Title: The Mirror Never Lies

Author: Lady Remus

Pairings: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin

Length: Unknown at this point but word count will be allocated once Chapter 3 has been completed and beta read

Summary: When Remus finds himself in a strange room, he finds himself confronting his anxieties…and his hidden desires. The sequel to my fic, "Second Time Round".

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: homosexual activity

Disclaimer: The original characters come from the mind of J K Rowling. I don't own them and I'm certainly not making any profit from this.

Beta: emotionalwench (LJ), faithinstars (GJ)

Notes: After two reviewers on AFF (as well as some people on Live Journal) asked for a sequel, I knew that this was going to be a trilogy…with the second story having Sirius catching Remus in the act and having it end in some awkwardness. Whilst I was waiting for "Second Time Round" to come back from Joshua (faithinstars), I started writing on this. It has had several rewrites and many scenes have been changed or emphasised. The "play fight" scene was inspired by a small clip I saw on YouTube which showed two guys "fighting" and tickling before they kiss.

Dedication: This goes out to my two beta readers. Having two betas was a mistake in my part. I sent it to faithinstars but he ended up being too busy and I eventually sent the story to emotionalwench. However, stupid me forgot to tell the first beta reader who sent me all three chapters edited by him (after I got the edited version from emotionalwench). So, eventually the problem was solved when I decided to merge the ideas of both readers which turned out to be a top idea in the end because I got the best of both worlds. So, cutting a long story short, this story is for them.

Review: Yes please.

Chapter 1- A Frustrated Werewolf

"Oh, yes. That's nice."

Sirius looked at him from above and smiled devilishly. "You like that, don't you?"

Remus nodded eagerly and watched as the dark-haired boy gently stroked the werewolf's cock slowly and teasingly. Remus was lying on his back, completely naked and helpless under Sirius, who was also naked. He continued to stroke Remus' pulsing erection while stealing a kiss from the quieter boy's lips.

Sirius parted the kiss and Remus watched as the handsome boy's face changed from happy to angry. Whilst masturbating Remus, the black-haired boy slapped his face with his other hand. The brown-haired boy's left eye immediately started to fill up with tears.

"Then you're a dirty boy, aren't you?" Sirius scorned as he slapped his friend again.

Remus tried to cover his face, but his hands were stuck to the floor. He had to endure each hard slap that Sirius gave to him, as well as his cold remarks. And all the while, Sirius was now furiously masturbating the submissive boy, who was beginning to feel the need to come.

"You're a dirty werewolf, aren't you?" Sirius repeatedly shouted. "ADMIT IT!"

"I'm not dirty!" Remus cried, "Please, stop it. Please, STOP IT!"

"Please, STOP IT!"

Remus woke up with a start. He was covered in sweat, and his face was slightly damp with tears. He was also cold, and he could feel stickiness on the sheets below his thighs. He lifted up his cover and saw that he had another wet dream. He sat up in bed, and even though the room was dim, he could see that no one had heard his cry. He curled up in a sitting position and rocked gently, not wanting to go back to sleep.

It had been a week since the incident between him and Sirius. He had not mentioned it to his friend since--he wanted to forget about it, but yet he could not. He remembered that it felt so nice--and so right--to become so physically close to his best friend, and yet he knew it was wrong. In this day and age, it was dirty to be gay or have gay thoughts.

He had dreamt about his handsome friend long before the incident, but it had been nothing like what had happened between them. In his dreams, they had cuddled each other and sometimes Sirius had kissed him passionately. Remus would always wake up and realise he had an erection. He tried to push away those dreams out of his mind, but sometimes they came back to him. He had been dreaming about Sirius all week, and tonight had been the most distressing. Never before had the Sirius in his dreams hit him or called him dirty.

He clenched hold of his brown mop of hair and pulled it hard. He could feel more tears coming, but he did not care. He needed to do something--anything--to get rid of this frustration.

He looked to his left and saw Sirius sleeping like a baby. He knew that the dark-haired rebel slept with barely any sleepwear on. In the dim starlight, Remus could see that Sirius's duvet had pushed halfway down his chest. Remus gazed at Sirius' physique as well as his black hair sticking out all over his head.

Remus smiled. Aw, he's so cute when he's awake and cheeky. He's even cuter when he's asleep.

He took out his wand, whispered a charm and his sheets were clean again. He lied down on his bed and put his cover over him. As he tried to get back to sleep, he stared at his sleeping friend and thoughts ran through his head.

Oh, Pads. Why do I have to feel this way about you? Why do I have thoughts about holding you and kissing you? Why do I have to think such…dirty things?

It was nearly sunrise when Remus finally succumbed to a dreamless sleep.

Later on that day, Sirius walked into the dormitory and immediately saw his best friend curled up on his bed. He moved towards his bed, which was next to Remus' bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and stared at his friend. He was still clad in his school shirt and trousers, but his tie and robes were gone. He was also awake, and had a sad expression on his face. Sirius could also see dark rings around Remus' eyes.

He stared sadly at Remus. "You alright, mate?"

The shy boy nodded softly. "Yeah. I'm just feeling a bit tired today. I'll be alright."

"Anything you want to talk about?"

Remus shook his head. "I'm just not sleeping well. It doesn't help that it's raining. It seems to be giving me the blues today."

Sirius stared at his friend in silence. He hated to see his friend looking depressed. It did not help that he was in love with his quiet friend. Sirius wanted to hold, caress and kiss him. He wanted to take away Remus' depression. All week, he had wanted to tell the werewolf his feelings for him--he nearly did when Remus had frantically got dressed after the incident. Sirius remembered stroking his friend's hair and almost saying the words. He would have succeeded if James had not walked in the room at that moment. The usually confident boy was now too scared to tell Remus the truth.

Eventually, Sirius sighed, knelt on the floor and placed his arms on the edge of Remus' bed. He then rested his head on his arms. He pulled a face similar to the sad boy's facial expression to try and get a reaction, but to no avail.

After another silence, the black-haired boy spoke, "I know why you're not sleeping. You've been working too hard for the NEWTs. You're all burnt out and having bad dreams about the exams. You need to relax and have some fun. I tell you what, why don't we go and play a prank on the youngsters? We've not done that in ages. Trust me, you'll sleep like a baby tonight."

Remus shook his head in silence.

Sirius smiled and insisted, "Aw, come on. It'll be a giggle." He waited for a response and received none. "Okay, then. How about we just go and meet up with Prongs, Lily and Wormtail? That will cheer you up."

Remus almost smiled when he saw his friend's cheeky grin but instead, he shook his head again. "No. I just don't feel like going anywhere, that's all. I'll be alright, I promise."

There was another silence as Sirius simply stared at his friend. He watched as the bookworm lost his gaze on his friend and appeared to be staring into space. He could hear the pounding of rain onto the window and, after a while, he sighed and began to feel fed up as well. He looked around the room and turned around until he was staring at his own bed. He then saw the fluffy white pillows on his bed and he suddenly had an idea. Smiling cheekily to himself, he went over to his bed, picked up the pillow and then turned towards Remus. Seeing that his friend was still in his own world, Sirius tried not to giggle as he lifted up his pillow and hit him softly with it.

The brown-haired boy immediately woke up from his daydream. He stared up at his cheeky friend. "What did you do that for?"

Sirius giggled, "What? You mean this?" He hit the werewolf gently on the waist with the pillow.

"Oi!" Remus cried but Sirius could see a smile form on his face. Remus picked up a pillow from his bed, "Right! You're going to get it."

Sirius mocked, "Oh, I'm so scared."

Remus swung his pillow at his friend, and it collided with the top of Sirius' leg. And that is how the pillow fight began. Within a few seconds, they were battling each other with soft white pillows. They were soon laughing, and with each hit, the laughing became louder and more carefree. Sirius watched as Remus' face lit up and the sight made him smile wider.

Eventually, Remus hit the black-haired boy hard on the head with his pillow, and his friend immediately placed his hand on his hair and moved a step backwards. The brown-haired boy immediately stopped and put the pillow on the bed. He went over to Sirius and placed his friend's hand over his own.

"I'm sorry, Sirius. Did I hurt you?"

Sirius gazed into Remus' eyes, which were full of concern. He could feel Remus' hand on his own, and he had the urge to kiss him. Instead, he smiled cheekily and said, "You'll pay for that." He grabbed hold of Remus' wrists and pinned him to the bed.

"Oh, it's a fight you want?" Remus asked, and he turned his friend over on the bed. Soon they were play wrestling as if they were twelve years old again. They grabbed each other, pinned each other and even tickled each other until they were laughing so much that they both had an aching feeling in their sides. At the last, Sirius once again grabbed hold of Remus' wrists and pinned him to the bed.

Sirius breathed, "I win. What's my prize?"

Remus giggled. "I don't know. What did you have in mind?"

Sirius exhaled in a laugh, but still kept his gaze into the werewolf's soulful eyes. Remus was still giggling at him, and Sirius was enchanted on how his friend's face lit up. His eyes were twinkling, and his smile made him look cuter than usual, in Sirius' eyes. Sirius let go of Remus' wrists and began to caress his friend's face. As Sirius' fingertips brushed against his cheek, he watched as Remus' smile and giggling disappeared.

The situation from the previous week began to play in his mind again--the memory of having the Remus' cock in his mouth and tasting the delicious essence was becoming stronger and stronger. Sirius had tired to block it out, but his efforts were in vain, and it increased his longing for the werewolf.

He succumbed to his urges and leaned forward to kiss Remus. He could hear the other boy say his name, but within seconds, their lips were locked together in a kiss. Sirius melted against the softness of Remus' lips. When he felt Remus' arms wrap around his body, Sirius rested himself completely on his friend underneath him. As they kissed with urgency, Sirius began to rub his hard erection against Remus' growing bulge, and the two students moaned into each other's mouth.

He parted the kiss and continued to rub his erection against Remus' own. He proceeded to kiss and lick the his face gently. Remus moaned again at Sirius' actions.

Oh God, Pads, this is so nice…I want more of him…he's gorgeous.

What are you doing? You're doing it again, you dirty, dirty werewolf.

It was then that Remus realised what was happening. He opened his eyes and saw Sirius all over him.

"Pads…," Remus breathed, "stop it."

Sirius ignored him and continued to kiss and lick the werewolf's face. He reached down Remus' chest and down his trousers. He sighed and moaned as he felt his hard cock poking out of his boxer shorts.

Sirius moaned, "Beautiful Remy…"

"Sirius, stop it!" Remus shouted.

He forcefully pushed the black-haired boy off him and then sat up on the edge of the bed, turning away from the animagus. Feeling ashamed, he put his head in his hands and breathed in and out deeply.

Oh, God. What is happening to me? he asked himself. I shouldn't be doing this with my best friend. I shouldn't want him.

Moments later, he felt Sirius sit behind him and spread his legs so that Remus was now sitting between them. Sirius' arms and hands encased him in a hug, and he rested his chin on the brown-haired boy's shoulder.

He whispered, "What's wrong, Moony?"

Still in his hands, Remus shook his head and mumbled, "Nothing."

Sirius stroked the werewolf's soft brown mop of hair and whispered, "Come on, baby. You can tell me."

Remus' head shot out of his hands and he glared at his friend, "Don't call me that."

Sirius suddenly understood what was wrong, but he was still confused, "Remus, what's wrong? You're giving me mixed signals. Is it because if what happened last week when…"


"Don't lie to me, mate. You're really confusing me here. One minute you're getting close, and the next, you're pushing me away and shutting me out. We need to talk about this."

Remus sighed, "Look, for the past few months, I have gotten horny--very horny when it's time for me to change into a werewolf. When you caught me in bed, I was so horny, I had no rationale in me. Hell, I would have let anyone, even Snape, suck me off if he had caught me and asked."

Insulted, Sirius asked, "So last week meant nothing to you? Not even when you asked to taste my cock?"

Remus insisted, "It meant nothing."

Sirius shook his head and held onto his friend tighter. "I don't believe you."

Remus tried to move away, but Sirius' grip on him was too tight. "Let me go, Sirius."

Sirius insisted, "No! If it meant nothing to you, then why did you ask to suck my cock?"

The shy boy stuttered, "I…I…I was just curious, that's all. Now please let me go."

"Remus, I don't believe you! Please! We have to talk!"

"No, we don't! Now let me go!"

"But I love you!"

As Remus tried to push Sirius away, his fist collided with his friend's face, and Sirius released his grip and collapsed on the bed. In shock, Remus covered his mouth, realising what he had just done. He stood up and moved away from the bed. He watched as the black-haired boy sat up and placed a hand to his cheek.

The werewolf shook his head in disbelief, "Sirius, I'm so sorry. Oh…oh God!"

He began to move fast out of the room. He heard Sirius call after him, but he still moved quickly out of the room and down the stairs. He heard James calling his name as he entered the corridor, but he kept on running. He knew that, as he was running down the corridor, students were watching him, but he did not care. He just felt the need to keep on moving…away from the dormitory…away from Sirius.

To be continued….