Summary: The Hitachiin twins are bored, yet again! So when another case of mistaken gender identity, expensive broken pieces of art, and the sudden recruitment of another (unwilling) Ouran High Host Club member happens; the twins find themselves a new toy to play with. However, this new toy is no mere pushover, and can retaliate with just as good pranks as their own, giving Hikaru and Kaoru a good run for their money that they've longed deserved.

Disclaimer: I do not claim any creative rights to OURAN HIGH HOST CLUB anime/manga. All recognizable characters are the sole property of Bisco Hatori. This story is a work of pure fiction, my 'play time' with the characters of the Host Club, because seriously, who wouldn't want to do that? As this is a work of fiction, any personality quirks or suggested fears of already established characters are of the creative thoughts and vast imagination of your's truly.

Author Notes: All unrecognizable characters and storyline are the sole property of thine self (i.e. The author), and their theft or any other sort of "borrowing" will end in wickedly induced pain via black juju and or voodoo, which ever I find easier to use. If anyone reading finds inspiration from my story and characters, then by all means please feel free to run with your own imagination. However, I do highly recommend that avoiding any sort of plagiarism should be avoided, because honestly, we all know that stealing is wrong.

Rating: T

Warning(s): This story will and or may contain mild language, physical fight scenes, some suggested "mature" themes, and some crude humor. Further warnings may or may not be posted on a chapter to chapter basis.

Chapter One

Uchiwa Kyo, Meet Fujioka Haruhi!

The afternoon sun of the midsummer season glistened down upon the picturesque landscape of the massive sprawling grounds of the Ouran Academy. A light midsummer's breeze was sweeping in and rustling through the still blooming cherry trees that dotted the grounds in pink puffs, their pale pink blossoms being gently taken from their branches and gliding through the warm air like a snow. With no clouds in the powder blue sky, no one could have asked for a better day in which to enjoy the outdoors, and many of the students were doing so, except for one Sophomore.

Tucked up out of view, hidden away on the high roof top of the South Building, a second year (Sophomore) of Ouran Academy was dozing in a lazy manner out in the middle of the roof. Arms tucked back behind the head to cushion against the hard surface if the cement pavement, the second year dressed in the soft blue colored suit jacket and black slacks of the boy's uniform looked to be fully enjoying such a pleasant day in a way completely opposite to how others would spend it. The only thing that seemed capable of waking this sleeping student happened to be a cherry blossom that managed to catch a rather decent updraft of warm air and landed right in the space between the eyes and above the bridge of the nose.

The feathery light touch was enough of a disturbance, that the Sophomore blinked lazily to reveal a set of purple jewel-toned colored eyes that were offset nicely by the cinnamon color of the hair that hung from the head in short choppy layers at the back of the head and most of the way forward while long bangs and pieces of hair framed the slender oval shape of the face. After blinking a few more times and looking cross-eyed to the spot where the cherry blossom sat carelessly, the Sophomore sighed while reaching up and plucking the cherry blossom off. Sitting up, the Sophomore had to run a hand through the long bangs to push the fallen askew pieces of hair out the face, and then stared at the blossom held gingerly between the the thumb and index finger. With a small irritated grunt, the Sophomore sighed again and released the blossom as an air current drifted in.

The small flower waltzed off to another destination, leaving the teen to stare after it with a slight smile pulling at the corner of a rather pleasant looking mouth. "Bothersome." The teen stated while finally standing up and walking over to the edge of the roof that boasted a rather ornately sculpted ledge that acted as a safety rail at the same time. Glancing over the edge at the grounds far below, the teen smirked slightly at the sight that was down there.

Apparently, this side of the South Building was where the cherry tree garden was located and maintained. Students were gathered within the neatly and precisely trimmed hedging that was a natural fence for the gardens. Seated at whitewashed rod iron tables in the same type of chair, they seemed to be enjoying an afternoon tea of sorts, their conversations and brief laughter flitting upwards toward the top of the roof, reaching the ears of the teen (that happened to be pierced on both lobes with small silver hoops). Raising a slender brow at the merriment taking place down below, the teen merely smirked while turning about on their heel.

"To each their own I suppose." The Sophomore muttered while walking back towards the roof access and headed down the flight of stairs to get back inside the building itself. Touching down on the top floor where the stairs ended and started at the same time, the Sophomore took notice of a few voices trailing into their direction. Looking towards the voices, the teens' brows rose in curiosity for a moment and then dropped when the faces belonging to those voices stepped into view.

Two female students appeared, chattering with one another in an excited manner, only to stop short in both speech and mobility as they stared with wide eyes at the Sophomore standing ahead of them with a rather blank unreadable look on his face. The blonde was immediately short of breath and clutched at her chest in a dreamy manner. "He's so pretty." she whispered over to her brunette friend, who nodded in agreement.

"I've never seen him around before though." The brunette returned while staring at the Sophomore in the same starry-eyed manner as her friend. "He looks like he's a second year."

The spoken of Sophomore blinked in a stupefied manner at the two girls who seemed star struck with his presence and then looked away from them slowly and started off down the next flight of stairs in a slow speed as if not to attract anymore attention his way from them in the hopes of escaping their gaze. After inching his way a good descent down the stairs, the teen exhaled a held breath of relief and pulled at the collar of the white dress shirt underneath the blazer. "Damn this thing is suffocating." the teen muttered while continuing down the stairs while unbuttoning the first two buttons on the shirt.

Reaching the next floor, the teen headed off to the right to get to the next set of stairs, an obvious one track mind set playing out. I hate this place. It's too quiet, too stuffy, too fragile looking, too posh, too annal, too..."GAH! Why is it so boring here?!" The teen shouted while tussling his own hair with both hands in a frazzled manner.

"You know, if you keep talking to yourself like that, people are going to start wandering." A voice stated, breaking into the small realm surrounding the teen, who was suddenly brought to the realization that they were now outside the South Building entrance.

The Sophomore looked around in a darting manner while trying to remember when they had gotten outside. Finding no such answer, the teen exhale heavily and hung his head, shoulder slumping greatly. "Why does this always happen to me?" he muttered quietly in a curse towards himself.

"Uh...?" the same voice sounded confused now.

Looking up and to the right in a rather odd manner, the teen felt their attitude at that moment suddenly perk up at the person standing there. "And you would be the little voice inside my head that speaks to me?" The teen asked in a drawl manner that didn't sound one bit enthusiastic in the least as he studied this other student standing there.

Brunette, brown-eyed, slender, short for a boy, dressed in the same boy's uniform as themselves, and all around rather feminine looking, the teen couldn't help but wonder about something that was rather obvious in their eyes. The student laughed lightly in a nervous manner while scratching the back of his head. "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you like that Senpai."

"Senpai? What makes you think I'm older than you so suddenly?" The teen asked while standing up straight, showing off the 5'8" height of his slender frame.

"Uh, well, you look a lot older than me, so I just assumed while trying to be polite." The boy replied, the nervous laughing continuing while a panicked look was now crossing his face. "I'm sorry if I've offended you with that."

The bland expression on the Sophomore's face softened into a friendly grin. "Nah, forget it. Besides, I can understand why you would jump to that conclusion first rather than the latter of thinking me younger than yourself." the teen stated while then holding out a hand to the other student. "The name's Uchiwa Kyo."

The boy smiled back in the same manner and took the offered hand to shake it. "Fujioka Haruhi, and it's nice to meet you Uchiwa-senpai.

The second year (Sophomore) named Kyo laughed. "Still with the 'Senpai' thing, eh?" Kyo teased as their hand shake ended. Setting his hands on his hips, Kyo gave Haruhi a rather enlightened look suddenly. "How about we drop the formalities, eh? I have to deal with enough of that crap during school hours as it is."

"Uh...okay." Haruhi replied, his words coming out rather slowly drawn as he wasn't too sure about this guy for some reason or other. "Anyways, I don't think I've seen you around here, Kyo-san."

"Yeah, well, I just transferred here by request of my oh-so-loving-parents." Kyo replied, the last piece of the sentence coming out in a completely sarcastic manner. A rather unpleasant look crossed his face at the same time as if he had just eaten something bitter.

Haruhi chuckled lightly and caused Kyo's foul look to immediately disappear as he joined in with his own small chuckle that was held behind his lips. "So tell me, Kyo-san, what year are you? For future reference of course." Haruhi asked, head tilting sideways a bit.

Kyo held up two fingers in response. "Second year. Your good old Sophomore." He replied while grinning as if he had just won something. "And yourself?"

"Freshman." Haruhi stated while looking rather proud of that statement as well, only a winning grin wasn't on his face, but instead there was a friendly smile. "Entered Ouran Academy at the start of the school year, obviously." He laughed while scratching the back of his head.

"I see, well, nice to meet you as well Haruhi-san." Kyo returned as he eyed the other student for a moment in a studious manner before popping another question. "How come you wear the boy's uniform?"

Haruhi's face went completely pale while drawing a blank expression at the same time. An eerie silence passed between the two students, the distant sound of a wolf howling causing Kyo to look up at the sky in an angle while those purple eyes wandered about to try and locate this source of foreign sound and why it had occurred. Haruhi felt his left eyebrow and the corner of his mouth twitch in response to the question finally as panic mode started to set in. "W-what are you talking about Kyo-san?" he laughed nervously and in a manner that suggested he was trying to avoid the subject completely.

Kyo crossed his arms over his chest while that cinnamon colored head titled sideways in an owlish manner. "Well for starters, it's painfully obvious that you're a gir-" From out of nowhere, Kyo was tackled to the ground by the smaller boy who promptly slapped a hand over his mouth, causing the older student to contract an irritated look on his face in response to such an act. Shouting something that was possibly curse words underneath Haruhi's hand, Kyo was now glaring with a twitching brow at the boy, waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Haruhi repeated hurriedly while bowing his head, voice almost in a whisper now. "But, please, don't say things so loudly with the other students around!" He removed his hand at the gesture from the older student and cringed in waiting for his reply.

"And you don't think tackling me to the ground like that won't attract attention?!" Kyo snapped loudly, only to realize along with Haruhi just how many people were now looking at them. The two exchanged mere flickers of a glance with one another before they were up on their feet in a flash as if nothing happened. Kyo held a panicked look on his face with one hand behind his head and the other resting on Haruhi's shoulder. "That was the perfect execution of a tackle Fujioka-kun!"

"Thank you Senpai!" Haruhi returned in the same panicked/nervous manner as Kyo. "So, should we be on our way then to practice elsewhere?" he laughed nervously, while a bead of sweat ran down the side of his face.

"Yes, exactly! Let's be on our way!" Kyo returned quickly while grabbing Haruhi by the ran and literally taking a page out of the Flash's book and was gone within the blink of an eye, dragging Haruhi along with him.

This left those who had been watching the whole episode in a sat of bleak and utter stunned silence. "There's no way anyone could run that fast." One student commented in the absence of the two boys who had disappeared so suddenly while a dust trail lingered in their wake.