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Chapter 3

" I still can't believe he made Hokage..." A man stated, turning to face the person he was talking to. This 'person' was old, around seventy plus at least. At one point in time, he was considered to be one of the best shinobi's in all of Konoha, now retired from active duty. The 'person' that the man was talking to was wearing a plain black hoodie and pants, both of which were baggy. The person said that it was comfortable for him, considering that his old Shinobi uniform was just as tight for him.

" Well, he did work hard through the years to get this far." The old man said, smiling to himself. " I think everyone was shocked when they learned who it was."

" You piratically gave everyone a heart attack." The man from before stated, sighing a bit as he thought about it. " But you really have to imagine the shock on everyone's face when they discovered that him of all people had become the fifth Hokage. You sure you didn't make him your successor just to see everyone's faces?"

" Nonsense...I would never put the village in danger for such a joke."

" Right, do you remember the little incident with Tsunade?" The man asked, the old man letting his head drop at the mentioning of what had happened a few months ago.

" You just had to bring that up, didn't you Kakashi?"

" Yo, Sarutobi-sama, Kakashi-sensei!" Both said people looked towards the source of the voice, taking in his new 'wardrobe'. The man before them had grown, but not by much. He was only standing at 5'9, his spiky orange hair making him look 5'10. He was wearing a simple black shirt, his jounin vest on top of it. Wearing black, water proof pants and black boots along with it, this making his hair and blue eye's stand out quite a bit. The man also had three nin pouches on him, lining behind his belt. He was always ready to kill someone now a days.

" What are you guy's doing?" The man asked, watching both Sarutobi and Kakashi slowly hide there 'books' behind they're back. Sarutobi coughed, looking up at the man with a 'please-don't-tell-are-wives' look.

" We were just talking about the new Hokage, Naruto." Sarutobi stated, Naruto thinking about what the Third had just said, before laughing his ass off. He was apparently thinking about the new Hokage, and how much of a poor bastard he was.


Sneezing, the fifth wiped his nose off. It had been a long day for him, and it was only eight o'clock in the morning. Marriage, you had to hate and love it. Love because it means, most of the time, that you've found someone you can truly care for, to live the rest of your days out with. Hate it, because you wife gets you up at five o'clock in the morning and sends you to work. Sighing, he mentally stated 'what a bitch' before looking over at his piles upon piles of paperwork.

" God, this job is too troublesome."


" So when do you think he's going to stop laughing?" Sarutobi asked, watching Naruto continue to laugh his ass off on the ground, while Kakashi shrugged.

" I really don't know, but at least we can take advantage of the situation."

" How is poking him with a stick taking advantage?" the Third asked, watching Kakshi poke Naruto continuously with a stick. Were he was able to find the stick, Sabutobi would never know. The third looked back over at Naruto, who was still laughing, probably happy that he turned down the job after all. " Naruto, don't you have to be at the academy in a few minutes?" He asked, Naruto's eyes shooting wide open.

" Holy shit!" Naruto was soon off the floor and running as fast as he could towards the academy, Kakashi and Sarutobi watching him run off in a cloud of dust.

" That...was interesting." Kakashi stated, looking over at Sarutobi. " Think this has anything to do with his kid making chuunin?" Sarutobi looked over at Kakashi with a raised eyebrow.

" You know she never went through the academy...Naruto didn't seem to want to give her up at that point. It's probably the day were people from all the ranks show up. He probably got her to be the chuunin to take questions." Sarutobi said, Kakshi slowly nodding to every thing he said, his one eye flashing open a second later.

" HOLY SHIT!" Running as fast as he could, Kakashi ran towards the academy, a dust cloud trailing behind him. The sandaime slapped his face, pulling his hand down at the thought of what those two idiots were going to do.

" Though Cheri should keep them in order." Maybe it was a good thing that Naruto's kid was chosen for the chuunin after all...


" Now, it's time for the sit down and shut the fuck up !" Naruto yelled, the academy students running as fast as they could to get into there proper seats. In less then two minutes, the room had grown silent and the children were in they're seats. Kakashi clapped at this, seeing as how Naruto could order his students around so easily. Then again, if he wanted to, he could do the same. Naruto let out a tired sigh, coughing a bit.

" Okay, now, any questions?" Naruto saw one of the children raise they're hands." Yes?"

" Why is she up there?" The boy asked, Naruto looking in the direction that the child pointed. There standing was a small, seven year old girl, holding what looked like a stuffed sheep. She was pretty big for her age, around 3'1 in height, her pinkish hair coming down to her shoulder blades. She was wearing a simple pink hoodie and black shorts (loose), along with sandles. She had three belts around her waist, all full to the brim with kunai, wires, scrolls ( ect). A dull expression dawned the child's face, the whisker marks on her cheek barely moving due to how little movement there was. Naruto sighed, looking back at the child.

"Cheri, is the chuunin for today. If you have any questions on Chunnins or what they need to do, ask her...since Kakashi-sensei will just point you in her direction anyway." Naruto stated, looking over at said person to see that he had pulled out his perverted book. Naruto took out a kunai, aiming to hit the book. To his surprise, well not really, another kunai flew in the air and hit the book, impelling it to the wall. A second later, the book burst into flames, Kakashi looking at the site with watery eyes.

" No!" Kakashi yelled, dropping to his knees. " That was limited edition, complete with the authors ,and the actors from the movies, signature." Kakashi then began to cry to himself, bringing his hands up to cover his watery eyes. Cheri just blew a piece of her hair out of her eyes, looking down at Kakshi with a dull expression.

" If you didn't want to lose it, then you shouldn't have been reading it in front of me, Uncle Kakashi." Cheri stated, having little remorse for what she did.. Looking back over at them, Naruto saw that Kakashi was still crying over his book, and probably would continue to cry for the next few days. Naruto then looked over at Cheri, smiling a bit at what he saw. The children, all around the age of 9 and 10, had surrounded her, asking as many questions as they could think up.

He got a good laugh out of her clueless expression and out of the fact that she didn't know what to do. Wondering on wether or not to save his daughter from the embarrassment that she was going through right now, Naruto chose on the later and walked towards the group. There was hope for her yet...Maybe


" Well...that was interesting." Naruto stated, thinking back at what had happened just a few hours ago. Cheri looked at him with her usual dull expression, not really interested. " Though, I can't believe they're thinking about that sort of thing at that age."Cheri froze, naruto walking a little ahead of her.

" You just had to bring that up, didn't you?" Cheri asked, Naruto smiling even more.

" What? You should have been flattered..."

" A nine year old grabbed my ass, how do you think I felt?"Cheri asked, Naruto taking a thoughtful position. Giving it a moment of thought, Naruto turned his attention back to Cheri.

" Well, I thought you were into older men..." Naruto stated,Cheri glaring at him.

" I am into older men, not little boy's..." Cheri stated, walking a little faster towards the ramen stand then Naruto. Naruto figured that she would grow out of it eventually. I mean, come on, it's not like she would actually be able to date till she's like she had some time to think it over, and Naruto some time to corrupt her small, not so fragile mind into his own liking. At some points, Naruto loved having a child.

Walking faster to keep up with his daughter, Naruto headed towards the ramen stand. Picking out a random stool that was not currently being used by someone else, Naruto jumped on it, spinning around while saying 'weee'.Cheri, on the other hand, ignored him and sat on the stool next to him, waiting for some service.

" Naruto-kun, how long do you plan on doing that?"

" Until I get some ramen, Ayame-chan, until I get some ramen." Naruto stated, continuing to spin on his chair. Ayame, the ramen waitress shrugged being used to this kinda behavior by Naruto already and looked over at Cheri, who was currently plotting her fathers slow and very painful death.

" The usual Cheri-chan?" Ayame asked, Cheri answering with a simple nod. Ayame took one more glance at Naruto, before working on the ramen. Ten minutes later of Naruto spinning on his chair non-stop and Cheri wondering the same question 'why her' over and over again in her mind, Ayame finished the ramen and handed it to them, or at least tried. Naruto, dizzy from the constant spinning, fell off the stool as soon as he stopped, hitting the ground with a large thud, saying 'ouch' lightly.

" That's what you get for acting like a dumbass." Cheri stated, eating her ramen. Naruto, getting over a little of the dizziness, climbed back onto the stool, his head shaking a bit.

" You don't have to a bitch about it Cheri-chan."

" Meh, life's a bitch." Cheri replied, continuing to eat her ramen. Naruto shrugged, reaching over towards the ramen, or was until Ayame smacked his hand.

"No spinning while eating the ramen, got it?" Ayame stated, Naruto nodding his head. He then reached for the ramen again, smiling when no one tried to get in the way of him getting to eat again. He then began to eat ramen at an extremely fast rate, finishing it in less then a minute and turning towards his daughter.

" You done yet?" Naruto asked, Cheri glancing over at him.

" No, and don't rush a lady.." Cheri replied, slurping up the last of the ramen. She hoped off the stool, grabbing her stuffed turtle and looked over towards Ayame. " Thank you for the Ramen, Ayame-chan." Cheri said, bowing a bit.

" Anytime, Cheri-chan, anytime..." Ayame stated, looking over at Naruto, who was currently reaching into his pocket and pulling out his frog wallet. Pulling out the right amount of money, Naruto paid for the ramen and looked at Cheri with a smile on his face.

" Shall we go now?" Naruto asked, about to head in the direction of the house. That was until he saw a shadow pass by the ground for a second, looking up to see a bird had flown towards him. Extending his arm outwards, the bird landed on it and folded it's wings. Naruto's free hand them over towards the birds leg, grabbing the piece of paper that was on it and opening it with his thumb.

" More work tonight?" Cheri asked, Naruto nodding his head on confirmation. Cheri, for one split second, let a small frown appear on her face, before returning to the normal dull expression. Naruto himself wondered if he was ever going to get a break from his work. Maybe he should ask for a vacation from the Hokage. Then again, he Hokage would probably have to fill out paper work to let him have one...

" Time for another wonderful day of countless slaughtering and hunting of rejected nin. Just when I got my clothes dry cleaned too..."

" You sure your going to be fine?" Naruto asked, straightening the armor on his left arm. He was wearing an outfit to his own design, unlike the usual hunter-nin uniform. First off, he was once again wearing a pair of baggy black pants and shirt, only without the vest. Underneath the shirt he was wearing chain mail, it a little bigger then the shirt it was underneath. He was also wearing leg guards underneath his baggy pants, not even noticeable unless you lifted the pants up a bit. He had kept his several belts, along with the addition of a dark blue jacket to add extra spaces for him to store scrolls and other things. His arms also had guards on them, the left one coming all the way up Naruto's arm. In his left hand was a hunter-nins mask.

" Yes, I'll be fine." Cheri replied, as she watched her father straighten out the armor on his right armor. She looked down at her stuffed sheep, playing a little bit with one of it's legs. Naruto smiled sadly, placing the mask on his face.

" Alright, I'll be going then." Naruto stated, walking out of his room and out into the living room. Looking around the room, he turned his attention over towards the cat laying on the couch. " Look after her, okay?" Naruto asked, the cat meowing and just going back to sleep, Naruto was just about to leave when he heard someone/ something walk up to him.

" I'll be fine Zou..." Naruto stated, turning over towards the stone dog. Said 'person' only frowned at it's master.

" You really should give up this job..." Zou stated, looking towards the other room. " What would happen if..."

" That would never happen." Naruto stated, beginning to form some seals. " After all, I'd never leave her alone in the world like that..." Naruto then finished the seals, starting to glow after a second had gone by.

" Still, be careful Naruto..." Naruto sent Zou a grin, flashing from existence a second later. Staring at the spot that his master had been standing at for a few seconds, he then made his way towards the room that Naruto's daughter was currently in. Maybe if Zou was fast enough, he could brainwash his daughter into being a little more careful with things. Though, considering her mother, this may take awhile.


Appearing in a flash of light, Naruto arrived at the hokage's office, bowing his head in respect to the kage. Even if he could kick his ass, Naruto still needed to show respect, one way or another. It's not like the guy was the first choice on the list, anyway.

" Hello, said it was an emergency?" Naruto looked up to see the Hokage, only to find the Hokages wife sitting in his chair. " Tenten-chan, what are you doing here?"

" The Hokage already went home, and asked me to give you your mission for him." Tenten replied, gritting her teeth. Yep, he defiantly didn't want to be Shikamaru right now. He almost felt bad for the new hokage, doing...well actually, he really didn't do anything. Then going home to...Tenten, who seemed to have anger management issues when you pissed her off. Almost like Ino, really, they both got along great with one another. " So here it is, try to finish it as soon as possible." Tenten stated, while Naruto opened the scroll and had a look at it. His eyes widening with every word he read.

" That's...impossible."


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