Hello to all you lovely readers!

This story is currently under construction. I'm pleased to say that I'm in the HP fandom again and have found a new wave of motivation to edit this monster into something more readable.

That being said, I simply can't take the atrociousness that is my teenage-self's writing any longer and have now officially deleted the old version. In-between my other writing related commitments, I try to regularly come back to Inside your Mind to edit, cut and generally re-work the entire thing. It's slow going and often frustrating and, tbh, I've been tempted more than once to just abandon the whole thing and forget all about it.

But then I think of all the support all you lovely people have given me over the years and how many of you are still eagerly awaiting an update despite the horrible quality of the writing and the fact that it's been literally years since I updated - so yeah.

What I mean to say with all this, is thank you. Without you, this story would've long since vanished into the depths of my hard drive never to be seen again, but for you, I'll try my best to get a move on and present you with an at least somewhat improved story.

All my love,

mornmeril 3