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Lara Croft..getting married? Yes. Our dear Lara..


To whom, you ask?

Read on, and find out you shall..

It was a nice day. The birds were singing, the bees were stinging them because they were to loud.

Isn't that lovely?


Lara walked down the isle, looking beautiful....duh!

So, she kept on walking.

The guests were smiling.

She made her way to the front, were her husband to be was standing. Did someone just fart..?

The Priest said everything, and the couple said their "I do's"

The thing was, Lara never really got a good look at her Husband. It was rather dark, you see.

'You may kiss the bride..'

As her veil was lifted, she saw who it was....

WINSTON??! Her..Butler?!

It was just a dream, of course...


Lara never ate beans on toast before bed time ever again.

A/N- Yes, I know it's short..yes, I wrote the spoon thingy, I'll upload it soon.