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Ghosts of His Past

Chapter One: Spectres

'I am sorry I embarrassed you in front of your friends. I only wanted to talk to you.

The waiter agreed to bring this card with your drink. If you don't want to meet me, rip it in half when you are done with your root beer float, and I will leave and never try to contact you again.

But if you want to meet me, I'm the ten-year-old girl at the corner table.


As he folded the card over again and placed it in his pocket, Lemony's eyes closed briefly. The haunting image of the ten-year-old girl who looked wise beyond her years, flashed across his vision. His eyes snapped open and he inhaled deeply.

When he had started receiving the letters from Beatrice Baudelaire, he had hoped beyond all hopes, that his beloved had survived the fire and, like he, had gone into hiding.

When he saw this girl, three things had rushed through his head at such a pace that he wasn't sure in what order they came. Firstly, or maybe it was secondly or thirdly, was that this wasn't his Beatrice. Secondly, although it could have been firstly or thirdly, was that she was too young to be one of his Beatrice's children. It couldn't be the same Baudelaire's! She wouldn't have been born at the time of that fateful fire.

Thirdly, or at least he assumed it was thirdly, was that this was all a dream, as he was staring into the face of his dear departed sister, when she had been ten years old.

Lemony had spluttered for a few precious moments as the pieces slowly fitted together. By the time he had finished, the girl was gone and he was ordering a root beer float, while wishing for something considerably stronger.

Then he had received this card.

That girl was a spectre; Two spectres actually. One in name and the other in appearance. He had never considered the possibility that there could be two Beatrice Baudelaire's. At least, not two who were so well-read and resourceful. Not two Beatrice Baudelaire's who had relations called Violet, Klaus and Sunny. It was a dreadful oversight on his part.

And she was so much like Kit. He felt as though he had been transported back so many years, to a time where he was eight years old and where Jacques and Kit were ten. That was when it all made sense.

He knew that Kit had been pregnant. He also had heard the devastating news of her death. Once again, he had made a potentially disastrous oversight. He had assumed that when his dear sister's spirit had been eternally silenced, the baby had died along with her. It was tradition to name Snicket children after the dead. Obviously Kit had called her daughter after Beatrice the First. When she died, the children of the first Beatrice Baudelaire had taken on the task of raising the orphaned infant.

Lemony swallowed the remainder of his root beer float and retrieved the card from his pocket. She might not have been who he believed her to be, but, in a way, she was still his Beatrice. She was his niece. He couldn't refuse her. Especially not when he himself had sent a similar note in a similar way in this very café all those years ago.

Leaving a few coins on the table to pay for his drink, he made sure that his hat still obscured his face from view and made his way over to the table in the corner.

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