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Enjoy the fic.


Chapter 1

Birds flew in every direction, as the body of the nine-tails fell onto the ground. The earth under the shinobi shook violently, knocking some off they're feet. Tree's were crushed underneath the weight of the kitsune, leaving a large imprint of it in the endless sea of tree's surrounding Konoha. The shinobi were silent for a moment, looking at the dead form of the beast they had been fighting. Slowly, the shinobi rose, picking up they're wounded and dead, walking back towards the village. There was no shouts of victory or celebrating.

Not when they've lost so much...they had no reason to...

If they had taken the time to notice, they would have seen a small child right next to the Kitsune, wrapped up in a white sheet. Gama-buta looked at the child with sympathy, but had no energy left to take it back to the village. Instead, he did something else, something that may or may not help the child. Placing his hand on the ground, calling out for a messenger. A small black frog about the size of the child was now before him.

" Take a message to Amaterasu, tell her that we have a situation regarding Inari.." The black toad saluted and disappeared in a puff of smoke, the frog boss sighing and looking at the child once more before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

He would need to be kept all costs...


An hour later, in a bright flash of light, a being appeared in the area that the battle took place. She was tall, standing at 6'2 and having long black hair that came just below her knees. She was wearing a robe like clothing, two large black wings sticking out from her back ( if you want a good picture of her, go to my profile, I set one up near the bottom.) The person looked around the area for something, before finally setting her sites on it...or him.

The women walked towards the child gracefully, bending down to pick up the child when she reached him. The child had blond hair and blue eyes, whisker marks visible on his checks. She looked down at the child, who was reaching up at her with his small hands. The women smiled at the child warmly, walking over to the kitsune's dead body and sitting on one of it's paws. The women's hand reached for the white sheet that was wrapped around him. Lifting enough off of the child, she looked down at the seal on his stomach.

Sighing, the women noted that the seal was already starting to crack. She gave it three hours at most before the child was killed and the Tsuki was released once more. Wondering to herself about how to deal with this, she heard a little grumbling noise. She looked down at the child to see that it was coming from him. Smiling down at him once more, she reached up to her neckless and unlinked her top part, allowing her breast to be out in all there glory. Bring the child up to one of them, she began to breast feed the child while thinking of some way to strengthen the seal. After about ten minutes, the child stopped and went off into peaceful slumber.

The women still hadn't though of a way to save the child, even about to give up hope. This was until the boy's stomach started to glow. Looking down at the seal, she noticed that it was..reforming into a more powerful one. This seal would be able to keep Tsuki under control, still at the cost of the child. The question is, what caused it to-.Wait, it must have been the milk, this was around the time that something usually hit's the stomach.

How this could effect a seal that would keep a ten story foot Kitsune at bay you ask? Any thing from a goddess is powerful, no matter how you look at it.

Bringing the cloth back up and re-attaching it, the women covered the child with the sheet completely now that the issue with the seal was taken care of. Smiling down at the boy, she wondered what would happen now.

" Have you found him yet?" the women heard someone ask to another, she looking in the direction of the voice. She listened in on the conversation.

" No, he wasn't around here either. Did he even survive it?" one asked the other.

" I don't know, but we still need to find him." the women looked down at the child once more and smiled at him one final time, laying him back down in the grass. Disappearing in a flash of light, a few feathers falling down to the ground and around the child. A old man in a white robe with the symbol for 'fire shadow' on it rounded around the Kitsune in time to see the feathers fall around the child. The man walked up to him, picking the child up and cradling him in his arms.

" I found him!" the man shouted out to the other people, a few men and women appearing behind him. All of them fully armored and ready for whatever may happen. You never know when an enemy could arrive. The old man looked down on the child and smiled.

"We've finally found him...Naruto..."


12 years later.

Naruto couldn't believe it, after all that time he spent training, all those nights reading through scrolls and practicing jutsu, he still failed. Ayame was going to be so disappointed in him, after he promised to become a shinobi. Sighing, he wondered what it would be like to go thought he academy a fourth time. He knew it was impossible, but if he was lucky, he could maybe convince the third to give him another chance.

Making his way towards his favorite ramen stand, Naruto thought of how to convince the third to let him try again. He didn't care how long it took, he was going to become a shinobi one way or another. A few minutes later, he arrived at the Ichiraku ramen stand. Naruto moved onto one of the stools and slumped a bit, asking for some ramen and putting his head down. Ayame, who had been taking care of the counter at the time, went over to Naruto with a slightly worried expression.

I mean, if you've known someone to always be full of energy, always smiling no matter who or what was against them. Then something had to be up, period.

" Naruto-kun, what's wrong?" Ayame asked, bending over the counter slightly to reach Naruto's height while sitting in the chair. Naruto tried his best to avoid eye contacted with Ayame, the one thing that could always get him to tell her anything. Seriously, it was the whole make-your-life-a-living-hell look, even worse, the don't-you-trust-me-enough-look. Later one always got him, the former he had a slim chance of making it through. Looking a bit up at her, not at her face of course ( starring at her chest), Naruto sighed.

" Nothing Ayame-chan, don't worry about it.." Naruto replied, showing one of his widely known grins. One of the few things that anyone bothered to notice about Naruto ( besides his hair and clothing) was his grin. Which Naruto thought could solve any problem. Oh, how the mind's of children work and how we love to crush they're little worlds...

Or is that just me?

Ayame frowned, her glaze turning from worried to a saddened look. One that if Naruto saw, he would recognize instantly. Naruto cursed silently, taking into account that she skipped the first one and went straight to the second.. Naruto took a glance at her, looking back down at the counter. Ayama tapped the counter a bit, seeing Naruto look over at her hand.

" But Naruto..." Ayame said, dropping the -kun suffix for a moment. " I thought you were able to tell me anything?" She stated, her second expression at full power. Naruto slightly looked up again, looking back down at the counter to try and avoid it. Ayame started to sniff a bit, looking down towards the counter as well.

" I only want to know what's wrong." Ayame stated, sniffing once more. Naruto glanced up at her a third time, though this time she had caught him, staring at him in full force of the one thing that Naruto had wanted to avoid. Naruto shuddered for a moment, thinking of anyway out of this.

" It's n-not-thing A-Ayame-chan, d-don't worry a-about-t it." Naruto replied, Ayame continuing to stare at him with the those horrible, cursed eyes that could make him spill anything. Ayame began to tear a bit, Naruto freezing. " I-I just f-failed on m-my third t-time on t-try-ying t-to pass, t-that's a-all." Naruto said as quickly as he could, Ayame looking up at him with a cute, yet saddened expression.

"Is that what's bothering you, Naruto-kun?" Ayame asked, Naruto nodding a bit. There was a silence between the two, before Ayame gave her full attention to Naruto.

" THEN STOP MOPPING AND GO TRAIN!" Ayame yelled, Naruto falling backwards off of his seat. Naruto grabbed onto the counter, pulling himself back up and looking at a pissed Ayame. Naruto stared at her in confusion.

" was my thir-."

" No buts, go home and practice." Ayame order, Naruto starting to cower a bit. Ayame noticed this, and smiled a bit. " Naruto, what do you want to accomplish?"

" To be Hokage..." Naruto stated, him cowering less at this point.

" Do you think A hokage would give up after one set back.." actually, Naruto has had many set backs. Ayame knew this, since she was the one that usually helped him through it. Hey, if he was able to make it through that kinda hell, then this shouldn't be anything new..back to the thing at hand, Naruto shook his head at the question. " train, grow, and become what you dream. It's as simple as that."

She wasn't one for dramatic speeches, go figure?

"I..." Naruto started, wondering on what he had to do next.

" First, go learn some new jutsu and if you learn a good amount." Ayame went around the counter and hugged Naruto tightly. Naruto face beginning to flush a how close she was. " I'll teach you one of my personal jutsu."Ayame whispered in his ear, letting him go from the hug. " Alright?"

"Hell yeah!" Naruto yelled, running off towards the nearest training field. He looked over his shoulder at her. " See you later Ayame-chan." He shouted at her, waving a bit as he ran like his life depended on it. Ayame sighed and rubbed her temples.

" Enthusiastic, isn't he?" Ayame heard someone say, looking up at the roof of the ramen shop. A girl around the age of 15 was sitting on the edge of the roof, an amused smile on her face. She was wearing a purple kimono with various flowers on it, most of them being a different color. She wore what looked like a hat with goggles on it. On her feet were a type of boots, ones with metal balls on the bottom to let her run fast then most people . Her pink hair reached down to her lower thigh, surprisingly splitting into two sections, like wings.

" Simca, mind keeping an eye on him?" Ayame asked, a shadow flying over her a second later. She watched Simca follow Naruto, gliding in the air to catch up to him. Ayame watched them till they were out of sight, before turning around and heading back to the other side of the counter...she needed to close this up soon since she would be going on a mission later today. Wondering about all the work she was going through to keep him strong.

" Is it all...worth it?"


Naruto ran as fast like his life depend on it, actually, it did. He needed to find a empty training field, practice a few jutsu, then go bother Ayame for one of hers. She was always promising to teach him one, but she never did. Maybe if he learn enough jutsu, she would be willing to share that earth jutsu that she had. It was so destructive, ripping the ground apart and taking out half of the training field when she last used it.

Naruto hoped to learn it...

Naruto's face brimmed at the thought of learning the jutsu, but it slowly lost that expression when he realized that he didn't have any scrolls that taught new jutsu. It's not like he could go to the library or anything, since they pretty much banned him from it. Maybe...he shouldn't have caused over half the shelves to fall over through a series of simple traps and tricking/leading the librarian through it all.

What fun would that have been if he didn't though?

"But how am I going to learn some new jutsu?" Naruto asked to himself, wondering on how he could possibly get a hold of a scroll or book. Maybe even get someone to teach him a thing or two. He could ask Iruka, but then again he had pissed him off earlier and it wouldn't be wise to go back. He could ask Obaa-chan, but she was usually drunk around this time. Besides, she never really gave him any training. Possibly Neji, wait never mind. He was usually in his 'all high and powerful' mode at this point, so it would be best not to bother him. How the hell was he suppose to...

Naruto flinched, as he heard a sound coming from a nearby alleyway. He looked over to see a cloud of dust coming up from a trash can. Naruto went over to it slowly, not knowing what he would find. Inching over a little bit at a time before he was finally right next to it. Peeking inside, he saw something on top of all the garbage.

It was a scroll, an old scroll. Even with all the dust on it, Naruto could tell that it was, or used to be, pure white. Slowly reaching down into the garbage can, he pulled the scroll out. Unwrapping it, Naruto looked at what was on the scroll. Naruto read down the scroll, his eyes growing wider and wider. His hands began to shake a bit, as he continued to read down the scroll.

Smiling to himself, Naruto made his way towards the nearest field once more. He had just found something that could seriously help him accomplish his grow into being a true shinobi, something that could help him accomplish his dream. He had found something beyond imagination, and this, to him, could only get better. Who ever drooped this, he would have to thank at some point, if he ever meet them. Naruto decided that would be his second dream, to meet the person that either 'voluntarily' or 'involuntary' helped him with his first.

Then again, we could give him three hours to forget about it. I mean this is Uzumaki Naruto people, the only ninja that seems to suffer from ADD.


Up on a near by building, Simca smiled to herself. He really seemed to love the scroll she dropped, and that was a good thing. It was a late birthday gift from his 'mother'. She wasn't really his mother, but considering what she had done for him when he was young, she had given a little bit of herself to the child. Simca wondered why Amaterasu did that, but then again, she was trying to keep Tuski from going on another rampage. That's why they lessened the charges against her.

Simca shook her head, wondering which jutsu the kid was going to learn from the scroll. There was quite a bit listed on there, so it should keep him entertained for some time. This seemed to spark her interest even more. Maybe, if the kid seemed interesting enough, she might just give him her summoning contract...



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