Thicker than Blood

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Chapter Warning: Errr… violence?




Chapter 6: A Bit too Late


Her feminine outline was sketched clearly against the brighter backdrop of the outside. The doorway framed her form perfectly, a picturesque scene torn in between the light coming from behind her and the darkness that lurked inside our home. I could not see the expression on her face, but I knew that she was saddened just by the mere though of being here. The air felt heavy with unsaid words, a deep weary sigh escaped her quivering lips. Her white hand clutched at the doorknob gingerly, as if she was afraid to let go, probably contemplating if it was too late to turn back and seek Itachi out again. She paused for a long while, seemingly weighing her next step with care, before walking in and shutting the door behind her as noiselessly as possible.

She made her way though the living room, unmindful that her every move was being watched carefully from behind the darkness. Her clothes were visibly soiled, her rosette hair was an absolute mess. Did she really expect me to just turn a blind eye to all of these things? How could she just walk in here and pretend that nothing happened?

But it did happen, as much as I wanted to deny it. I could still smell the scent of Itachi on her, a stench that would never be washed away. Her fair skin was now tainted with his foul hands, not even I would dare to touch it again. Those were the same hands that killed my parents, the very same hands that killed everyone I loved. And since she chose to be touched by those hands willingly, to me, she too was as good as dead.

I stood up and turned on the lampshade, just as she was about to open the door to our bedroom. The warm yellow glow from the lamp wasted no time and flooded every dark corner of the room, covering her with an unearthly shine. She was startled by the sudden light. I saw her body tremble, her hand gripped the rattling doorknob tightly and her jaw clenched together so hard that I could almost hear her teeth grind. She turned around, ever so slowly, mindfull that I was standing directly behind her. Her eyes widened and grew moist, panic evident in her emerald orbs.

But she schooled her features and changed her look from obvious fear to absolute calmness just as quickly. She was a kunoichi after all and her teachers had trained her well. Even her jade eyes betrayed nothing now, none of the panic and distress I saw earlier. They were hollow and dreary. I felt no life in them. The vibrant green had faded into a muted color as if I was staring at a different Sakura, one who had discarded the rest of her life on a whim.

"Sasuke? Isn't it too late to be up? What were you doing?" she asked softly, shielding her eyes from the sudden light as she took a small step towards me.

What was I doing? I wanted to grab her and tell her exactly what I was doing. That I was slowly dying in misery, the vision of Itachi playing in my mind over and over again. I could see and feel everything just as vivid. I could not get them out of my head. It echoed louder and louder and tore at my gut every single time. I wanted to slap her senseless, see her body tremble in agony, make her feel the pain that I was feeling.

But instead I replied, "I was waiting for you. Where have you been?"

She paused for a long while and stared right back at me, contemplating her next words carefully.

"I was out… with someone." she finally replied, the last words barely audible against pursed lips.

"With someone…?" I repeated faintly. My chest clenched tight as if I was hit directly by a battering ram. The bitterness in those words was just too hard to swallow. It was like poison coursing though my veins, taking pleasure at killing me softly. It never crossed my mind how two simple words could be so cruel.

"Who is he?"

"It doesn't matter now. It's over. I will never see him again." she replied, a hint of regret evident in her tone.

I stepped towards her until she was within reach, both fists tightly clenched at my sides. Color left her face and she took a wise step back to lean against the door.

"It matters, Sakura. Tell me who he is."

"What good would it do? I am here. You have me."

"You think you can protect him from me?! " I hissed back. "You shouted his name shamelessly back there. Why can't you say it now!?" A loud bang made her jump as I slammed my palm agaist the door, mere inches from the side of her head. "Tell me Sakura, or I swear I will wring it out from you!"

"You... you knew!?"

"Damn well I do! You stink of him!" I seethed with every ounce of anger I could put into words. I leaned my face close to hers but she turned her head to one side and shut her eyes tight. She stood petrified for a moment until her curved lips moved in a hollow whisper.


"Damn you Sakura! How could you do this to me?" She jumped back as my fist hit the door, mere inches from her head.

"How could you do this?! And of all people, why him?"

"Don't ask me 'why', Sasuke, when you know perfectly well that I have no answer to give. Just as you cannot answer why you chose to marry me when anyone else would do." Her jade eyes sparkled with defiance.

"Don't you dare leave the blame on me, Sakura." I glared back at her. "You expected too much. You brought this on yourself."

"That's right, blame it on me. Everything is my fault, right?!" she spat back.

"You do not have any idea what I've been though. All you know is what you want to believe. You look at me but you don't see who I am. To you, I am just somebody who would carry your child. Do you even realize how insulting that is? It's killing me, knowing you can't love me just because you can't get over your stupid past."

Her tears were flowing freely now. Years worth of agony bursted out from her emerald eyes. "I gave you everything I had, loved you with all I had to give, hoping that somehow you would learn to love me back. Was it too much to ask from you?"

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "But I'm still here, Sasuke. I came back to you." her voice sounded so miserable that for a moment it made me forget everything else and just hold her in my arms.

Her remark tore me up inside, because I knew it was true, how selfish I had been. I tasted bile in my mouth, a sour, disgusting flavor called guilt.

But it was too late for that now. I pushed the feeling aside. I would never let her see it, never admit to her that she meant more to me than she realize. Not now. Not after this.

I stepped back and allowed myself to breathe. There was just too many thoughts, too many emotions going through my head all at once I feel like I was about to explode. I dropped my head to the floor to hide the turmoil in my eyes. It was simply too much for anyone to handle.

But she came back too me. After all that had happened, she still chose me. I should be grateful for that. It was all I wanted, right? That was all I needed from her.

But it still wasn't enough.

"Sakura..." I whispered, trying to hold back the emotions that welled up inside just by mentioning her name. "Sakura... do you... still love me?"

When stiffened and the question and held her breath, she did not even have to say it. I knew the answer right away. Just as know I was going to regret asking the next question I have.

But I asked her anyway.

"Do you love him?"

She turned her face away. "Would it matter if I do?" she replied in a toneless voice "I'm still here. You have me. That's all you ever wanted from me, right?"

"Just answer me, please…" me control was wavering by the minute, but I tried to calm down my voice and asked. "Do you love Itachi?"


And that was it. What was left of my sanity finally snapped.

I turned my back on her and started to walk towards the nightstand "If that is your answer, then you are wrong, Sakura. I can never have you back again, not while you love him."

"Sasuke, wait…"

"Sakura… you better run." I picked up the kunai that I left lying on the table. It felt weightless beneath my fingers.

"Wh…what.. do you mean?"

I turned around to face her again "I said, you better run… and pray that he can protect you against me, because right now, I would like nothing better than to slit you heart apart. Exactly like what you did with mine."

"Sasuke.. please… I…"

Her voice trailed off as red, dangerous eyes stared right back at her. Sharingan eyes gleamed fiercely behind the darkness.

"This will be your last warning. Run, Sakura… before I change my mind and kill you right now…"

She darted past me and was gone in an instant. For a while, I could still smell her scent, sweet cherry blossoms in spring. I could see her beautiful face smiling back at me. But then, a dark cloud pushed those visions aside and all I could see was Itachi's eyes geaming with malice.

I have taken all that you loved again, Sasuke. I win again…

I smiled to myselfand walked towards the door. No, brother… you haven't won yet.

I gave her five full minutes… before I started to hunt down my prey.

(To Be Continued hopefully soon)


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