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Chapter 1: Unexpected Meetings

"Sakura-chan, I just don't know how I can take this any longer," Daidouji Tomoyo wailed out to her best friend in utter despair, her newly-manicured slender fingers running rather too sharply through her long ebony locks, a habit she usually does when she's nearing a point of insanity.

Kinomoto Sakura gazed at her best friend with sympathy in her emerald eyes. Pushing back an errant brown lock of shoulder length hair from her face, she reached over and gently pulled away Tomoyo's hands from her unfortunate hair.

"You're going to make yourself bald if you don't stop that, Tomoyo-chan," she said with a smile, which Tomoyo had trouble returning.

"I just wish okaa-san would stop this nonsense already," she whispered with a weary sigh.

"Your mom wants only the best for you, Tomoyo-chan," Sakura said slowly, and Tomoyo scoffed. "And having a husband I don't love is the best for me?" she asked, unable to hide the cynicism in her voice.

"I swear, Sakura-chan, I'd rather enter a convent than to have to marry one of guys okaa-san keeps matching with me," Tomoyo said fervently, her hyacinth eyes brightening with emotion.

"It is kind of odd that Sonomi-san wants you to get married so suddenly," Sakura mused aloud, her right hand cupping her chin as she tried to analyze the situation.

"Hmm… Could it be… HOE?!"

Sakura's face had turned very red, and she stared open-mouthed at Tomoyo, who was giving her a questioning look.

"What is it, Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo asked worriedly as Sakura clutched her chest, her breathing heavy, still red-faced.

"C—could it be—could it be—that Tomoyo-chan's pregnant?" Sakura shrieked out, her voice echoing around Tomoyo's spacious bedroom.

Tomoyo could only stare at her best friend in surprise. "N—Nani?" she sputtered out, flushing. "Sakura-chan no baka! How could I get pregnant when I—when I—" she couldn't seem to get the words out, but Sakura was quickly enlightened.

"You've never had a boyfriend," Sakura finished for her. "I'm so sorry Tomoyo-chan, it was a pretty stupid comment," she apologized, and the raven-haired girl nodded her acceptance.

"Well anyway… the reason why you've never had a boyfriend is because you're too choosy," Sakura said to fill the sudden silence. "I've seen many broken hearts you've left on your wake every time your mom hosts one of her endless parties, and there are many disappointed suitors as well that walk away from you when you give them your trademark pout and pleading violet eyes, saying in the nicest possible way that they're just not your type,"

"I just haven't found the right one yet," Tomoyo said softly as she gazed outside her wide bay window. "I haven't found the one who does not only shower me with compliments and all those nonsense… I want someone with more… uniqueness in him, I suppose,"

"Unique as in… weird?" Sakura asked, an eyebrow raised.

"No! Unique as in… well… oh, I know you know what I'm talking about," Tomoyo said tiredly as she moved from the window to her bed, where she plopped down heavily, her ebony curls bouncing behind her back as she did so.

"Someone who makes your heart skip a beat without saying anything?" Sakura tried, receiving a nod from Tomoyo.

"And makes you feel a rush of happiness without even making an effort?"


"Someone whose mere stare could make your knees buckle?"


"And who could fill up the empty space in your life?"

"Just what I had I had in mind, Sakura-chan,"

"And someone---"

"Alright, I understand you already have an idea of what I'm looking for in a man!" Tomoyo cut off, but Sakura continued, "Someone who would love you for who you are, not what you are,"

Tomoyo couldn't resist giving her best friend a quick hug. "I just hope I know where to find him so okaa-san would stop matching me with every bachelor she meets," she whispered with a sad note in her voice.

Sakura's eyes suddenly brightened up, and she hastily grabbed the small globe on Tomoyo's study table. "I know!" she said excitedly, dropping down beside Tomoyo on the bed. She handed the globe to Tomoyo, who gave her a quizzical look in return.

"Spin the globe," Sakura ordered, and Tomoyo mutely did as she was told. "Spin it harder! That's it—then, stop it now with your pointing finger!" again Tomoyo followed, getting more bewildered by the second.

"Okay, look at the place where your finger's pointing at," Sakura said, peering over Tomoyo's shoulder to also see for herself.

"England?" Tomoyo said, and Sakura gave her a thump on the back.

"Congratulations Tomoyo-chan, you have just found the place where your dream man resides,"


…And so this was how Tomoyo found herself in London a week later, sitting in a café as she waited for her order. She wished Sakura had accompanied her, but her best friend was swamped with business and her oncoming wedding with Li Syaoran.

Tomoyo had been reluctant to leave Japan at first, as she too was busy with her modeling agency, but when her mom had invited over yet another of those bachelors over at their house, she decided she needed a break. So she quickly bought a ticket to England, where she would be staying for a week.

If her mystery dream guy still hasn't shown himself to her by then, she would have no choice but to come back home and seriously enter a convent.

"Here's your order miss," a friendly-looking waiter with kind brown eyes appeared in front of her with her café latte and blueberry cheesecake, and she gave him an amiable thanks as she half-heartedly dug into her food.

After eating, she walked into some shops to buy some souvenirs for her friends, although she couldn't help but purchase a few expensive clothes and accessories for herself as well.

She had met a few handsome men along the way, but she still did not feel any connection with them at all. Feeling quite disappointed, she trudged back to the hotel she was staying at and called it a night.


Tomoyo woke up at precisely quarter to seven the next day, and as she usually did at home, went out for an early walk in the park. Wearing a cute pink sweatshirt and her old Tomoeda jogging pants, she was off.

There were already some people in the park when she began her walk; there were also joggers and bikers out for a morning exercise, and there was a group of children having soccer practice at the fields.

After two hours of walking and jogging, Tomoyo decided to sit by the bleachers near the fields as she rested her tired legs. Raising a cold bottle of mineral water to her thirsty lips, she watched the group of children still practicing.

One of them made a particularly bad kick, and a man Tomoyo assumed to be their coach went over to the field and gave the poor boy a lecture about proper positioning of the feet on the ground.

The coach then placed a soccer ball a few feet from the boy, moved back and blew his whistle. The boy quickly went running as he finally made a perfect kick, the ball flying into the air… straight into Tomoyo's face.


Hiiragizawa Eriol slapped a hand across his face as the soccer ball hit the poor woman sitting on the bleachers full in the face with a loud thud, and the whole team groaned as they gave Davies, the boy who kicked the ball, an evil glare.

'Just great. It's my first coaching session and we nearly kill a woman,' he thought.

"Roberts! You killed her!" Tiffany Campbell hollered from behind, and those words sprang the team to life; hurriedly they ran towards the bleachers to see how injured the woman was.

Eriol reached the woman first, and he quickly pushed away her long curly ebony locks to reveal the most beautiful face he had seen in his whole life. The ball had smudged dirt on her pale cheeks, but aside from that, no other damage seemed to be done. Physically that is.

Her eyes were closed, and her breathing seemed to be faint. Feeling quite worried, he gently shook the woman by the shoulder, urging her to wake up.

The rest of the team had circled around them, and the poor Davies Roberts looked ready to cry.

"Have I killed her?" he asked. "No, but you knocked her unconscious," Eriol said dryly as he shook the woman once more.

At this, her eyes flew open, and Eriol found himself staring into the most enchanting violet eyes, which at the moment gazed at him confusedly. "W—Who—?" she started to say, and blinking, she slowly straightened up to look at the crowd of people circled around her.

"You're alright!" Davies cheered, dropping down on his knees to give her a hug. The woman seemed startled at the contact at first, but then she gave him a squeeze as she said, "I'm alright,"

"I'm so sorry! I was the one who hit you with the ball!" the boy sniffed, and she awkwardly patted him on the head.

"I know you did not mean to hit me…" she murmured, and her eyes snapped up to meet Eriol's, who has been watching her the whole time with an amused smile on his face.

As they stared into each other's eyes, she suddenly blurted out, "Hiiragizawa-kun?" and quite bewildered, he responded in Japanese, "You know me?"

She gave a single nod as she gave him a mysterious smile. 'Wait a minute,' he thought as he gazed at her mouth. 'It couldn't be…'



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