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Shino woke first.

The morning was just breaking over the dark sky, pale but warm sunlight flowing through the windows and into the room. A soft breeze accompanied.

A small smile crossed his lips as he looked down at the brown haired boy, lying his face against his arm.

Kiba was splayed comfortable around his body, slightly curled up, mouth parted and lips glistening. His hair was a mess, but then again, it suited him so well.

Shino tilted his head as he noticed kikai still crawling over the sheets. Obviously the chakra used last night had had a calming effect on the other boy... if he had rejected the intrusion the previous night, the kikai were more likely to be frantic.

He stroked the boy's cheek, eliciting a grumble.

"It's too earlllly," Kiba groaned, burying his face further into the warm arm. Then brown eyes blinked open.

"Morning, Kiba," Shino said, attempting to shift his arm to get some blood back into it.

Kiba moved to sit up, collapsing himself again on Shino's frame and nuzzling the bare flesh. He grinned appreciatively, trailing a tongue across the pale skin and inhaling his scent.

Shino momentarily froze up, then relaxed softly, getting used to the contact.

Kiba kissed his cheek, then turned slightly pink. "Last night..." He almost laughed.

Shino couldn't help but smile too, strangely feeling... happy? There was definitely something differant. Something more... what was the word for it... complete?

Suddenly there was a thudding on the door.

"Wake up, jerk head!"

Kiba's sister.

The boy groaned and flopped onto the mattress.

"I had better leave," Shino said, reaching for his glasses and slipping them on. He shifted to slide out of the bed and find his clothing, which had ended up on the floor.

Kiba pulled a face, but knew he couldn't argue. He couldn't explain to his sister.

"Wait..." He hesitated. "When... when can we meet again?" He asked, his voice sounding thin.

"We'll see at training," Shino replied, pulling on his jacket. He was by the window.

Kiba scrambled off the bed and padded across the floor to him, hugging the taller boy. He grinned wolfishly.

"There is one thing..." Shino suddenly said, as if he had just remembered. His eyes were frowned.

"What's that?" Kiba bit his lip.

"The kikai... from last night..." Shino paused, wondering how to describe it affectively. "They are a part of you now, at least according to my assumptions... only if I'm correct..."

Kiba nodded, having known this from last night. He turned red. "I'll be fine," He said, squeezed Shino's hand and feeling slightly embarrassed. Shino nodded affirmatively and turned away.

"See you then," He said, letting go reluctantly of the warm body.

Shino's lip quirked slightly like a smile, then jumped off gracefully the side of the window. Kiba watched with soft brown eyes as the figure disappeared swiftly into the forest and all signs of detection were gone.

After a few moments he decided to go downstairs, in case his sister burst into his room and smelled anything suspicious. Quickly, he pulled on a spare shirt and padded down the stair case.

"Hanabi," He said, grinning at his elder sister. "Morning. Where's mom?"

Hanabi grunted, she was chopping up vegetables. "She's in the backyard. Get your own breakfast."

Kiba nodded, for the first time not proceeding to argue as he usually did. Hanabi looked up as she watched Kiba rummaging through the cubboard for things to cook with.

"You look a right mess," She muttered, shaking her head. "What'd you do yesterday? Some sort of nonstop activity?"

Kiba snorted lightly, wondering if he should respond to that.

"Hang on a moment..." Hanabi put down her knife, squinting at Kiba.

The boy turned around, giving her a confused look. "What?" He asked, slightly panicked. Did she see something? Smell something? Did he have a fleck of cum on his shirt?

He glanced down.


Small black kikai crawling all over his shirt harmlessly, and rather calmly in fact.

Shit, he thought.

"You're infested! MOM!!" She screeched.

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