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This is a collection of OneShots I intend to write. For now its just AxC.

Contents (so far)

Chapter 1. Need Help?

Summary: Oneshot AxC Athrun gives Cagalli a private training session on piloting a Moblie Suit… is that all he gave her?

Chapter 2. A Deal's a Deal

Summary: OneShot AxC This is the life… Cagalli and Athrun take off for a mini vacation after a long deserved break. Read what kind of deals the couple offers each other! My second OneShot, come check it out! Can link to Need Help? If you want.

Chapter 3. So Much For a Surprise

Summary: semi-AU OneShot AxC Sometimes, surprises do not turn out the way it's meant to…

Chapter 4. From The Inside-part 1

Chapter 5 From The Inside- Because You Loved Me - part 2

Summary TwoShot AxC Cagalli has lived her life with regret, letting her love of her life in the hands of another person was no exception. Athrun is now going back to PLANTs after the second war, can she redeem herself before it's too late? completed

1. Need Help?

By simply –v-

There she was, cursing herself and the "damn machine" as her Gundam suffers a nasty blow from its virtual opponents. Sounds of beam shots and explosions could be heard from the outside, of course in conjunction with the blonde's non-stop ranting.

"Hah, take that!"

He stood there leaning on the doorway of the simulator room, arms-crossed smiling at the sight before him. He found it amusing. He never thought there could be such a cute tomboy. Not to mention she was also a princess, she definitely didn't act like one. . Like their first encounter… on the island. Who would have thought she was a girl in such an outfit? Her red T-shirt, khaki pants with green military vest indeed fooled the midnight haired boy. But her feminine scream was surely high pitched and deafening. But she has her moments; she looks beautiful when she wants to be girly. Getting her to wear a dress proved to be a pain, but the results were breathtaking.

All sounds died off gradually.

"Simulation has ended… your score….72 percent"

"WHAT?! Only 72 percent?"

72 was not bad for a Natural, not to mention without any mobile suit training. Who would have thought a princess could be putting a fight in the battlefield? But obviously there was room for improvement, fighting against well trained and equipped Coordinators was not an easy task.

The simulation cockpit opened, revealing an unhappy blonde getting out of the machine. Well, it was more like ticked off.

Athrun smirked. "Need help?"

"NO!" Cagalli glared at the boy.

Athrun walked towards her, now smiling. Cagalli watched him closely as he got in the simulator

"Get in, I'll teach you."

"Huh?" Her amber eyes blinked with confusion.

Cagalli just stood there dumbfounded, not knowing what to do. She wanted to improve her piloting skills but her pride told her she had to do it by herself. She didn't want anyone's help, especially Athrun, her boyfriend. She wanted to prove to everyone that she could fight and not getting everyone worried about her, like the time her Skygrasper was taken down, crash landing on the island. The island, the place brought these two young lovers met as enemies.

The emerald eyed man ignored her hesitation and pulled her in, placing her onto his lap. Cagalli blushed on their intimate position.

"Athrun, what do you think you are doing?"

"Shh, you'll see." With that Athrun pressed the big fat green START button.

"Choose your Gundam"

Cagalli did what she was told; she chose her custom Strike Rogue.

Hmm, this would be interesting… Athrun thought. Athrun has fought with the Strike countless times; heck he even blew one up. He knew how to fight one, but never thought of piloting one.

Choosing "Space environment" under expert mode, he pressed START once again.

"Your blonde hair looks great and smells like divine, but can you move it a bit so I can see properly?"

Cagalli blushed, and mentally slapped herself for doing so. She should be angry, not blushing!

He was now teasing her, taking advantage of the situation, breathing and smelling her hair. He guided her hands on the controlling levers and buttons, preparing for the simulation to start.

Cagalli could not believe her eyes. The insane speed of flying, dodging and destroying the virtual enemiees' body parts was just intense. Cagalli felt the manly palms above her delicate hand fill with sweat as Athrun moves the controllers up and down, left to right; shooting and slicing Wingdams, Amours and Gundams as he guided her hands.

"You just have to be quick, just move around a lot." He continued "Don't hesitate… or you'll die."

Cagalli gulped at the valuable tip, valuable but taunting.

"Try to disable them, so they can't attack you or make them retreat for repairs."

Cagalli nodded to her teacher as the simulation ended. Athrun smirked at his score 94, breaking the time record too despite his disliking for the mobile suit he just piloted. His suit was pink, baby bright pink. His eyes followed the screen as it replayed his actions from various views. Pink did not do it for him, too bright for his likings. Blood red on the other hand suited him best. Oh don't get him wrong, he loves pink when it comes to girls. It brings out their feminine side… their innocence and baby-ness; it was a cute match when it came to the ladies. He would be lying if he had said he was not attracted to Lacus. But that was in the past, now his feelings lay upon the unpredictable blonde in front of him. The replay ended in slowmotion…capturing Athrun's slick block and jamming the foe's head with his beam sabre grasped by his left hand.

"Show off…" Cagalli muttered, half snarling at the boy.

Athrun gave out a hearty laugh.

"If you weren't this good, I would have got someone else to protect me."

"Hah, really now….either way, try it now, you don't have to do expert if you don't want to."

"What is that suppose to mean? Expert is fine, I'll prove you that your girlfriend is not as bad as you think she is" she grinned with determination. I'll show you…

That's the spirit

"I'm waiting" he mocked daringly.

"83 per cent, not bad Cagalli, see? You improved a lot" Athrun half mocked and praised the blonde.

"hehe, damn straight, but still, I'm no where near as good as you." Cagalli frowned.

Athrun wrapped the sweating blonde around the waist. It took a lot out of her to perform at such a high level. She was a Natural after all.

He smiled sweetly. "Sweetie, you're not a soldier like I am, I've been trained."

"Hmph" Cagalli was not buying it, even though she knew it was true.

"I guess." The girl relaxed herself, got herself in a comfortable position. Tired and sweaty, she felt like taking a nap. Athrun allowed the fragile figure rest on his chest, his legs were getting numb yet he did not want to ruin the moment. He sat there, holding her not saying a word.

"Athrun?" Cagalli turned her head to her right, their faces dangerously close to each other.

"Yes, princess?"

He looked into her golden eyes.

"Thank you" He smiled. He knew he melt her heart, her defensive barrier of pride was by-passed. He kissed her soft lips softly. Closing their eyes, Cagalli returned the kiss, tenderly pressed her watery mouth onto his.

Pulling away slowly, Athrun licked his lips.

"Anything for you, princess"

Their lips met again, this time was faster and rougher. The lust, it was written all over them. They wanted more. Their kiss deepened, fastened, both getting aroused. Athrun began to put his right hand up her red T-shirt, as his left went downstairs, reaching for the bounty.

"Mmm" Cagalli interrupted his hands on its task and broke the kiss. She got up, stepping out of the machine. Athrun, surprised by her actions began getting up to stop her in her tracks.

Why? The poor boy thought

Cagalli turned around pushed him back onto the seat, leaned down to whisper in the stunned man's ears "that's what you get for calling me princess" before flicking his head with her index finger.

Athrun fell back, chuckling with defeat. This is what he liked about the blonde; her reasoning can be outrageously ridiculous.

She is always full of surprises.


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