Yeah, I am more than well aware that this is going to get me a LOT of angry messages and comments in the reviews, but it needs to go up and all of you readers need to be informed rather than left in the dark wondering what's going to happen with this story. While I know the greater majority of you who have been with this story since the first chapter will be upset by the following, please bear with me. As of this moment I will no longer be continuing with HEY, JULIET! as it is. HOWEVER! I am taking on responsibility to officially retcon my own storyline and OC characters that I have created over the passed near three years since this story was first published. That's right, the entirety of what is HEY, JULIET! is not being thrown into the garbage and leaving you readers in the absolute dark as to what was going on and what could have gone on with the rest of the storyline. As it stands – and I am being perfectly honest with all of you because you deserve that – I have completely forgotten where it was in the blue hell I was going with the direction and progression of the storyline and the development of the character Uchiwa Kyo. I was hit with such a massive writer's block that I just ended up simply ignoring HEY, JULIET! thinking that if I focused on my other stories than I could discover where I was going and remind myself of what I had yet to wrap up and answer as far as the massive plot-holes I let litter this story.

Alas, it was not to be as what I thought would work did in fact absolutely blow up in my face. I am so sorry guys, I never meant to just abandon this and leave you all high and dry scratching your heads and wondering if you ever gonna see an update any time soon. But as a writer, I demanded a higher degree of story telling out of myself, and after re-reading what I have written thus far with HEY, JULIET! I feel as though I nearly failed and allowed my characters to slip off into Mary-Sueville (which by the way if effing hard as shit to not let happen since everyone who reads fanfiction practically condemns OC characters indefinitely no matter how hard you try to please them). So, as stated earlier, I am retconing HEY, JULIET indefinitely and will be publishing the rewrite within the next couple of days with first chapter of DEAR JULIET, I LOVE YOU!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave them in a review or even shoot me a message. I will try to answer them the best that I can, and I will be including them on a small Q&A piece I will be putting up in my profile for anyone else curious to the ending of HEY, JULIET! Thank you, all of you; everyone who added this story as a Favorite, Story Alert, and even added me as a Favorite Author and Author Alert!! You're all awesome, and because of that DEAR JULIET, I LOVE YOU! will be up as soon as possible!!

Love & Peace!

- Sarazz Prime