Sakura's house

"You're leaving?" Sakura wanted to confirm…for the fourth time. "Why exactly?"

"I told you—a million times I might add" Ino explained…for the "millionth" time. She paused. "With me gone, Shikamaru will be able to marry Temari...with no complications this time"

"So, this is more of what he wants?" Sakura questioned suspiciously. "Do you want to leave?"

She hesitated. "I don't know..."

Ino had just left the hospital to announce her second departure from Konoha to her best friend. Sakura didn't take the news in a bad way or a good way. It just stunned her. Very much.

"Well, you've just settled and it's no good just to leave," Sakura pointed out.

"I know it's an awkward thing to do." Ino admitted "But it's also the wisest thing to do"

Sakura gave in. Ino was just as headstrong as she was. Plus, she was old enough to make her own decisions. A best friend wouldn't want to keep on disagreeing too much with the other.

"When are you leaving?" she asked

"Tomorrow" Ino responded bluntly "You know, just incase he wakes up early"

After a long pause, Sakura summoned up the courage to ask a brave question. "Ino," she started. "Do you love him?"

She didn't answer at first.

He asked Temari to marry him. After coming back, he told me that he would've asked to marry her anyway. He loves her. He even got her pregnant. I don't wanna love him. I mean, how can you not love someone who's been there your whole entire life and you've always loved torturing them. What that lady said was true. There is no point in convincing my self that I don't love him anymore...because he loves her.

She stared into Sakura's eyes. "Yes. I do love him" she admitted. Sakura stared at her. All she could say for her parting words were, "Ino, I'll miss you"

Konoha Hospital: Shikamaru's room

"What is it?" Temari asked nervously.Shikamaru let go of her gently as he suddenly didn't know what to say. "Temari" he started "I love you"

Why did you say that? That's only gonna get her more upset! He then stated "I don't really know how to say this"

"Shikamaru? What happened?" she questioned with an unpleasant feeling. She could sense that this wasn't good news for her.

"I—I lied to you" he looked downwards "You know—about me and Ino?"

Temari just stared at him. It wasn't an angry look. It was a look of disappointment. " could you have—" the rims of Temari's eyes started to water. "I don't. believe.."

"Temari," Shikamaru spoke softly "I just can't figure out what we need anymore..."

Tears refused to fall. "I can't..I just can't be with you anymore" he continued his confession "Someone who has lied to you and lied about not lying doesn't deserve someone like you"

She's the right one for me. If I was thinking logically, no doubt, we'd be the most compatible. But you can't be logical in love. No matter how smart you get, you'll never understand why love that person. And sometimes I wish Temari was the one I truly loved. But she isn't.

Temari couldn't even look at him. "Our relationship…is over" she agreed maturely. It hurt to let him go. But she hated him at the same time. He was right. She didn't deserve someone who will toy with her emotions like that. But she didn't have the right to cheat on him either.

We all made mistakes Temari thought. I should've seen this coming. If he had loved me...he would've married me sooner. If he had loved me, I wouldn't have had relations with another man. If he had loved me, he wouldn't love her too. And then she came. It was the last string for me. There's just no hope in saving a relationship that's already been broken. Our relationship was over the moment she came back into his life. They weren't just friends.

"I'm sorry Temari" Shikamaru apologized sincerely

"It's okay" he assured her "I'm sorry too"

Shikamaru smiled at her. He always acknowledged her as the smartest kunoichi in his days. And maybe that was the reason he liked her so much. "You're a great person, you know?" he stated.

Temari smiled weakly. A man doesn't define who you are Temari. She reminded this to herself constantly. You're a great shinobi of the sand. Even Shikamaru said that.

Maybe Shikamaru was right. Temari would obviously be the easiest choice. They would've lived a content life. He would've checked off all the things he planned for in his life. Easy. But they wouldn't be happy. So, it was the best that those two stay friends.

A Day Later: Ino's departure

Ino slowly walked towards the gates of Konoha. Her backpack slung behind her back as she continued to walk on out. Just as she headed beyond the gates, a voice behind her intrigued her.

"Where are you off to this time Ino?" Shikamaru questioned earnestly.

Ino turned around. Damn, he caught me! He was all better. How did he get better so fast? "How did you know that I was leaving?" she asked. Shikamaru blurted his witness. "Sakura" Damn that Sakura!

"Shikamaru I—"

"I heard every word you said to me while I was in coma," he told her. "That was a harsh mission. I nearly got killed"

"You heard every word?" Ino was slightly embarrassed, but at least she had been truthful for once. "Then why are you here—still chasing me?"

"I just wanted to say a few words before you completely disappear out of my life" Shikamaru said sarcastically.

"Go ahead" Ino provoked him. "Shoot"

"Well, I wanted to say that I wasn't the one who got her pregnant" he started "I'm saying this because I know that you think that I'm a freak"

True. Ino realized. "I also wanted to say..." Shikamaru suddenly began to grow serious. "That Temari and I broke it off"

Ino raised her bow, furious at his stupid decision."You did what?! Didn't I tell you not to—"

"I know you told me not to" Shikamaru explained to her "Ino, I'm not afraid to say it anymore. I love you"

I love you? I-love-you-?!

Ino felt her face soften. She calmly walked towards him. Her sincere face slowly met his.. Ino stared at him, amazed at those three words. Shikamaru smiled. Without caution—POW! Ino struck her fist across his face.

"OWW!" Shikamaru felt his face swell up as he tried rubbing the pain off with his hand. "What was that for?"

"You knew that I loved you" she stated clearly. "After all that you put me through, you're still playing this chasing game? I'm not just some girl on the side! I'm not chasing back!"

"Ino, I ended it." Shikamaru clarified "Me and Temari are over"

"I'm sorry" Ino said sternly "I can't be with you"

"Well" Shikamaru ended their conversation "I guess this is goodbye"

"I guess so"

She picked up her bag and left him standing. But Shikamaru knew better.

Move 1: She turned her back on him

Move 2: She continues to walk past the gates

Move 3: He turned around and begins to walk himself

Move 4: She turns to see him walking off and smiles

Move 5: She dropped her bag and runs straight, attacking his back. They began to giggle.

"You love me don't love you?" Shikamaru teased "I knew that you still do"

Ino laughed a little. "How do you know?" Ino asked cleverly.

"It was easy" his heart lifted "You chased me back"

That's the way their relationship would be. Five simple moves. They weren't perfect—they were the farthest thing from being perfect. But they loved each other. Anyone can see that they'd rather be fighting with one another than love someone else.

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