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Back at the Temple, Kagome was mustering up all the Christmas spirit she could, and tried to forget about the kiss Inuyasha had given her the night prior. Not that she didn't still feel her lips tingle, and not that every time she touched them her stomach didn't churn, but she could manage to put the dishes away without breaking them.

But she didn't think she was acting weirder than usual. It had to have been her grandfather and mother… every time she saw them they would get teary-eyed and hug her, or bring out pictures of her as a child, or tell her bout when she was a baby she would clean the shop every day… although she knew that was a lie and her grandfather was just trying to guilt her into it…

But still, she couldn't help but feel that her family was acting much stranger than usual… even the cat. Well, not Souta. But the cat yes.

At least she found normalcy in her friends… and Hojo, she though wryly. He had come by to give her a papaya… she wasn't exactly sure why. But she was going shopping for her friends soon.

Miroku blearily stared at the forest they had landed in, watching Inuyasha as he… well, as he turned around and around with his sword pointing nowhere. At random it landed on a tree. Inuyasha was in deep concentration, and the woods were generally silent. So Miroku was not expecting the next words to come out of Inuyasha's mouth.


"You want me to bless a tree?" Miroku asked slowly, skeptically, wondering if Inuyasha was sound of mind… if he had heard him right… if he was really just a sleep and this was just some horribly gone wrong nightmare.

"Idiot! Do it now!" Miroku was not about to argue as the tetsaiga grew, so he did as he was told.

The task was then done, and Michiru looked at the well done blessing proudly.

Until the tetsaiga came out of nowhere and chopped the thick oak down.


"I know. No bless that one!" He said, pointing towards another solid tall oak.

Miroku twitched for a moment, but gathered his senses and prepared himself for a long night.

Kagome left the house as soon as daybreak appeared. She needed to get all her Christmas shopping done. But first she had to make a quick stop by the god tree to give her own thanks. This god tree had connected her to so many things… and she was grateful to all it had done for her.

She then set off… and the first store she went to was jewelry and clothing store. She thought she could get Sango and Kirara something nice here. Maybe Kaede, though she doubted the grand medicine woman would find much help in such materialistic items.

"I need to think about the party as well." She said, thinking about the Christmas party her family would be hosting. She had to go shopping for decorations, and invitations, and inviting people… there was so much to do with such little time. But it was okay, because in the end she'd see the happy faces of those she loved…. "Inuyasha..."She sighed out loud, and then was shocked because she only realized she had said it when she heard it. She blinked twice, and blushed profusely. But then she shook her head to erase the thought…

But it was replaced by another thought however, when she passed by the rings in the little shop. She was captivated by the sparkling brilliance of these diamonds… and then she thought of what Inuyasha had accidentally said out loud. You'll make an excelled mother to our pup. What had that meant? Was it accidental? Was he joking? Although he had exited the room very quickly after saying it. She loved him, that she knew. But she wouldn't go as far as to assume he'd decided for her to be his mate yet. Would he?

He had kissed her. Was he thinking about children? Could she even be a mother? Where would they live?

"STOP!" She yelled at herself, once again out loud. The sales lady stared at her in shock but Kagome ignored her look as she saw a particular necklace of beauty and pointed to it. "I would like to see that one!"

It was day break when they finally had a good amount of trees down. Miroku was wiped out, but Inuyasha looked proudly at the work done.

"Um… Inuyasha…. How exactly are we going to get these trees to wherever you want them to go?" This immediately deflated Inuyasha's smirk, but his demeanor improved with a sudden quickness that scared Miroku.

"Climb on my back, monk! Kirara, watch the trees1 Don't let any bastards near it!"

Once he was sure Kirara understood, Miroku shut his eyes as Inuyasha leaped through the air.

They were back at the village suddenly, and had landed in front of a rickety house. Inuyasha pounded on the door until a middle-aged man opened it grouchily, demanding what they wanted at such an hour.

"We want your cart." Inuyasha stated matter-o-factly. He had seen this man's particularly large card.

"Oh yeah? How much are you willing to pay?"

Miroku didn't expect the shove forward. "Free monk for as long as I have it."

"How long do you think…"

"A few hours."

Meanwhile, Miroku was making odd faces and gestures, trying to get a word in, but before he ended up saying anything, Inuyasha had left to get the cart. "Come on, Monk. We have sick oxen and…" He only saw the door closing before he felt dread.

Inuyasha carried the card above his head the way over, and soon found Kirara bathing herself in the snow.

He then began to load the cart and was soon full of all the trees he had gotten. He tied them all together with several ropes and then told Kirara to fly.

Kagome stepped inside a bookstore and smiled a bit at the memory of Shippo. The young Kitsune and his love for learning. Foxes really were curious creatures… she loved him though. For all of it. He was her adopted child in a way…

The villagers didn't get much sleep for three days straight as they heard loud noises coming from the woods. At odd hours they would see the Han-you Inuyasha wander about town, usually trailed by the monk and the little flying Kirara. The villagers soon learned to ignore him. He was usually grunting something or grumbling to the monk, who looked on helplessly, trailing behind like a lost puppy.

Kagome ran into Hojo and she couldn't help the blush that spread as he knocked her down accidentally. Now was the time to invite him to her party.

Kaede began to grumble about the noise Inuyasha had been making in the wood, and when Miroku had temporarily escaped him to get nutrition from Kaede and Sango, she tried to get information off of him. But all he could respond with was "We begin the digging as soon as he finds… them…"

"At least digging will be quieter." Kaede huffed.

"Kagome, come and watch this movie with me…"

"Mother, I have to buy decorations, make more invitations, find more ingredients to the food, and for some reason I'm helping Grandfather clean the shed of urns."

Her mother smiled. "Yes, but how often do you get to watch a movie with your mother?"

Kagome sighed, another guilt trip. She didn't really mind though. She liked relaxing with her mother… though she somewhat longed for Sango's presence… or Inuyasha's embrace, or a young Kitsune to cuddle next to her…

Kaede didn't exactly understand why… but she felt a deep disturbance under the earth around her. She sighed as she heard a distant explosion… the sound of Miroku's yells, and Inuyasha cursing at something, most probably something inanimate.

And she Knew immediately that she should just forget about it. No aid would come to Miroku… the Villagers had been hearing him for days now.

All this time, and she still hadn't gotten Inuyasha's gift. She cursed at herself and her procrastination. She only had one day left!

"ONE DAY!" Inuyasha shouted as Miroku was digging. "DEEPER!" He was going at the ground with his own equal fury. He had just made a quick stop by Kaede's hut to warn her about tomorrow, and to ask a few favors. Sango had agreed to help, and by daybreak tomorrow morning, everything would be finished. So long as they all worked through the night. For Miroku, he was one step away from murdering Inuyasha to just get some sleep.

The morning dawned and Kagome was up bright and early, unexplainably thrilled at the thought of going back to the feudal era, even if only for a few minutes. She had already taken care of the night before. As well as getting Inuyasha's gift. All her gifts were now in the yellow pack. The party would be in the night time, for a grand feast. SO she still had a few hours to relax. But first thing was first, she grabbed her bag and made a mad dash to the well, careful to be quiet so as not to stir the rest of the sleeping household

Inuyasha growled with extreme pride as he looked upon what he had done. Sango smirked with him, and Kaede had dragged herself out of the house to also inspect. Miroku just collapsed to the ground, and Kirara licked his forehead. Now all they had to do was wait for Kagome…

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