense pleasure Sasuke could not.

I guess it just goes to show…

Lust is definitely thicker than blood…


Part 2: Tears of a Lonely Woman.

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