by Vgerland

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan-fiction. Superman and the DC Comics universe are property of DC Comics and Warner Brothers. No money has been made or will be made from the production of this work.


For the first time since returning from his five year journey everything seemed right with the world. Superman had just left his son's bedside and said a simple but many layered goodnight to Lois. After the bombshell Lois had whispered in his ear, he had found the urge to see and be near "his son" utterly irresistible. He smiled to himself as he drifted off into the early morning sky wondering why he hadn't know at first sight that the small charmer was his own flesh and blood.

He still had not found an apartment so he decided to head to the Fortress to rest. Although he had left the hospital, he still was not back to full strength even after basking in the unfiltered sunlight of the stratosphere. He realized he needed to recuperate more before returning to his usual nightly patrol. Surely, he thought, the world could manage one more night without him.

The Fortress seemed cold and barren without the comforting presence of the "father" crystal. But he didn't allow further thought of that now. What he needed now more than anything else was a good nights sleep. He had instinctively known he wouldn't have gotten one at the hospital. Even with the guards, there was constant activity inside and around the room where he had been. How long had he actually been there anyway? His memory of the time there was mostly a blur. It didn't matter; he would figure it all out tomorrow. For now he just needed some plain old uninterrupted sleep.

He couldn't help smile as his eyes became heavy, his thoughts again were of Jason, his son, and the many possibilities the future now seemed to hold. Soon the darkness took over and he welcomed a deep sleep. Unfortunately the peaceful sleep was to be short lived. As he moved, turning over onto his stomach he experienced a dull pain under his rib gage. Then without warning his head was jerked up. He realized too late that Lex Luther was suddenly straddling his back with a kryptonite shard pricking his neck and was whispering in this ear," thought you got away didn't you". Then the whisper became a scream "Well not this time. How many times do I have to kill you before you stay dead? Do you know how easy it would be to just slit your throat? But, no, that would be too quick. This way is much more fun!"

The pain became unbearable as his back was once again pierced by the kryptonite shard that had seconds before been at his throat. Lex's laughter seemed to be coming from all around him as he had screamed how he had once again surprised the mighty Superman, this time in his own so called fortress.

The laughter became intolerable and mixed with the pain radiating from the wound in his back, the nausea and lightheadedness added to his agony. He tried to move, tried to grab the shard only to find nothing there but the scar where the shard had been only seconds before. Superman jerked awake. The room was dead quiet and superman realized he was alone, Lex nowhere in sight.

Superman, now fully awake still did not quit grasp that the entire event had only been a very bad, very vivid dream, or nightmare to be mere exact. Sitting up, he reached around and felt the scar on his lower back once again experiencing the dull ache which merely suggested at the sharp pain from mere seconds ago. Looking around the fortress with his x-ray vision Superman satisfied himself that he was indeed alone. He took a slow deep breath and once again lay down. So much for an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Clark stepped in the bullpen of the Daily Planet feeling better but still shaken from the nightmare that kept replaying in his head. Dismissing it, he went to his desk and decided if he got busy his head would clear of the images that seemed to persist. Coffee, maybe that would clear the cobwebs. Now back at his desk with coffee in hand he took one long gulp before almost spitting it back out after the taste proved unpalatable even to him. He sat the cup down puckering his lips thinking to himself. Lois must have made this, so much for coffee.

Jason had seen Clark come back into the room with his coffee cup. Smiling to himself, he started sneaking up on the unsuspecting reporter. Giggling to himself he thought this was so much more fun than school. He was glad to have the day off to play with Clark. He had heard his mom whisper in Superman's ear just last night but wasn't quite sure what she could have meant. Richard was his daddy, how could Superman be his father? Wasn't daddy a other word for father, he thought? He was so glad to see Mr. Clark when he came in. That meant he was all well again. Good, 'cause he had a feeling Superman would be a lot of fun to hang out around. Now, Jason thought, can I sneak real quiet and scare'em?

Clark was standing next to his chair sorting the "junk" paper that seemed to always end up at his desk when he was suddenly grabbed from behind. The multitude of papers went flying in the air as Clark let out a startled shriek, lost his balance and fell into his chair only to find Jason screaming with laughter behind him. "I snuck up on you Mr. Clark", he said between fits of laughter. Richard and Lois had turned just in time to catch the whole incident from Richard's office. They both came out trying to contain their laughter. "Jason, you scared poor Mr. Clark half out of his skin. Clark, are you ok?" Lois asked with concern but her eyes danced with laughter. While Richard insisted Jason help pick up this mess.

Clark in the meantime had turned a crimson red. How had Jason surprised him like that? The look of surprise was replaced with a brief look of concern as Clark; thinking to himself realized that his reaction had been real. All these years he had been faking moves just like this. He wasn't use to them actually being real reactions. He recovered quickly. "Boy, Jason, you really surprised me, I bet you would make a good detective." He said getting up and joining Jason and Richard in picking up the papers that had gone flying all over his corner of the office. Looking up and smiling at Lois, Clark said, "Jason is just having fun, isn't that what childhood should be about before having to face all the responsibilities of life that come with adulthood? Beside, now I won't need any more of that," (clearing throat) "awful coffee this morning?"

"I made the coffee this morning", Lois said with a question on her face.

Richard smiled. "Clark probably already realized that." At that Clark raised his eyebrows and smirked in acknowledgement.

Lois taking Jasons' hand, "Oh! Come on Jason; let's leave Clark in peace so he can get back to work."

"It's OK Lois, I enjoy Jason's company. He is welcome to stay here and color or something"

"Can I mom, ple-ease, I LIKE Mr. Clark."

Lois looked from Clark to Jason both smiling with the same pleading brilliant blue eyes. She shrugged. "Ok, but if he starts bothering you Clark be sure to let us know. Jason, NO more sneaking up on people this isn't a playground, ok sweetie?"

"OK, Mommy, I'll save my sneaking for the playground."

Clark gave Jason some of the papers he had been going to throw away and took out some crayons he had bought just for this purpose. Soon father and son were sitting side by side each smiling to himself and each peaking looks at the other from time to time till their eyes met.

"Why don't you wear your other neat blue suit here? Is it what you wear only when you are flying around doing cool fun stuff?" The question startled Clark and before he could catch his breath and even fathom an answer, Jason continued, "and why does everyone call you Clark when you're here in the office, and why did mommy whisper to you last night at the hospital that you were my father?"