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Chapter 22 A Happy Ending

It had been exactly three hours since the new Prince and Princess were finally born; Stella was currently resting in her hospital room cradling her daughter and Brandon was sitting next to her holding his son.

"Thanks for being with me through all that, Brandon" Stella said to Brandon.

"Hey I'm always here for you" Brandon said giving a smile to his wife, "You did really well today" he said looking down at Ryan.

"Thanks" Stella said shifting Serena in her arms, just then there was a knock at the door and the nurse walked in.

"Would you like your friends to come in, your highness" She asked.

"Ok" Stella answered, "Let them in".

The nurse nodded and a few minutes later all of Stella's friends had crowded into the room.

"Hey guys" Stella said smiling at the group, "There are two new people we'd like you to meet, this is Serena" She said looking down at the sleeping baby in her arms, "And this is Ryan" She then said pointing at the baby in Brandon's arms.

"Wow look at them" Bloom said smiling at the babies.

"I know that's what I was like when I first saw them," Stella said with a small laugh.

"Can we hold them Stella?" Flora asked.

"Sure" Stella said passing Serena to Flora and Brandon passed Ryan to Bloom.

"So do you girls think you'll have kids soon" Stella asked the girls.

"Maybe, we just need to ask the guys first" Bloom said looking over to the boys, they had heard every word and they looked rather scared.

Brandon laughed at them, "Don't worry you'll be able to manage it" He told them; the guys all gave a nervous nod while the girls laughed.

"Stella she is beautiful" Flora said as she cradled Serena, "She looks just like you".

"Ryan looks just like Brandon" Bloom said smiling down at the little boy, "So how are you feeling Stella"? She asked looking up towards Stella but Stella had just dozed off.

Brandon gave a small laugh, "I take it she's tired" He said as he stroked her hand.

"Oh by the way guys, Stella would want me to tell you that we both want you all to be Godparents to both of the twins" Brandon then said turning to the group.

"Wow" Musa said with a big smile on her face, "That's an honor".

"Ok who votes that we leave sleepy head here and go get something to eat" Layla said nodding her head towards Stella, "It's been a long day for her and I think she just needs a good night sleep".

The others all agreed, Flora and Bloom placed the babied back into their bassinettes and they all left the room, Brandon waited behind for a little bit and he watched Stella turn over in her sleep.

"Have a good sleep Stell," He whispered, "I'll be close by if you need me".

"Brandon, you coming?" Sky asked poking his head round the door.

"Yeah" Brandon answered as he walked out of Stella's room and closed the door.

Stella opened an eye and smiled, "Heard every word" She muttered before drifting back off to sleep.

Just after the group had finished their food in the hospital cafeteria a nurse came running up to Brandon in a bit of a hurry.

"Your highness, Master Radius has requested to see you immediately" She said, Brandon's face dropped.

"What's with the face Brandon?" Riven asked.

"Well you all know what happened before, what if he acts just like Toraru did" Brandon said, his face was going slightly gray.

"Come on Brandon, Didn't Stella say that he was ok with you two being together" Timmy said.

"Yes but…"

"And didn't he also say that he was ok with Stella and the babies" Timmy said.

"Yes I know that but…"

"And remember that it wasn't really Stella's father it was Toraru in disguise" Timmy then said.

"OK that's true but…"

"And he…"

"ALRIGHT TIMMY I GET THE POINT" Brandon shouted at Timmy, "I'll go" he turned back to the nurse, "Where is he?'

The nurse lead him down a few corridors and on the way she explained what was wrong with him, "He was in a pretty bad condition when we got to him, but it was mainly the effects of being down in Stonega for nearly a year" The nurse explained.

"That's good" Brandon said but he still couldn't get rid of the feeling that Radius was going to be mad at him, "Did he happen to say anything about me" Brandon asked a little worried.

"Not really, only that he wanted to see you right away" The nurse told Brandon.

"Oh…great" He muttered nervously.

The nurse lead him towards a white door, "You can go in" She said, Brandon nodded and he knocked on the door.

"Come in" A voice from inside called, Brandon placed a hand on the doorknob and opened it up.

There Brandon saw Radius lying in his bed and he couldn't help but feel the slightest bit scared, this was the man that could easily say, no you can't be with my daughter.

"Ah come in Brandon" Radius said looking up at him.

"Uh…Good afternoon sir, are you feeling ok" Brandon said trying to be as polite as he could.

"I'm good," He said, "Please have a seat," He said pointing to a chair by the side of his bed, Brandon reluctantly sat down.

"First of all I need to say this to you" Radius began, 'Great' Brandon thought, 'this is going to be the part where he says that I'm a nice guy but he doesn't want me near his daughter anymore'.

"I would like to say that I am very sorry for what has happened to you" Radius then said, Brandon looked up in shock, was he really saying this? Well if he was then this was absolutely brilliant.

"You're sorry Sir" Brandon said a little confused.

"Yes of course I am, I need you to know that Toraru had portrayed me in a completely different way then how I normally act, before I was taken to Stonega I was actually planning on getting rid of the rule that Stella had to get married to a prince, I knew that she was very fond of you and I just couldn't bear to see her miserable for the rest of her life" Radius explained.

"When I was down in Stonega I had the goddesses come up to me nearly every day telling me that you had been sentenced to death and you have no idea how furious I was, but then I heard them talking saying that your death had been cancelled with the help of my ex wife" Radius then said, "Remind me to thank her the next time I see her".

Brandon gave a small nod, all these scared feelings he had just seemed to wash away.

"So in all I am very sorry, and I need you to know that I hope that you and Stella are very happy together" Radius said, a smile was spreading across the old man's face.

"Thank you sir" Brandon said getting up from his chair.

"And another thing" Radius said, "You are going to be a great father and if you ever have any trouble with handle the twins, please come to me, you wouldn't believe the trouble Stella caused me when she was a baby"! Brandon couldn't help but laugh at this.

"Go on, you can go now" Radius said to Brandon, Brandon thanked Radius again and he hurried off to check up on Stella.

It was now half six in the evening, Brandon was watching both of his babies sleep in their bassinettes and he was also checking up on Stella who was still fast asleep.

There was a small knock on the door and Bloom walked in, "Hey, we're all going to leave now, is that ok".

"Yeah sure" Brandon said not looking up at her.

Bloom walked over to Brandon and looked down at the babies, "You ok"? She asked.

"Yeah" Brandon said, "Just thinking".

"About what?" Bloom asked.

"Well I can't believe that four months ago I could've died and I never would've seen these two be born" Brandon said, "I guess it's kind of a miracle that I'm standing here".

Bloom smiled, "Yeah but remember that it didn't happen, Toraru got what was coming to him, he's dead now and I'm pretty sure that those goddesses are too".

"Thanks Bloom" Brandon said giving her a smile.

"Well I better be going now, tell Stella we said bye" Bloom said as she walked through the door.

Just then Ryan started to cry, Brandon bent down and picked him up, "Hey there, little guy" He said as he started to cradle him.

"Who's crying?" Came a voice, Brandon looked over and saw Stella open her eyes and smile at him.

"It's Ryan" Brandon said, Stella stretched her arms out and Brandon walked over and handed the baby to his wife.

"It's ok Sweetie" Stella said to her baby as she started to feed her son, Brandon could the hear a small snuffling noise coming from the second bassinette, he looked down and saw Serena staring back up at him, Brandon picked her up and held her.

"So I heard my dad had a talk with you" Stella said looking at Brandon.

"Oh yeah" Brandon said, "He wanted to apologize to me, for all the trouble that had happened".

"See" Stella said happily, "I told you that he liked you".

"Yeah" Brandon smiled as he sat down in a chair next to Stella's bed.

"So what do you think will happed next" Stella asked, "Will they be the kids from hell or perfect angels?"

"Oh defiantly perfect angels" Brandon said, "I mean look at their parents, they can't help but be perfect".

Stella laughed "Can't disagree with you there" She said, Brandon put his free arm around Stella and they both day dreamed of what there life was going to be like now that there were two new addition.

The End.

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