The Sun Crystal

Summery: Stella and Brandon have now moved into the Solarian palace, but someone is after Stella and wont rest until he has her.

This is the sequel to Stay together no matter what, if you haven't read that story yet I suggest you exit to your left and read it first because you won't have a clue what's going on in this story.

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Chapter one plans for Friday

A month had passed since Brandon was nearly killed; he and Stella had settled in her father's palace and Stella was now officially Queen of Solaria.

It was three in the afternoon in Solaria; Stella was fast asleep in her bed at the palace, even though it was the afternoon she was still sleeping.

This was partly because Stella was six months pregnant with twins and she was being kept up all night by having to pee and by the twins kicking.

The door opened and Brandon walked in, he smiled at her, it was natural for Brandon to check up on Stella around this time.

Sunlight streamed through a crack in the elegant curtains that hung over the window, it shone on Stella's eyes causing her to stir in her sleep, Brandon walked over to the curtains and pulled them so the sunlight was only shining on her body, he did this because Stella had the power of the sun and moon so this was like an energy booster. All he wanted was for Stella to get some sleep.

Brandon walked back over to the bed and watched Stella sleep, as he watched her sleep he couldn't help thinking about all the things that she had done for him, if it wasn't for her he would be dead now.

He was just about to leave when he heard Stella yawning; he turned around and saw her open her eyes.

"Do you get some sort of pleasure watching me sleep?" Stella said with a smile.

"I was only in here for a couple of minutes" Brandon said sitting down on the bed, Stella sat up and gave another yawn.

"Sweetie your still tired" Brandon said "go back to sleep".

"No I need to get up otherwise I'll never get to sleep tonight" Stella said throwing back the covers and climbing out of bed.

Brandon smirked, Stella said this every day and then every night she would complain on how she can't get any sleep. Stella walked towards the huge closet they had in their room and she flicked through the rows of clothes in there.

"I'm just going to get dressed, I'll be down in a minute" Stella told Brandon.

"Ok" He said and he left Stella to get dressed.

Brandon walked down one of the palace staircase; he looked around him he still couldn't get over how big the place was.

As he walked into the living room a butler came up to him and bowed, Brandon wasn't king of Solaria yet so he didn't have a clue why the butler was bowing but he just went with it.

"The prince of Eraklyon and the princess of Sparks are here" The butler said, Brandon smiled; this meant that Bloom and Sky were here and he hadn't seen them in ages.

"OK show them in" Brandon said to the butler, the butler hurried off and soon Bloom and Sky walked in.

"Hey Brandon" Sky said as he walked in, "How have you been".

"I'm fine" Brandon said.

"Brandon where's Stella" Bloom asked.

"I'm here" Stella called as she walked up to Brandon.

"We're going to the gym" Brandon said, he kissed Stella and Sky followed him to the gym, Stella and Bloom then sat down.

"So how have you been?" Bloom asked, Stella sighed.

"Its not easy Bloom" She said facing her best friend, "I am having sleepless nights because these two deliberately wait until I'm asleep then they start kicking".

"I thought it was sweet whenever they kicked" Bloom said.

"Well it was at first but now it's just keeping me up" Stella said.

"I bet you can't wait for your wedding on Saturday" Bloom said trying to cheer Stella up, Stella bit her lip.

"I'm nervous about it," She confessed to Bloom.

"What are you nervous about?" Bloom asked.

"Well I worried that I might throw up when saying my vows and I'm worried about not fitting into my wedding dress" Stella said.

Bloom gave a small laugh "Stella come on, you tried your wedding dress on last week you'll be able to fit in it trust me" she said.

"I don't know I think I've actually gotten bigger in the past week" Stella said rubbing her stomach, "Well enough about me, how have you been".

"Well Sky proposed to me" Bloom said smiling, Stella gasped.

"No way how come you didn't tell me sooner" Stella said getting excited.

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Bloom said holding out her hand to show Stella the ring.

Stella examined the ring, "Wow it's beautiful," She said.

"I know" Bloom said, "And that means me and Sky will become king and queen of Eraklyon"

"Cool" Stella said not taking her eyes off the ring.

Meanwhile in the gym Sky and Brandon were having a similar conversation to Stella and Bloom.

"So are you nervous about getting married" Sky asked Brandon.

"No I love Stella and I can't wait to marry her," Brandon said full of confidence, "So when did you propose to Bloom".

"Two days ago" Sky said "I took her out for a meal and then proposed".

"I guess everyone's getting married now," Brandon said with a smile.

When night came Sky and Bloom went, Stella and Brandon walked to their bedroom, Stella climbed straight into bed.

"All I want to do is sleep," Stella said giving a long yawn.

Brandon laughed, "I did tell you to sleep longer".

"I know" Stella said, "but I just needed to get up".

Brandon got into bed next to Stella, he kissed her forehead sweetly.

"Night Stell" Brandon said.

"Night" Stella said back and for the first time in five days, Stella got her first decent nights sleep.

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