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It was a peaceful night. The warm moon gently cast light on the village of Konoha, and a soft breeze ran through the air. Inside the compound of the Inuzuka household, a gentle silence had fallen upon them. Everyone had gone to bed; all the lights were put out. Not a single candle was lit.

Reassurance, Shino was looking up at the window, two floors above him. He was standing outside the Inuzuka household. After a brief moment of mental consideration, he finally jumped up.

He landed quietly, gracefully, on the edge of the window sill. As usual, this window was not closed. But this, Shino already knew off by heart. This window belonged to Kiba's room, and Kiba never closed his windows.

Shino let scanned the room which was much darker than the night outside, and it did not help that he was wearing those dark shades. Consciously, he took them off and tucked them into his pocket. He stepped down from the window sill onto the carpeted floor of Kiba's room. He removed his shoes and left them by the window sill, letting his bare feet touch the warm carpet.

Moving without making a noise, he approached Kiba's bed.

Kiba was unbelievably sexy without even trying. His long tanned limbs were perfect, flawless even. He was lying on top of his bed, uncovered, curled up in a comfortable position as usual. All he wore was a shirt and his boxers. Sometimes, when he tried to curl up even more, the boxers would scrunch slightly and offer a brief glimpse at his privates.

Shino gazed down at Kiba, taking in the sight.

He gently kneeled onto the bed and crawled carefully over to Kiba's sleeping body. With a sigh, he laid down next to him, wrapping an arm over Kiba's waist. Kiba gave a small purr and snuggled up backwards against Shino's warmth.

Shino froze for a moment, wondering if Kiba had woken up. But to his relief, Kiba was still sleeping away. He relaxed his body against Kiba, enjoying the secret intimacy. It seemed as if every curve was made to fit. He found it particularly hard to resist touching the area around his boxers, so temptingly warm. Even the kikaichu under his skin was squirming for him to get closer to this object of desire. A few bugs escaped Shino's resistance and darted over Kiba's body before returning to Shino.

He loved how his kikaichu ran over Kiba's skin. But he was sure that Kiba would hate that.

As far as he knew, Kiba hated bugs. He thought Shino was a freak. Hell, he'd kill Shino right there right now if he knew he was being cuddled. If anything, Kiba hated him. He was sure of it. Ever since the first day he had met Kiba, Kiba had thoroughly declared how weird he thought bug-boys were.

Sighing to himself he closed his eyes and smelt Kiba's brown hair with contentment.

Before he knew it, Shino realized he had stayed longer than he had intended. It was already nearing morning. He pulled away from Kiba reluctantly. Kiba unconsciously held onto his arm, curling around it even more unwilling to let go of the close warmth.

Shino leant down to the sleeping boy's face, his lips inches away. For a second, he kissed them. He couldn't resist stealing just one kiss. Then, with a firm pull, Shino got away. He went back to the window sill and slipped his glasses back on. With one last look at the still sleeping Kiba, he disappeared.


Kiba woke up that morning and was pretty sure that someone had been in his room.

He could smell it. He could smell a very strong and familiar scent clinging to his bed sheets and… and his shirt?

No. He was obviously hallucinating. Last night he had dreamt that he was in the arms of his lover.

Or so he wished was his lover.

"Shino," He slumped back onto his bed. Of course Shino would never love him. In fact, he wondered if Shino ever let anyone get close to him. He seemed too overly hidden. He always seemed to protect himself behind those shades and large white jacket collar.

In his dream, Shino was holding him tightly. He could even feel his breath tickling his neck. But then he left. Kiba desperately tried to hold on to the dream for as long as possible, but it was already gone. Morning woke him.

He licked his lips, immediately thinking that he could taste Shino.

"God," He muttered to himself. No matter how hard he tried, he could never get Shino out of his mind. "You really are hallucinating."


Once more, Shino had taken to silently going into Kiba's room.

As usual, the window was open. As usual, Kiba's jacket was tossed onto the floor. As usual, Kiba was lying on his bed, curled up.

From the window side, Kiba had his back turned to Shino. As Shino removed his glasses to see better in the dark, he noticed that Kiba was shivering violently. He cursed under his breath, wondering if the air was colder that night. He swiftly went to the bed, kneeling over to see Kiba clearly.

What he saw shocked him.

Kiba had slid his boxers down just enough to let his member out, and his hands were all over himself...

Shino took a few rapid steps back, hoping that Kiba didn't notice he was there. But Kiba seemed to be asleep.

"Nnnnnuuuhhhh..." A low groan was emitted from Kiba's mouth and the blankets shuffled beneath him.

Cautiously, Shino sat on the other end of the bed. Watching.

Kiba was stroking himself, his erection was enclosed around both his hands. This surprised Shino a bit, Kiba was... big. Shino bit his lip, hiding behind his collar. Kiba still seemed to be asleep and oblivious to the fact that he was jerking off in his dreams.

"Oh god, oh god..." Kiba panted, quivering as waves of pleasure washed over him. He pumped himself harder, moving his body against his hand and trying to go quicker. His breathing deepened and he groaned. "Nnnn Faster...!" He moaned to himself, eyes shutting even tighter.

He tossed to one side, then back again, still jerking himself off relentlessly. He let go with one hand to grip the bed shits, now lying on his back and giving Shino the full view. His legs were bent and he was arching his back, only one hand pumping his length furiously.

"Yes... nnn... Shh...Shiit...Sh..." He moaned to himself, head thrown back. "Sh...Shino... oh shit..."

Shino's heart pace quickened, and the hard feeling between his legs became even more evident. Did he just say Shino...?

"Nuhhhh...!" Kiba moaned again. "Shino... Shino... shit... oh god... Shino I'm coming... ahhh," He bit his own lip as he sleep-talked, grinding himself for a few more shuddering jerks before collapsing back down, covered in his own wetness. His hands slid away from his member and his body relaxed back into a looser position.

Shino sat still, stunned at what he had just seen. Unconciously he also hand his own hand wrapped around his pants, rubbing himself quickly through the cloth. He was half worried that Kiba would wake up and catch him, but at the same time excited because Kiba had been calling his name.

His own heat rose as he continued to look at the panting, sleeping Kiba. His weakening member was still peeping out from his boxers. Shino tilted his head back and tried to hold back a moan as he rubbed harder, urging himself to climax faster. A few kikaichu slipped from beneath his sleeve and ran all over Kiba's body. Kiba gently rolled over from the sensation, displaying himself to Shino. Shino could see his kikaichu eagerly running over Kiba's member, to Shino it was such a horny sight. More Kikaichu joined to almost cover the member entirely. Shino could almost feel Kiba himself.

"K...Kiba..." He uttered under his breath, shuddering as he came in his own pants. He dropped his hand from the hot material from all the friction, and immediately placed his shades back on. The Kikaichu returned, leaving the mostly naked Kiba reluctantly.


"Idiot," Kiba muttered to himself. His limp erection was still hanging out of his boxers. Quickly, he tucked it back in. He noticed that he was sticky, as were the sheets.

Once again he sniffed the air, thinking of how it reminded him of Shino.

"Idiot," He repeated to himself once more. He was only imagining Shino again. He wanted to yank his jacket off and grab his hair, and make him suck him off hard. Dirty thoughts. Kiba tried to shake his head to get rid of them but unsuccessfully, his imagination kept thinking of a naked Shino. But why the hell was Shino's scent so obvious?

Yesterday morning, he was sure it was unreal. But now, he could smell Shino. If he smelled hard enough, he could pin point that Shino was sitting right there at the end of his bed. And it wasn't just the smell of Shino either.


Shino was earlier than usual. He got to Kiba's room, heart pounding quickly.

He knew what he wanted to do, but he was having a mental argument with himself. What if Kiba caught him? Kiba would never forgive him.

But all his negative thoughts were dispelled as he saw Kiba sleeping on his bed once more.

After a few moments of just watching, he could see Kiba making a first move again. Kiba's hand was running to his boxers, fumbling with them before eventually giving up and returning to peaceful slumber.

Shino crawled closer to Kiba, daring himself. He had to touch him. He couldn't resist it.

Ever so gently, hoping Kiba would not suddenly awake, he pressed a hand against the fabric where his member was. Kiba immediately jerked and his hands flew to cover Shino's before he could remove his touch. Kiba pressed down hard on his hand, almost as if he was asking him...

Shino quietly moved into a better position and lifted a heavy thigh on his shoulder, spreading the legs. Beautiful tanned legs. Kiba was still half lying on his side, and there was an obvious bulge in his pants now. Shino gently tugged at his boxers and it slipped off slowly.

He licked his lips.



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